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é Read Ð My Ten Years in a Quandary and How They Grew by Robert Benchley Ð I have to admit, I don t quite understand the meaning of the title of this Benchley book, but then that should not be at all surprising Benchley was, among other things, a master of the non sequitur So much so that many of hisbland and humorless readers often responded to his newspaper columns with letters that attempted to correct him which usually became the basis for yet another column in which Benchley would chasten his corrector with evennon sequiturs.
Most of the pieces in this compilation come from those same newspaper and magazine columns of the 1930s and 1940s, though the mini biography in the back My Untold Story appears to be an original In it, Benchley amusingly recounts his formative days as a virginal young journalist during which he had fully expected to experience life in the raw, based on This is a collection of stories, essays and humorous ramblings of Robert Benchley Everytime I read a collection of his short stories I wish there was someone now a days that could write about the current pitfalls and struggles of modern life as Benchley did in the 30 s, 40 s and 50 s Dave Berry was the most recent writer to find the humor in the every day In this collection we find stories about a dachshund that sues for libel after seeing an unflattering article about dachshunds Another story explains the Indian Rope Trick A short story explains why he is always last to leave a party because he can t toddle along He also tells the reader how to find a misplaced train, how to cure hiccoughs, and why American ghosts arenoisy than European ghosts I find Benchley a good read especially when I need to smileoften If you re a Benchley

This is the only Robert Benchley book I ve read so far I think he was well known in his time, but seems to be somewhat forgotten by now.
This book is a collection of humorous short pieces, running from a single page to a several pages long Some of it is still quite funny There is stuff I laughed out loud at, but there is also things that haven t aged too gracefully I thought this collection was entertaining, funny, and definitly never boring, but maybe not very memorable, not something that prompted me to try to seek out other works by the writer.
I really enjoy Benchley s style, and appreciate his sensibilities But the truth is, he just didn t put much work into these short magazine pieces Some hit on a winning idea, and a few carry it to a satisfying conclusion But a good many are obviously fluff pieces written 45 minutes before deadline.
i like robert benchley shorts very much, and i like him too but it was hard for me to read this straight through i took some breaks this seems to be a collection of columns he wrote for a paper, and sometimes he makes me laugh out loud, but other times it seems too familiar probably because it is it s like watching a late night talk show where some PA scans the news for funny articles, and then usually jay leno though sometimes carson appears make a lot of jokes about them i m very glad i read it but i wonder if he can manage a sustained narrative i suspect not, and that s okay he would have been an awesome talk show host.
funniest essayist ever Not Benchley s best, being comprised mostly of very short pieces, and yet even these trifles can be giddy fun I don t know why I m telling you all this, except that you asked me to tell you the story of the London model who didn t drive men mad You don t remember that, do you I suppose that next you ll be saying that you aren t even reading this.
Some very funny pieces, but also some fairly aggressive editing.
Table Of Contents The Lost Locomotive Take The Witness The New Strokes Contributors To This Issue Dog Libel The Rope Trick Explained Toddling Along No Pullmans, Please Mysteries From The Sky The Evil Eye Stop Those Hiccoughs Bad News Isn T It Remarkable Do Dreams Go By Opposites My White Suit Wear Out A Shoe Week Nature S Noises Owl Data As They Say In French Other Times, Other Customs Help Nature S Prizes Our Noisy Ghosts Movie Boners Let S Not Dance This The French They Are Duck, Brothers What No Budapest MacGregor For Ataman Do We Sleep Enough High Life Among The Birds Do You Make These Mistakes The Word Three read And Eat Talking Dogs My Trouble Hollywood S Loss Lights, Please Did You Know That Mutiny On The Bounty The Dangers Of Bass Singing Lucky World Name, Please Eat More Worry Keep A Log Lost Youth The Ice Breaker The Piano Playing Record Fun With Animals The Children S Hour Back To Mozart Frog Farming My Orchard Hedgehogs Wanted Skol Comes The Eclipse Autographs For Sale Health And Work Experience Meeting Child Holding Rule Of Thumb Quick Quotations Spy Scares Mistaken Notions Maxims From The Chinese Excelsior The Rule OfJolly Good Fellows Taking Up The Cudgels Special Sale All Aboard For Dementia Praecox One Minute, Please Who Did It Prodigal Sea Lions London S Oldest Rink Robot Rats End Of The Chanticleer Waiting For Bad News Judgment Day Rehearsal What To Loll In Blizzard Hysteria The Moth Invasion Don T Get Lost Notes Artist S Model Succumbs Those Dicta The Vigil Haircut, Please Flying Flea Phobias The Camel Market The Curse Shortage First Aid No More Nightmares Ominous Announcements East, West, Home S Best No More Bananas You Mr Grown Up Sluggards, Ahoy Sweet Solitude Penguin Feud Coffee Versus Gin The Early Worm Truffle Poisoning My Untold Story A bit uneven The best of these essays have a timeless appeal that must certainly have influenced modern humorists like Dave Barry but this collection would benefit from some editing.

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