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[ Pdf My Enemy, My Ally Á young-adult-fantasy PDF ] by Diane Duane Ý Picked this for cheesy vacation reading but was blown away by how great it ended up being Everything you want a licensed tie in book to be feels right and familiar, but one that expands the world and tells a story in a way they wouldn t or couldn t on TV or in a movie but then kicks it all up a notch by being a great, fast paced, gripping story that you don t need to be a Trek fan to enjoy I need to go track down some of Ms Duane s other books now.
Diane Duane has crafted a good basic story about a Romulan commander joining forces with the Enterprise crew to foil a despicable new weapon that she feels will be a permanent blight on the honor of the Romulan people It has some nice suspenseful moments and builds to a satisfying climax.
However, it is also terribly padded There are pages and pages of exposition that do little to advance the story and belabor the character points that are being made Characters converse for pages about matters that turn out to have little to do with later events Worst of all, Duane goes to great lengths to show us how the Enterprise crew is one big happy family They are always giving each other amused looks, gazing at each other with appreciation, and trading gentle, affectionate comments about each other Such a constant barrage of warm fuzzies grows tiresome ra The professional fan fiction of Star Trek novels are useful for finding new authors, and the biggest find I ve ever had from them is Diane Duane, who had written many very good books outside that universe This is where I first discovered her, and it is also one of the best Star Trek novels I ve read Thirty years after I last read it, several scenes still stand out in my memory.
There are, perhaps, a few too many MacGuffins floating around There s artificial ion storms, 4D chess with a mini transporter to time pieces in and out , and the big problem of the book, a Romulan project to enhance psionic potential But all of them relate to the plot fairly strongly.
Part of the main point of the book is to take a closer look at the Romulans About half the book is from the viewpoint of Ael t Rlailiiu, a Romulan starship commander who feels that the This book is one of my favorite rereads I can t believe I ve never reviewed it Duane s Trek novels come from a parallel universe where Trek, and its classic characters, are better than they actually were in a way, truer to canon than canon, pure Roddenberry There s a profound joy to her work aliens are wonderful, exploration is amazing, everyone has the potential to become their best self My Enemy, My Ally came from an era of Trek novels when really good writers could be tasked with expanding the universe established in the original series it s of a piece with John M Ford s The Final Reflection a road not taken in fleshing out the Klingons Duane here gives us a rich Romulan culture which fits much better with what we saw in TOS than the canon of TNG and later ever did a people reserved but intensely passionate, a culture in decay, slipping from military honor to bureaucratic exp Back in the day, before there were sequel series to the classic TV show, before the reboot, there were the Pocket books Star Trek novels They built on the original stories, taking advantage of the novel format to create worlds and aliens and special effects impossible for TV or movies This was where my fandom was all these books.
So one of the things I resented about Star Trek The Next Generation is that the show s creators completely failed to make use of Diane Duane s wonderful extrapolations about the Romulan people The Rihannsu, as she called them, had a detailed culture and society and their relation to their distant cousins, the Vulcans, made the Vulcans interesting as well My Enemy, My Ally is the first of Duane s Rihannsu novels, and tells the story of Ael t Rllaillieu, disgraced commander in the Romulan fleet, who joins forces with the crew of the Enterprise to sto

Some of the other Star Trek books have been mediocre at best, but Diane Duane usually does an excellent job in her writingsand this book is no exception The story really drew me in, and I almost felt like I was watching the show instead of reading a book.
My Enemy, My Ally remains one of the best classic Star Trek novels ever written, even thirty years after its original publication date I want to give this one to everyone I ve ever known who s been disappointed by a Trek book and say, read this It will change your mind about Trek I will admit right up front that I have a rather large bias toward Diane Duane, who has written a considerable portion of my favorite books her YA fantasy series, Young Wizards, is also very much worth your time to check out but let s not digress She has a distinctive, lyrical, descriptive prose style that makes each scene jump off the page, and a gift for choosing exactly the right words to evoke specific images for the reader Specifically in terms of Star Trek she writes aliens very well The television shows tend to stick to humanoid races out of the necessity o I picked My Enemy, My Ally up for fun, and while it was a pleasant enough read, I wasn t enthralled.
There were good points Duane lets her imagination run wild with aliens Many diverse species, cultures, sexual orientations, abilities, colors, and body types roam the pages freely and happily Duane s deft handling of science and the mechanics of the Star Trek universe made for a solid, high stakes adventure Ael was a fascinating, fresh character, and her and Kirk s relationship was well wrought especially the ending.
What majorly dropped my review star count was the plot s pacing The first 200 pages seem to exist only to set up for the last 100 pages, and while Duane s plethora of details build up the characters and world nicely, they can t hold my attention Put simply and horr Dad was right, it was really fun Diane Duane just gets it, she gets everything about what made Star Trek great It was exciting, touching, and laugh out loud funny at all of the right times The old characters were spot on without feeling retread and the new characters were very interesting I went into this reading I m pretty sure I read it at least 20 years ago, but I can t remember, I may be remembering Ensign Rock from other books as a favor to Dad, but he was right and I was wrong, and now it will be recorded for posterity And now, thanks to Goodreads and the new series feature, we ve both discovered that Duane wrote additional books in the Rihannsu saga, so we re both looking forward to that.
Ael T Rlailiiu Is A Noble And Dangerous Romulan Commander But When The Romulans Kidnap Vulcans To Genetically Harness Their Mind Power, Ael Decides On Treason Captain Kirk, Her Old Enemy, Joins Her In A Secret Pact To Destroy The Research Laboratory And Free The Captive Vulcans When The Romulans Discover Their Plan, The Neutral Zone Seethes With Schemes And Counter Schemes, Sabotage And War

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