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[ Pdf My Husband's Girlfriend: A Novel Ð ambulance-service PDF ] by Cydney Rax Ù A Celibate Husband And Wife Are The Two Most Dangerous People On EarthNeil And Anya Meadows Are Stuck In A Sexless Marriage Anya Suffers From A Hormonal Disorder That Leaves Her With No Sex Drive At All, While Neil Has A Voracious Sexual Appetite After One Unfulfilling Encounter Too Many, They Make A Deal Neil Will Be Allowed To Have A Mistress, But Only For Oral Sex And Only Twice A Month And He S Forbidden To Fall In Love With HerThings Don T Exactly Work Out As Planned Neil And His Mistress Danielle Have A Child Together, And All Of Them Anya, Neil, Danielle, The New Baby, And Neil And Anya S Daughter Decide To Live Together As Houston S Most Complicated Blended Family The Tension Builds As Each Is Forced To Make Difficult Choices, As Well As To Come To Terms With The Past And The FutureFast Paced, Provocative, And Sexy, My Husband S Girlfriend Explores Issues Of Morality, Emotional Ties, Family, Love, And Monogamy, And Is An Eye Opening Novel About The Complexity Of Modern Love I liked this book I just thought it was slow and drawn out in most spots It was also over the top and unrealistic Anya the wife in this book is definitely ONE OF A KIND This novel is a mess that just keeps getting worse I actually got angry at most of the characters I just couldn t believe nor stand that these people not only keep making the same mistakes over and over but also on the other hand, continuously put up with it I wish there would have been a better ending as well It ended rather abruptly It didn t seem like anything really worked itself out or got solved realistically that is The characters solve the problems that have been plaguing them this entire novel on one quick page near the very end and live happily ever after Not fulfilling at all after trudging my way through this entire book.
When I first read the synopsis of this bookI thought, O HELL no So of course, I wanted to read it, just to find about these crazy characters But as I started reading, I found it was kind of interesting So many things this novel could turn into A writer could have a field day with this idea, especially if you throw out all conventional ideas of relationships.
I truly believe that so many marriages don t last because everyone falls in love with an idea of what it SHOULD be But no two people are the same, correct So why should any two marriages be People get too hung up on fairytales and things about movies and relationships that just aren t realistic Soenough about my opinion, about the book From what I ve read so far I want to The I read on into this book the pissed off I got I can t believe I read it all the way to the end What woman in their right mind would agree to their husband having a girlfriend Did she really expect that her husband would go along with their deal and not break the rules The wife took it very well she always was the doormat in the situation She didn t have a voice It upset me because when she did speak, she wasn t heard Everyone in the book pissed my soul off beside Vette She was the only one who had some actual common sense I will say that the author did a good job with suspense I couldn t even predict what was going to happen next I would recommend it but the story had my blood pressure rising too much I couldn t keep calm Not sure i I just got done reading this book and i got so fustrated many times with all characters except vette and the kids and riley.
first of all with Neil for agreeing with Anya s contract If he couldnt handle her the way she was then he didn t deserve her and needed to find a woman who could make him happy instead of putting himself in a tempting situation and 2nd of all for still going behind Anya s back and doing things he wasn t suposed to be doing and knew was wrong and he knew would hurt Anya if she found out Then i was mad at Anya for her not sticking up for herself alittle and just being the passive wife and not getting on Neil about the way things need to be Either her or me and she didnt really say that till the middle of the book She could have done it on her own there are many women that do i am one of them I wanted to jump in this book and choke out the three main characters.
Anya is a doormat I know it probably happens, but there is NO WAY on this green earth NOR any other planet that I would stay with my husband quotes, because he was barely that after he gave me a disease NO way, NO how.
And the NERVE and unmitigated gall at him just giving Anya the pills Why the HELL wouldn t she refuse I don t care if Jesus Christ himself handed me some pills and told me to take them, the FIRST thing I m asking is what they are and whyand even then, I m STILL not taking them, and I m going to Google my ass off, and THEN I might proceed to hurt him Not sure Can t call it.
Dani is some kind of confused ass Crying about how she can t have a real relationship, promising to Anya that she won t sleep with Neil any, and STILL trying to do it every chance s I love hate this book It explores the cheating theme very well but it is a very emotionally draining read The wife annoyed me because she put herself in a position that no other wife would She was a complete doormat, yet her actions were to an extent quite realistic The mistress was just a bitch She acted like an innocent to the wife, but had double intentions The husband was the biggest idiot of them all He acted like he wasn t in the wrong and kept cheating The wife should have left his ass to teach him a lesson but because she didn t she actually encouraged his behaviour A very good read for those of you who like the cheating theme.
Even though I couldn t picture anyone dealing with the situation I really enjoyed the storyline and narration There s no way I could have dealt with things the way Anya did She had her moments where she snapped but I don t think I would ve allowed things to get the way they were without someone getting physically hurt, sheesh Talk about messy I enjoyed the play of spirituality that came into the story And I rwally liked the relationship between Anya and Vette, Vette was a little firecracker All in all it was a pretty good listen that tugged at my emotions up and down.
This book was slow and just bothered the crap out of me How stupid was the main character Anya She gave her husband permission to cheat, is literally insane for letting the baby mama come into their house on several occasions like a friend or family member, and then decides she wants her husband to herself again after all of that There was really no climax to the story and it was just blah I do give Rax credit though, the editing was near flawless but the story just didn t do it for me I did really like one of her other books My Daughter s Boyfriend, so I might still check some of her other books out.
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