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[ Pdf My Fairly Dangerous Godmother (My Fair Godmother, #3) Ï surreal PDF ] by Janette Rallison Ð This has been nominated for a 2015 Swoony Award, you can vote for it here What a fun addition to the series I love how this series mixes in fairy tales, in this case the Little Mermaid and the Twelve Dancing Princesses Sadie is a bit of a loner, focusingon her singing than on making friends When she has the opportunity to try out for Americans Got Talent I might be wrong on the name she jumps at the chance The only problem is her celebrity crush happens to be a judge and her nerves get the better of her She s hit rock bottom and our dear fairy friend Chrysanthemum from previous books takes pity on her and decides to become her fairy godmother Sadie gets waythan she bargained for when she makes her wishes and as usual Chrysanthemum interprets wishes in her own unique way I don t want to say too much and give anything away I did like the twists in this one and the love intere Some People Bomb Auditions Sadie Ramirez Throws Up During Her Tryouts On TV Show America S Top Talent Her Performance Is So Bad, It Earns Her A Fairy Godmother Through The Magical Alliance S Pitiful Damsel Outreach Program Enter Chrysanthemum Everstar A Gum Chewing, Cell Phone Carrying, High Heel Wearing Fairy Godmother In Training She Misinterprets Sadie S Wishes And Sends Her Back In Time To Be A Part Of The Little Mermaid Story And Then Makes Her One Of The Twelve Dancing Princesses Wishes Are Permanent, And If Sadie Wants To Get Back To Her Home, She Ll Have To Strike A Magical Bargain One That Involves Stealing A Goblet From A Powerful Fairy Queen OMG YES Someone give me this More Chrissy Just as the two previous books in the series this one was highly entertaining I did enjoy this a bitthan the other two The story was a bit different and I really liked the main character Nothing muchto say, this series of stand alones is great to pass your time blissfully without needing to engage your brain much with the story I finished this pretty quickly after waiting so long to finally read it From the beginning I have loved these fair godmother books I love the contemporary story and how it s blended with various fairytales and of course the highlight, the fair godmother, Chrysanthemum Everstar who just hasn t been good enough to get into Godmother University yet My Unfair Godmother is still my favourite of the three, but this one was pretty good too I do find Sadie a bit shallow, but she does grow by the end of the book Like the previous two, My Fairly Dangerous Godmother is full of action, fun, and teen ness So this book, like the other books are really good fun for a teen audience Or if you re older, you might appreciate it for the simplicity of the p I NEED This Now Maybe there ll be a full review coming soon, maybe not, but here are my thoughts immediately after finishing My Fairly Dangerous Godmother There s something you should know first I loved the first two novels to death also Just one Wish Maybe one of the most underrated contemporary novels I know and I was going crazy since the news came out that there would actually be a third part and soon too But I was also a little worried Since my hopes were as high as mountains and mountains of Grover s gold, I knew it would be very hard to fullfill them And that missing star Well, that s partially missing, because I kept comparing Fairly dangerous to the other two and it just Couldn t keep up in some aspects in others it did awesomely well, but that is just Rallison s awesomest of the awesome writing If I hadn t known the

Of all of Janette Rallison s books, the fairy godmother series is my favorite This one is no exception I thought I had the formula all worked out, but then she goes and surprises me again with how she crafted this one As always, there are hot guys and a lovable main character, but I was happy to see the turn this one took If you loved the first two and who didn t and what s wrong with you then you ll love this one just as much I still think the second one is my favorite with how everything all tied together, but this one had just as many fun moments I feel like I m in the minority for my in depth fairy tale knowledge since I read some reviews that said they didn t know the tragic version of The Little Mermaid, and it s sitting on my shelf I also am quite familiar with The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and others mentioned not knowing it at Um, how come we don t know the release date for this book yet I want to read it Rallison writes some of the most fun, light hearted reads out there and her My Fair Godmother series is one of these best ones she writes Full of chaos, laughs, smiles, and a fairy godmother in training and her little helper, that is sure to make anyone fall in love with them and keep turning the pages simply because you are having such a great time Crissy is by far the worst fairy out there If there is something she can make a mess out of she will but she always has her charges best interests at heart, even if they don t think she does Transported from one fairy tale to the next, each onedisastrous than the previous, Sadie is starting to wonder what the heck she got herself into Wicked queens, rogue fairies, princes, princesses, mermaids, and all matter of mayhem ensue making this a delightful light read that is sure to appeal to anyone.
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