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[Hannah Howell] ë My valiant knight [horses PDF] Ebook Epub Download í I like Hannah Howell, but this book just wasn t for me Too much violence and I don t like the heroin getting beat to a pulp.
and then half starvedthen shot with an arrow Just doesn t scream romance to me.
Ainslee of Kengarvey can throw a dagger, wield a sword and ride as well if not better then some men Then she meets Gabel de Amalville At first he holds Ainslee for ransom but then falls in love with her I thought it was an excellent book but then I really love all of Hannah Howell s books.

This was a fairly typical highland romance, complete with a ransom and lairds galore While the plot was predictable, there was good character development and lots of action I loved the feisty Aileen and oh so gallant Knight of her dreams I do so love Ms Howell s books and felt a need to re visit the world she so brilliantly creates in each of her books It has been years since I read this book and I actually enjoyed this book the second time around I see re reads of Ms Howell s books in my immediate future.
really enjoyed it, lots of romance and action.
once again hannah howell spins a great story , for those of you who enjoy a good romance this is a book you will enjoy Am I the only one not loving this It was a drag, like a short story expanded into 300 pages of fictional historical romance by repetitive dialogues and unneeded situations And when you thought it was finally the end, then came the need for the heroin to hear those 3 magic words from her husband, when he already fought to save her from a lifetime of misery Where did the fiery, independent red haired woman go And what happen to her dog it started of really gd but then just dragged i still finished it but wouidnt read it again i feel like ainslee was 2 willing to give her virtute to the hero especially since there was no offer on the table for her he took her in the stables for god sake for a virgin come on hero was jus not my cup of tea.
Able To Ride, Wield A Sword, And Throw A Dagger As Well As Any Man, Flame Haired Ainslee Of Kengarvey Is Warrior Than Lady Yet Even Her Awesome Skill As A Horsewoman Won T Help Her Outrace The Knight Who Pursues HerAn Anglo Norman Who Has Won Favor With The King, Sir Gabel De Amalville Must Prove His Loyalty By Crushing The Rebellious MacNairn Clan Seizing The Youngest Daughter Of The Chief Gives Him A Necessary Advantage But Having Sequestered Ainslee In His Isolated Castle Keep, He Soon Finds Himself The Prisoner Of A Passion He Never Could Have Foreseen Now, As The Shadow Of War Descends Upon The Highlands, Gabel Will Follow His Heart Into Battle For The Love Of The Sensual Woman Who Has Captured Him, Mind, Body And Soul EhSuper poor exposition with crappy dialogue I was pretty cool with the characters, though Seriously no one should give backstory to another character who already knows that story You could give the exposition in the text and save us crappy dialogue.

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