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[Dave Freedman] ↠´ Natural Selection: A Novel [boarding-school PDF] Read Online ↠´ I just bought this at an airport for something to read while on a plane If you ve read my other reviews, you know that I really enjoy science fiction so of course I liked this one.
My favorite scene in this book is when the new species is hunting a group of dolphins and the dolphins put up some pretty good maneuvers But the way it was written made me understand exactly how the dolphins were thinking and how confused they were So interesting.
This was a very good and exciting book I love books like this, monsters against mankind, or at least some members of mankind.
I thought the plot moved very quickly and the ending, oh my gosh the ending, talk about your nail biter I would love to see this book made into a movie, the giant manta rays would be fantastic, I ve always thought rays were kind of creepy anyway, especially when you see their undersides.
Anyway I did really enjoy the story, it seemed to be well researched, I only had a problem with a couple of the characters, but really when I m reading a book like this I don t care as much about the character development as I do about the thrills and chills, and believe me there were alot of them I read on the back flap of the book that this Monsters Aren T Real Are They Well, Aren T Dinosaurs, Sharks, And Crocodiles All Really Monsters Yes In Fact, Evolution Made Every Single One Of Them So Could Evolution Make Another Monster Today A Monster That Is Smarter, Deadly, And Unlike Any Other To Have Evolved In The History Of This Planet Weaving Together Science And Thriller In A Way Notseen Since Jurassic Park, Natural Selection Introduces A Phenomenally Dangerous New Species Of Predator That Is Forced Out Of Its World And Intoman S For A Violent First Encounter First off I have to say that i actually had to re start this book because I lost my book maker and I couldn t what page I was on, any way this is a five star re read for me, loved the concept of the story,all the time I was reading it ,it kept me think about how even to this day we still don t know everything about what living at the bottom of the ocean even though we do make some discovery, and we ll probably never will either,it also kept me thinking about how even to this day different animal species are evolving either with the help of Mother Nature or man s , it also kept bring up the question what would happen if something like this truly happened to a know predator species,and would and could humanity survive,and I couldn t even answer it, with that said it had every thing I love in a book like th Natural Selection is a great science fiction thriller that combines imaginative ideas with a believable plot At first, the possibility that giant manarays could learn to fly and kill humans seemed improbable, and quite silly to me But the book elaborates scientific theory and proof, supporting this science fiction fantasy It core explanation is, through evolution, manarays that harbored in the depths of the ocean become cunning predators A disease forces them out of the depths, and as a result, they begin to adapt to their new enviornment Using a muscle undulation found in pterodactyles, the manarays develop a way to fly, to find the food they need After which, the worlds most dangerous predator is born.
From the depths they came, migrating searching for a dwindling food supply, as they came they grew, they changed, they evolved and they adapted, some faster than others but changed non the less.
A group of Marine biologist on the verge of making a new discovery, a new species,a world changing discovery.
If only they had known, with a brain twice the size of man and learning and adapting as it grew and explored, was this mans newest addition to the world or was it the beginning of the a new world order, where man was not the survivor,in the world of nature it is about survival, about Natural Selection.
This was an interesting story both from the pure enjoyment of the book and the thoughts it provoked.
We knowof outer space than we do of the inner space around us.
Man has taken, abused and raped nature.
Perhaps out there yet to be discovered is natures revenge.
Apparently a new species of ray appears off the coast of California, but this is not just a story that takes place in the sea Terrific plot Non stop action Very imaginative Not all the characters were at first likeable or trying to work together but they had all bonded by the end The last few chapters could have been madeunderstandable if there has been a map of the area Sometimes I was confused about where the action was taking place But highly entertaining I would like to know of any new books by this author but I only see this one mentioned Copyright 2006.

Very unique way of telling the story from not only the human perspective but from the predator and sea life perspective too There are unimaginable predators in the lowest points of the ocean but because of a virus their food supplies are drying up Therefore, they must go to shallower waters They adapt, oh so fast.
Jason and his group of scientist are trying to find out why manta rays have died in captivity until the discovery of the new life form Then all attention is drawn to learningabout it.
Life, death, betrayal, this book has it all.
This book was excellent A strange creature resembling a manta ray is spotted in the Pacific ocean near the California coast where many seagulls, dolphins, and sharks have been disappearing A team of scientists and biologists track it s migration north They think it may be an evolutionary new species, predatory, deadly, rising from the ocean s depths, but why What is causing it Could it be a virus, nature s way of solving the world s over population problem I highly recommend this thrilling first novel by Dave Freedman It was fantastic I couldn t put it down and can t wait for another Move over Michael Crichton.
I read a lot of books A lot Even before I began reviewing them, I always had a book in my hand or in my bag True crime is among my preferred genres I don t scare or get freaked out easily Natural Selection scared me More than once I found myself actually speaking to a character, saying No Don t go there or No Don t touch it If I could have continued reading with my hands over my eyes, I think I would have Natural Selection is a cyclone of crazy action, biological discoveries and academia and a very well thought out what if involving nature that rivals Jaws It s a fast paced and gripping horror story involving flying predators imagine Jaws in the air, if you will I was utterly obsessed and I loved it I have no idea whether or not

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