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[Mari Mancusi] ☆ Night School (A Blood Coven Vampire Novel) [wolves PDF] Ebook Epub Download å Read this book S c r i b d problem in book in beginning rayne and sunny found out their parents are acturally magical fairies who escaped from a mystical Irish island, to live a mortal one And now, it seems, the other fairies back home have tracked Sunny and Rayne, and they want the family to return.
raynes and sunny s parents explained about how the twins lifes was never really normal and they had fake aunts and grandparents that their parents hired.
and now the mother explains how their fairys and the twins found out that their dad never acturally run away from the family he left them when they were little because he wanted to protect them and moved in with heather.
heather is acturally works in the slayer inc.
and oh yeahsunnys the next fairy in line to become a fairy queen.
later on they are interrupted by faeries running in through heathers Plot I had to read this after reading Blood Ties because it came in afterwards I m partly glad I read this, so I m caught up with the series, but I also think I didn t need to read it I felt that this installment wasn t the best out of the rest of the series The plot was kind of made up on the spot I could understand why Rayne should go to Riverdale, but it was weird how Sunny had to go to Sunny isn t a vampire slayer, so why couldn t she just go to another private school or a public school in a foreign country It seemed unnecessary for them to go to a school to go into hiding Along with that, the romance between Corbin and Rayne was confusing It seemed like they both had feelings for each other, but then Rayne mentions that it is because of feeding off of him So, I wasn t sure whether or not Corbin feelings were true and why did she like h Vampires, Slayers And FAIRIES Sunny And Rayne McDonald Are About To Get SCHOOLED After Their Parents Shocking Revelation About Their Fae Heritage And An Attack On Their Lives, The McDonald Twins Find Themselves On The Run Forced To Hide Out At Riverdale Academy , A Boarding School For Vampire Slayers, Deep In The Swiss Alps With No Cells, No Internet, And No Way To Contact Their Vampire Boyfriends The Twins Are On Their OwnBeing A Vampire Stuck In A School Full Of Slayers Isn T Easy Especially With No Blood Substitute Stocked On Campus Soon Rayne Finds Herself Succumbing To Her Bloodlust And Losing Control Especially Around The Arrogant, But Devastatingly Handsome Corbin Billingsworth The Third Who Isn T Sure Whether He Wants To Kiss Her Or Kill HerBut When Sunny Starts Acting Strange, Rayne Realizes Riverdale Academy May Be Hiding Some Deadly Secrets Of Its Own Leading To A Showdown In Fairyland That May Cost The Twins Their Lives I like this series a lot for some weird reason And while this book was still fun to read and I look forward to the next one, I had some problems with it that didn t sit right with me.
Warning Spoilers Do not click if you do not want major spoilers view spoiler 1 We find out at the beginning of this book that Rayne and Sunny s mom and dad were fairies that ran away from Fairyland so they could be together The baby that their dad had with Heather while still married to their mom Totally normal in fairy world, and their mom didn t care at all In fact, their mom LOVES Heather and was totally supportive of them being together Here is where my problem lies For YEARS, their mom has participated in saying that their father was a d I m gonna preface this by saying My fault for picking up book 4 5 in a series randomly But that hasn t deterred me before The premise 2 twins who are both vampires and in one case, a slayer find out they re OMG fairy princesses WTF And no that s not me being glib with the chat speak, that s REALLY how the author writes Which is nauseatingly immature, and will date the series book in about 5 minutes.
Not to mention, I can t figure out how someone so stupid as the narrator Rayne has managed to NOT get herself killed She makes Sailor Moon look like a brainiac Even Betsy Taylor from Undead and Unwed had to offer the world How someone with a journalism degree can write such insulting, mindless drek about modern teenagers is beyond me I m used to misunderstandings and adults not being smart as the main cause of conflict in teen romance adventure but th I ve always loved Rayne s POV as much as I love Mari s spontaneous ability to make things interesting by the end of the books with another cliffhanger This is no True Blood season 3 view spoiler Despite Sookie and Rayne WAS the fae royalty hide spoiler The book was interesting I guess It wasn t what I expected at all I wanted it to be funny and i don t know romantic I guess, so this book got 3 stars Anyway I hope the next book won t disappoint me like this one RAYNE S PERSPECTIVEFairies have found them.
And they want the twins to return to their land.
Rayne and Sunny must hide out in Riverdale Academy Night School a school with vampire hunters in training that will stake a vamire in a seconds notice Its even worse for Rayne since shes a vampire thats in a vampire hunter school.
And also she meets a boy who is stuck between wanting to love her.
and destroy her.
Sunny She just finds out she has to marry a stranger and become farie QUEEN.
And shes been acting weird the past few days.
It turns out she has another soul in her body and her soul is in theirs.
Ending The dad died giving up his life for Rayne.
The mom becomes queen its her destiny.
Rayne gets her wings removed and Sunny keeps hers Heather agrees to take care of Rayne and Sunny till they re 18.
Epilogue Corbin killed the doctor erasing his mind and ha

This was my first Blood Coven novel this is the fifth novel in the series but, as the book starts with a My story thus far , it s pretty easy to catch up Blood Coven novels switch points of view between the two sisters and this time, it was Rayne s turn to tell the story We start out with a quick recap of what s been happening in the two sisters lives and, well, it s quite a bit Rayne was always the Goth chick, into the arcane and paranormal while Sunny was completely the opposite When Rayne decided she wanted to be a vamp, she took the classes, got certified and, instead of the vamp, Magnus, biting and turning Rayne, he bit Sunny Sunny was pissed and so she went off to get un vamped by way of the Holy Grail Along the way, Sunny and Magnus fell in love, though Sunny still reversed the transformation an My thoughts Just when you think nothing worse could possibly happen to Sunny and Rayne it does Now they find out shocking news that their parents have a past and they use to live in Fairyland and their mom was Queen of the Fairies The only problem, Fairyland needs a new queen and if mom won t do it, one of the twins has to But when there is an attack on the family which endangers their lives, mom and dad go back to Fairyland to sort things out and the twins are hidden away in the Swiss Alps at Riverdale Academy, a secret vampire slayer training facility When Sunny starts acting out of character, Rayne gets suspicious that something sneaking is going on a Riverdale However this could be the one place that might be the death

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