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Trailer õ No Gentleman for Georgina (The Notorious Flynns,#4) PDF by Ù Jess Michaels Georgina Hickson Has Lived Her Life Doing Everything She Is Supposed To Do In Order To Land The Titled Husband Her Family Requires When She Met Paul Abbot At A Gathering At A Friend S, It Was The First Time She Ever Wanted But Is Something She Knows She Cannot Have Paul Has Been In Love With Georgina Since The Moment He Laid Eyes On Her Two Years Before, But He Knows He Isn T Good Enough For Her And It Can Never Be But When He Finds Out She Desperately Wants To See A Special Exhibit In London, He Agrees To Take Her But Can A Stolen Moment, A Stolen Kiss And A Whispered Confession Lead To Happiness Or Heartache Some of the advantages of being friends with a duke as well as being the manager of his elite gentleman s club, is being invited to his parties where the ton gather Paul Abbott also enjoyed the ability to be able to catch glimpses of the woman he has had feelings for going on two years Georgina Hickson is very much the proper miss Leaving her life plans to her father is a trial she can no longer endure For some time she has garnered hidden emotions for Mr Abbott and the time has come for those emotions to come to light Georgina s attraction to Paul is a revelation for the man who feels she is too above him for a relationship to work Leave it to a woman whose passion has been sparked to fight for what she ultimately wants, especially when the thought of an arranged marriage hangs over her head No Gentleman for Georgina by the indomitable Jess Michaels originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyOnce again Jess Michaels takes us into sensual delight wither her Notorious Flynns Series What Ms Michaels does best is decadance.
Erotic fantasy with a regency twist Or Regency Romance with an erotic twist.
either way it s wonderful It helps that her stories are well written and her characters fun.
No Gentleman for Georgina continues the Notorious Flynns Series as it s the 3.
5 book in the series A sweet novella that tells it s tale perfectly Which is a talent in and of itself The story has to be told without rushing things along or packing too much information in it Fortunately for us all, Ms Michaels knows what she s doing Georgina Hickson, friends with Annabelle Flynn The Scoundrel s Lover , has done the proper for a few seasons but she s bored and wantsthan a society m ok, so seriously, LISTEN TO ME, nothing beats a Flynn Family story TRUTHThere s nothing like reading a novel by Jess Michaels She is absolute perfection when it comes to historical regency romances with a twist a bit of risqu to them MY FAVE This is the story of Paul and Georgina, secretly passionate for one another for quite sometime Neither is actually a Flynn , but they are both very good friends of Annabelle and Marcus from The Scoundrel s Lover, which is where we were first introduced to them This is a very short story, but if you ve read the series as I have, it s perfect It doesn t need a lot of development because I already know they re in love THEY just don t know it But they discover it and it turns both their worlds on its axis You see, Georgina has spent the last four seasons trying to find the right man to marry that will meet her parent s expectations Those Opportunity to read for an honest review from publisher No Gentleman for Georgina by Jess Michaels was a fun and quick read I enjoyed the interaction between Georgina and Paul Though my favorite part of the book was the conversation with Georgina, and Annabelle Marcus from The Scoundrel s Lover Book 2 of the Notorious Flynns , very funny.
Going back to Georgina and Paul, they have both been loving each other from afar for the last couple years since they met through Annabelle and Marcus Since it was a quick read, we delve right in heart of the matter both wanting the other but not being able to follow their heart because Georgina is being expected to marry well and Paul feels he is unworthy.
Luckily, through a This is a quick, heated historical read about a young woman being pressured to marry the right man and a man with no title and no fortune who also happens to love her It s short, sweet and has sexy moments, but there really isn t muchto it than that.
Both characters have appeared briefly in the rest of the series and to be honest I didn t really learn muchabout them in this book Paul is quiet and honourable, Georgina feels trapped by the rules imposed on her and does her best to flout them where she can which contradicts her previous behaviour, where she s been muchprim and proper.
If you re looking for a quick read with some Regency flair including a fun historical outing to see Madame Tussaud s waxworks and like a bit of sensual heat, then this will likely fit the bill Certain things were resolved a little too easily for my liking, but that might have b I have been a fan of The Notorious Flynn s series and had high hopes for this novella I rarely purchase novellas due to the fact that they just don t have enough pages to really develop the story and characters enough Well, this proved true here The novella seemed rushed and the characters uninspiring There are some passionate and steamy moments as you would expect from Jess Michaels but there is not enough depth to this tale It s a pleasant read that does not evoke much emotion and things tie up at the end without much complication I prefer Jess Michaelslengthy novels where the characters havepersonality and the plot is fully developed.
A forbidden love A scandalous plan A tantalizing read I received No Gentleman for Georgina by Jess Michaels for an honest review This story is a quick, entertaining read Georgina is a definite go getter When she sets her mind on something nothing will keep her from it Paul tries to do the right thing even if it ends up hurting him in the end An enjoyable story that will leave you wanting .
It was a quick read that was just okay More like a 2.
5Paul and Georgina both have been admiring and crushing on each other from afar for a while Due to Paul being just a commoner and Georgina s Father looking for a husband with a title, both secretly knew nothing could ever progress to acquaintances friends Unfortunately because of it being such a short read there really was no way to develop the characters or have a great story.
While I enjoyed the romance between the hero and heroine, I feel that the story was rushed I never really felt like I got to know the characters Everything happens so fast with no sexual tension build up between the Paul and Georgina.

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