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[ Read Online No Place to Hide (Rocking Racers, #2) ¾ flash-fiction PDF ] by Megan Lowe Ñ No Place to Hide Rocking Racers Book 2 By Megan Lowe5 out of 5 starsThe story No Place to Hide Rocking Racers Book 2 by Megan Lowe is a coming of age sports romance book This is the love story of McKnley Rhodes and Cole Matthews Both McKnley and Cole knew each other when they were young Then one day Cole was gone and it happened to be the same day that McKnley s life was torn apart Now they have met again and nothing is going to be the same I absolutely loved both the story and the characters of this book As it is a series there are also crossover characters that you will recognize from book one I love when an author does this as it feels like you are dropping in on old friends to say hello and catch up on their lives The two main characters are the best McKnley has grown up and is now the lead guitarist for the band Places It is made up of her siste I received this for an honest review I have to say that this book and this author LOVED IT Mcknly and Cole were freaking AMAZING together This was such an amazing second chance romance LOVED IT from beginning to end it gripped me I just LOVE this series the Rockin Racers are fast becoming one of my most favorite series I can not wait to see what this author comes out with next What Happens When The One Person You Truly Hate Is The One Person Who Really Sees You After McKnley Rhodes S Family Fell Apart, She Struck Out At Cole Matthews, Her Then Best Friend Over Twenty Years Later, She S Never Forgotten The Hurt She Endured Or The Hate For The Boy She Believed Caused ItCole Matthews Hasn T Seen His Childhood Friend, McKnley Rhodes, For Twenty Two Years, And What He Finds Shocks Him She S Tired And Beaten Down, And He Wants To Fix That, Just As He Used To When They Were Kids Cole S The Only One Who Can See She S Putting On An Act By Embracing Her Rock Star Persona His New Goal Is To Determine Why And Put An End To Her Torment Will McKnley Let Him In Or Will He Leave Her With No Place To Hide I loved how this book started out as the main characters as children but it broke my heart when they had to separate at such young ages But of course Cole always wonder what happened to the girl next door he had a crush on And McKnley Rhodes always blamed the little boy and his dad that used to live beside her for the destruction of her family And after 20 years she s still carries that hate and belief with her And when they see each other again she let s him have it but he sets her straight on a few things but can it be enough to let go of years of beliefs This book is brought me in I was curious about how she was going to take it I hated how the parents done some of the things they done but it is the way that some are in that light I also liked how the author brought to attention and to light domestic vi No Place to Hide is the second book in the Rocking Racers series by Megan Lowe Written in first person, in this book we follow Cole and McKnley s story, seeing the action from both POVs Having loved Breaking the Cycle, I couldn t wait to start this one Once again, I ve completely fallen in love with all of the characters in this exciting, emotional and addictive read McKnley Rhodes has always blamed Cole Matthews, her then best friend, for the collapse of her family Despite the fact that they were only five years old, she wholeheartedly believed it was his fault that her life fell apart Twenty years later and she still hasn t forgotten about the hurt she experience, leading her to hate the boy that she believed caused it Seeing each other again two decades later isn t what either of them expected A terrible first encounter is soon washed It s not going to be easy The best things, the things that are truly worth it, never are That s what makes them so amazing This is book 2 in the Rocking Racers series by Megan Lowe I really was glad to see that this could be recommended as a stand alone read just as much as a part of a series I know some would rather that Personally, I am glad I did read the first as I had already fallen in love with the Ryan clan family and enjoyed reading about the success that the team has earned This one, however, is centered on Cole Matthews, the best friend of Patrick Ryan, and also a Supermoto Champ racer for the Ryan team And if follows our dashing damsel McKinley, soon to be known as Knley, she hates I s, and is the bad girl of rock n roll and center star in the band Places made up of her sisters and managed by her mother Helen Hel No Place to Hide Rocking Racers Book 2 by Megan Lowe 5 starsFrom childhood best friends to adult enemies This book is an emotional rollercoaster ride from page one Megan Lowe did it again This book will pull you in and make you feel like you are part of the story You will route for good to overcome odds Sometimes the people who love the most don t do what is best for loved ones The parents in this book are all about what is best for them and disregard what their children really want and expect them to have the same opinions about the people who mean the most.
McKnley Rhodes thought her parents arguing all the time was normal That is all the 5 year old knew At times it got to be too much so she would seek out her best friend Cole Matthews He was her safe place and they were inseparable until everything fell apar

No Place to Hide written by Megan Lowe4 starsI was thrilled to find out after reading Breaking the Cycle that this was going to be a series I love the Ryan Family and am looking forward to finding out about each of the brothers and where Megan Lowe takes their story Twenty two years earlier McKinley at the age of five had found a confident and best friend in her neighbor Cole They were inseparable and shared all their secrets McKinley aka Kinley shared how her parents always fought and Cole could see how sad it would make her so he tried to do things to make her happy Cole goes home one day to an empty house He finds out they will be moving first thing in the morning Cole starts to panic, because even at the age of five he feels he s leaving the best thing in his life behind Cole is hurt that his dad won t let him say goodbye to Kinley and explain that he isn t abandoning 5 StarsNo Place to Hide is the second book in the Rocking Racers Series by Megan Lowe It is a Contemporary Sports Romance Rock Star Romance with a friends to lovers aspect to the story At five years old, McKinley Rhodes McKnley and Cole Matthews were not only neighbours, but also the best of friends McKinley s home life wasn t always pleasant, but she had Cole, and he always managed to make her feel safe, and cheered her up when she was down They adored each other and were pretty much inseparable So neither of them could understand what happened the day their worlds were shattered when McKinley s father left her family, never to return and Cole s father moves the two of them to a new house, in the middle of the nigh No Place to Hide Rocking Racers Book 2 by Megan Lowe is the second story in the Rocking Racers series As this is the second book, it is not necessary to read book 1 in order to know what is happening but I would suggest it, as it won t let you down and neither will this one This story is full of different emotions from love to laughs to sadness You will love how the author has put some of the same characters in this story that was introduced in the first book It was great to see what was happening with them You will love how the author has created characters that you will relate to and feel for They will pull at your heartstrings and have you pulling for each one They will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride that you will just need to see the ending Find out what happens with these characters, one just wants to be themselves and

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