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↠´ No Such Thing as a Free Gift ↠´ Download by Ä Linsey McGoey A polemic, certainly, but not an unwarranted one When TED Talks won t broadcast something of this sort p 108 in an election year 2012 because it s too political and a lot of business managers and entrepreneurs would feel insulted p 109 , then it becomes ever important to have volumes such as these to consider as we individually confront disparities in wealth and the dichotomies and dilemmas they present.
review to follow No Such Thing as a Free Gift, by Linsey McGoey, is an interesting, if flawed, critique on philanthro capitalism By critique, I mean a scathing, furious rebuke of organizations like the Gate s Foundation, and their upper crust supporters, who McGoey refers to as TED Heads McGoey is highly critical in her book, and makes some excellent criticisms of a flawed system For example, she is critical of Gates support for privatized schooling, metrics on teaching performance that instigate disciplinary action for poor scores, privatized online teaching, pharmaceutical exposure to disease reduction, and Many of these articles are interesting, but McGoey is so venomous in her criticism, it may turn many readers away.
McGoey is obviously operating from an ideological standpoint She is highly criti Philanthro capitalism, the highest stage of capitalismThrough my ratings, reviews and edits I m providing intellectual property and labor to.
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com and in 2014 posted revenues for 90 billion and a 271 million loss Intellectual property and labor require compensation.
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I like philanthro capitalist ventures however catastrophic, however tragic because they represent a laboratory liked nouementor epiphany of what I understand is the real nature of capitalism as opposed to the mercantilism of the people.
The book which also has the ambition to be a primer on neoliberalism, and as such covers too much ground shows us a few billionnaires in action Probably the best book I have read all year I thought I knew a lot about philanthropy after working in and studying the aid industry for the past decade or This book tackles large philanthropy, specifically Gates, but she also mentions Rockefeller, Koch Brothers, Ted etc I think this is a must read for anyone working in development in their own country or abroad and should be on related course syllabuses Main message Gates has done a lot of good, but can be ruthless in their business tactics, even in the realm of philanthropy And philanthropy is an important way to pursue vested business interests This book really speaks to the larger trends in development today with social entrepreneurship, private sector led development advancing their interests, which was taboo in the past but now considered best practice I am left wondering how McGoey collected all these stories fro

I would give this book 10 stars if I could This is one of the best non fiction books I ve read ever McGoey does an impressive job of gathering her facts and basing her arguments on clear data I hesitate to say arguments, because I feel like McGoey was actually very well balanced in her perspective She presents a very fair and thorough view of her subjects, and I thought she was very fair with her depiction of Bill Gates.
This is not a tirade against Gates and his Billioniare Boys Club Instead, this is a history of philanthropy, including an excellent analysis of gift giving, the legacies of Gates predecessors like Carnegie and Rockefeller, and a careful examination of the state of philanthrocapitalism today She points out the hypocrises and double standards so rampant in that privilege What thoughtful rich people call the problem of poverty , thoughtful poor people with equal justice call the problem of riches R H TawneyThis quote is from the first page, it should give you a sense of what the book is about interesting thinking here to follow Guardian Review Times Review Linsey McGoey presents an important counter narrative to the prevailing sanctification of billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates McGoey shows that supposedly rational, innovative philanthro capitalism is nothing new, drawing parallels between Gates and Gilded Age capitalists like John D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie In doing so, she highlights many ways in which both the past and modern day philanthropists skew international aid, use their foundations to make a profit and evade taxes, and how their hubris and lack of attention to locality can do much damage than good.
Outstanding book Full review to come.
Philanthro Capitalism How Charity Became Big BusinessThe Charitable Sector Is One Of The Fastest Growing Industries In The Global Economy Nearly Half Of The Than , Private Foundations In The United States Have Come Into Being Since The Year Just Under , Were Established In Alone This Deluge Of Philanthropy Has Helped Create A World Where Billionaires Wield Power Over Education Policy, Global Agriculture, And Global Health Than Ever BeforeCharities Link The Farmers In Africa To The Boardrooms Of Corporate Foundations And The Corridors Of The World Economic Forum At Davos Far From Being Selfless, Plutocratic Philanthropy May Be The Ultimate Profit Making ToolIn No Such Thing As A Free Gift, Author And Academic Linsey McGoey Puts This New Golden Age Of Philanthropy Under The Microscope Paying Particular Attention To The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation As Large Charitable Organizations Replace Governments As The Providers Of Social Welfare, Their Largesse Becomes Suspect The Businesses Fronting The Money Often Create The Very Economic Instability And Inequality The Foundations Are Purported To Solve We Are Entering An Age When The Ideals Of Social Justice Are Dependent On The Strained Rectitude And Questionable Generosity Of The Mega Rich

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