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[Dave Eggers] · What Is the What: The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng [womens-fiction PDF] Read Online ✓ Dave Eggers tells Achack s story much like you would hear it if you had befriended the Sudanese refugee yourself this book is like a conversation with a good friend you start where you are hello, how are you, i am being robbed at gun point you move back to the begining this is where i am from, the world was dust, we knew it to be Sudan, there was nobut, to explain the begining, and to get to the end, you often have laughs in the middle successful with women eventually a life is woven infront of you, and somewhere along the way you become a part of the story it s just that i haven t had a conversation like this before, one that starts with a burglary in Atlanta, draws you back to a small village in soutern Sudan, and marches you in and out of Ethiopia, the jungles, the rivers, the lions stare, over the bodies, into the refugee camps, into love, TOO MUCH, AND NOT ENOUGH A PARADOX With her open and confident sexuality, she was the constant igniter of everything flammable within usHmm, if this Sudanese refugee now American Valentine Achak Deng can turn a phrase like that, how come he needs Dave Eggars to shape his book and cop the byline Okay, maybe he can t, maybe those delightful sentences are pure Dave So what about thisI had feared for a long time that secretly Tabitha was well versed in the ways of love and that the moment we were alone she would want to move too quickly Now this sounds like the authentic voice of an African trying to speak of delicate matters in his second language to me, and comes off as horribly stilted, but understandably so Okay, so no Dave Eggars there, that s pure Valentine Now since it s the clunky uber sincere stilted voice which tells 98% of this long tale, why is I ve been thinking a lot about this book this morning I ve recommended it a few dozen times over the years I didn t even think about whether or not I had written a review I hadn t.
I read this before I joined Goodreads in the days before I wrote reviews Those days are coming back again in my near future review retirement but that s another story to review ha.
But I d like to share a little about this book I read in in 2006 and I still remember it like yesterday It s the type of book that leaves a lasting impression It s extremely well written And for those who don t like other books by Dave Eggers I m not one of them this is not the book people turn their nose against This is a great book It was horrific how the Lost Boys lived day after day in Sudan starving being chased from village location to the next disease killing etc.
and there is another appalling Valentino, I just don t know what God has against you These words were directed at the subject of this novel biography and are pretty much a motif that runs throughout most of this book.
This is one man s true story of the Lost Boys of the Sudan Valentino Achak Deng, at age seven, and thousands of boys just like him, endured all manner of hardship as they fled their homes as civil war beginning in 1983 devastated their country Their journey from refugee camp to refugee camp is fraught with the most horrific events you could imagine This book is a testament to not only how cruel man can be to his fellow man, but also to Deng s faith and perseverance Calling this book sad or heartbreaking seems trite Repeating a litany of hardships these boys endured would render them trivial It s inconcei Now that was a lot of information Too much.
Valentino Achak Deng is one of the lost boys of the civil war in Sudan He survived a genocide, walking from Sudan to Ethiopia where boys were getting picked off one by one by lions in the night Crocodiles, vultures, dysentery, soldiers tying to blow him up, starvation, a car accident, and a robbery in Atlanta after being relocated to the US.
Life has not been easy for Valentino Yet he somehow keeps going with a positivity that is hard to believe The story is moving, and Dave Eggers can sure turn a phrase, but there was so much detail.
oh my poor overloaded head if this hadn t been an audiobook I never would have gotten through it.
But that does not mean that I don t admire Valentino, or that I believe his story and that of Sudan should not have been told I do.
It just that, less issometimes.
5 stars.

GREAT STORY, NOT SO GREAT BOOK This took me THREE MONTHS to finish I did read other books in the meantime, but believe me, I wouldn t have dragged my feet on this one if the storytelling hadn t been so TERRIBLY AWFUL Examples of STORIES told particularly badly.
a The drama teacher Miss Gladys and the Dominicsb The romance between Achak and Tabithac Life at Kakumad The story of Maria, the girl who called him Sleepere The walk from Pinyudo to Kakumaf The play times with Achak and the Royal Girls of Pinyudog Achak s trip to the hospitalh Achak s job at the fitness clubi Achak s attempts to go to college in Americaj The night when the Sudanese were invited to the basketball gameAND MANY MORE Some of the above should have been interesting stories, but they were written in such a matter of fact style, I could barely bring myself to read each line on the page It w When so much hype and reputation converge on such a complex and sensitive topic only to receive unchecked praise from the American publishing industry and profitable sales, I fear disaster, choir preaching and the perpetration of harmful stereotypes Despite my interest in African literature, in African conflicts and in the way that the developed world engages with Africa, I have been avoiding this book since I learned of its existence A friend of mine who has lived and worked in Sudan vouched unreservedly for its authenticity and inoffensiveness and lent me her copy I m not mad at her.
Dave Eggersor less avoids cheapening his subject, weakening his message or losing credibility for the duration of a book comprised of stories that would tempt a narrator with less integrity to deploy every variety of manipulative, sensationalist, suspensefu Nine years after this was published I ve finally read it Have meant to read it since loving Zeitoun a few years ago Wife listened to audiobook on long commute and deemed it a truly heartbreaking work of staggering genius also proclaimed herself an Eggers fan after not being so into his memoir I didn t get to it for so long in part thanks to reviews on here that called it boring, unreadable, a mess, lacking structure and characterization, on and on, all of which I can now officially deem sort of nutsoa result of Eggersfraude most likely than anything else At most maybe the second half is 100 pages too long, could ve been accelerated in parts, but overall it sure seemed to me like a gripping quasi autobiographical novel, conventio It takes a certain and rare kind of writer to make a story about civil war, genocide, and a refugee crisis boring and unreadable that writer, specifically, is Dave Eggers It s not that I don t understand the purpose that this book serves just as we import the Third World s raw resources to fuel our own material greed, so must we import their tragedies to break up the monotony of our lives My question is can t we get better books to do it First of all, the voice is terrible At points it reads like a parody of an American trying to imitate an African oh, wait, it is, although Dave Eggers has probably at least met some, so I don t know what his excuse is Take the very first sentence I have no reason not to answer the door so I answer the Vencedor Do Pr Mio M Dicis Para Melhor Romance Estrangeiro DeEsta A Hist Ria Da Extraordin Ria Capacidade De Um Rapaz Para Suportar Atrocidade Atr S De Atrocidade E Ainda Assim Recusar Se A Abandonar A Dec Ncia, A Amabilidade E A Esperan A De Encontrar Um Lar E Uma Vida DignaExcerto Este Livro O Relato Emotivo Da Minha Vida Desde A Altura Em Que Fui Separado Da Minha Fam Lia Em Marial Bai, Abarcando Os Treze Anos Que Passei Em Campos De Refugiados Et Opes E Quenianos, At Ao Meu Encontro Com A Cultural Ocidental Era Apenas Um Rapaz Quando A Guerra Civil Sudanesa Come Ou, Uma Guerra Que Matou Dois Milh Es E Meio De Pessoas Sobrevivi Atravessando Muitas Paisagens Rigorosas Ao Mesmo Tempo Que Era Bombardeado Pelas For As Sudanesas, Me Esquivava A Minas Terrestres, Era Perseguido Por Animais Selvagens E Assassinos Humanos Alimentava Me Do Que Colhia E, Durante Dias Seguidos, N O Comi Nada As Dificuldades Eram Insuport Veis Tentei Tirar A Minha Pr Pria Vida Muitos Dos Meus Amigos E Milhares Dos Meus Conterr Neos N O Sobreviveram A Estas Atribula Es Este Livro Nasceu Do Desejo Por Parte Do Autor E Meu De Estender A M O A Outros E Ajud Los A Compreender As Atrocidades Que Os Governos Do Sud O Cometeram Antes E Durante A Guerra Civil Com Esse Objectivo Contei A Minha Hist Ria Ao Autor Ele Engendrou Ent O Este Romance, Aproximando A Voz Do Narrador Da Minha Pr Pria Voz E Usando Os Acontecimentos Da Minha Vida Como Base Uma Vez Que Muitas Das Passagens S O Ficcionais, O Resultado Toma O Nome De Romance Valentino Achak Deng Cr Ticas De Imprensa Um Livro Comovente, Assustador E Improvavelmente Belo Time N O Me Recordo Da Ltima Vez Que Um Romance Me Tocou T O Profundamente Imposs Vel Ler Este Livro E N O Nos Sentirmos Mais Humildes E Mais Iluminados Khaled Hosseini, Autor De O Menino De Cabul

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