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[Robyn Donald] ß Once Bitten, Twice Shy [womens PDF] Read Online Þ eauty and the beastFashion model Simone Atkinson had her reasons for being afraid of men whose guarded expressions hid private demons Which is why all alarms went off when Angus Grey began his pursuit He d obviously convinced himself he knew exactly the kind of woman she was.
Lost in a wasteland of bitter desire, Angus expected a greedy little sensualist, but Simone vowed to prove him wrong Fascinated by his strength, his gentleness, the passion he kept so firmly under control, she was tempted to let down her guard Dare she give love a second chance The guy was a plain cruel jerk half the time and treated the heroine like a whore.
The heroine on the other hand, I m still undecided, but I think took him, As a challenge, and threw his own ideas at him suggesting that she wants to get him out of HER system, she d be fine with just sex and if he wants to treat her as a mistress, but she ll pay for herself and she ll leave him alone if he does the same.
No declaration of love, no justification of his accusation, no tears, no clingyness I think it was rather brilliant.
She rather showed him normal and love by being with him and he did learn.
And I forgave him simply because he came to the heroine to grovel at his own accord, not because she left him or threatened t Old school angst fest that was well done than enjoyable I can t do any better than Boogenhagen s and StMargarets reviews, but offer a few thoughts.
This heroine needs a break in life She s been used one way or another by just about everybody, mother agents dead husband, etc then falls in love with a man that was dumped by his wife for a man that ends up marrying his sister See A Willing Surrender Yeah, that s a plot point that takes a while to unravel.
Both hero and heroine come with some heavy duty baggage view spoiler Her dead husband was obsessed with her, channelled his love and emotions through his paintings of her, but was physically impotent The H has the aforementioned ex wife infidelity issues hide spoiler Nice angsty tale with a title that is really about the hero At first I thought it was the heroine because she is a top model who was married at 19 to a painter who was impotent but sought his sexual release by painting many, many nudes of her She eventually left him when she realized she was an object to him and not a person Hubby committed suicide shortly thereafter Heroine had to grow a thick skin with all of the tabloid speculation She had all the paintings destroyed and returned to her modeling career, having to earn enough money to take care of her stage mother who had early onset Alzheimer s Yes, our heroine has been through the mill of life by age 25 Seems everyone around her pushes and exploits her the photographer, the fashion editor, her agent, her mother but she chalks it up to being a professional She s not stupid, though She is thinking Hard book to rate The heroine was very different for an HP girl Hero kept hurting her emotionally and she kept coming back Not in a ninny doormat way but in a strong determined way She loved him and felt like he was worth the effort if she could just break through to him She was really a lovely character The hero was much harder to get a handle on I kept thinking that he had some sort of revenge plot percolating in his mind which was all going to come out later but no He was in love with his ex wife who was another model who looked very similar to the heroine He just wanted to bang her on that account His turn around at the end was pretty unbelievable Since the author mostly failed at letting us guess what was going on in the hero s mind and when we did find out it was sort of like yeah, right I didn t really care for him or buy h

It was ok I liked the heroine She was crying all the time but I liked her confidence Most of all, She tried for both of them The hero was a plain jerk, asshole and wanted her because of her resemblance to his ex wife but still, I forgave him a little cause he was honest to her at the end and he realized himself that he loved the heroine truly The most surprising thing was the heroine tried to show him her love in her own way and he felt that love No word was spoken, no threat, no heated argument it was calm and quiet and he felt the love also After some inner battle of the hero, he confessed everything to her honestly His explanation sounds genuine I have to mention, Sinbad The heroine s kitten was awesome and th A sweet, low angst romance with MCs who are both pretty damaged by past relationships and have trouble trusting The H is pretty stand offish for most of the book really until the last few pages and the h isn t really a doormat for putting up with his hot cold act She makes a conscious choice to stay and hope he can learn to love again before the big ending There was some weirdness with the H s ex wife looking exactly like the h That bugged me the entire book I m wasn t convinced that he could look at her and see her and not the ex His grovel at the end put all doubts to rest.
All in all, it was a nice story with low drama and angst I liked the MCs I just had to wait for them to pull their heads out at the 11th hour.
Safety view spoiler No cheating, some OW OM drama OW is jus Not as angsty as the other RD books Hero was so cold and he didn t redeem himself at the end Heroine was loving and understanding like Lucy Monroe s heroines.
Re Once Bitten, Twice Shy Robyn Donald writes the best kitten rescue in HPlandia It is a little orange and white kitten and this kitten is awesome She is right up there with Marmalade of Lace and Satin and Oliver who actually ranks first on the adult cat rescue situation of Not For Sale and Harvey of Lovers in the Afternoon Oh yeah, there is a love story in there too, but really Sinbad the different colored eye kitty was the star of the show She even goes trekking with her cat staff to make sure they do things right But I will tell you about the dramatic rescue in a bit, there is some backstory to cover here This book is the sequel to A Willing Surrender, huge spoilerizations are here.
The H is named Angus, and I always think of a big black steer when I read that name, so we will just call him Mr AngryC Beauty And The BeastFashion Model Simone Atkinson Had Her Reasons For Being Afraid Of Men Whose Guarded Expressions Hid Private Demons Which Is Why All Alarms Went Off When Angus Grey Began His Pursuit He D Obviously Convinced Himself He Knew Exactly The Kind Of Woman She WasLost In A Wasteland Of Bitter Desire, Angus Expected A Greedy Little Sensualist, But Simone Vowed To Prove Him Wrong Fascinated By His Strength, His Gentleness, The Passion He Kept So Firmly Under Control, She Was Tempted To Let Down Her Guard Dare She Give Love A Second Chance

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