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[ Pdf One Glimpse (Indulgence, #2) ↠´ gay-erotica PDF ] by Lydia Gastrell ↠´ A Joyfully Jay review 4.
25 starsOne Glimpse was a sweet, enjoyable Regency style romance that charmed me from the start It s the second in Lydia Gastrell s Indulgence series but this can certainly be read as a standalone Sam and John are the heart of the book in every sense of the word and the gradual evolution of their relationship is truly exceptional Sam is far from perfect, being a little too short and a little pudgy, but loves that John thinks him beautiful and as a result so do readers All the tiny imperfections that make John and Sam human are neither ignored nor glamorized Rather their affection and devotion to one another feels realistic and natural There are a few too many misunderstandings and secrets that crop up to cause mini conflicts While one or t I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads4 stars.
Genre Historical Romance Male Male Romance developed involved side characters returning protagonists Heat level HOT but story driven Immediately after finishing One Indulgence, I had to begin One Glimpse Had to There was no waiting To the point I couldn t wait on my reviewer copy bought my own Lydia Gastrell created an addictive historical romance series with the added twist of the issues facing gay men of the era It s an added bonus of angsty deliciousness that keeps the reader hungering for I ve searched far wide for His ro MM that didn t devolve into erotica, and was story driven with developed, complex characters, I finally found For Years Sir Samuel Shaw Has Secretly Lusted After The Handsome And Popular Lord John Darnish, A Man Known For His Good Humor, Expert Riding Prowess, And Very Female Mistress Certain That John Is An Unattainable Fantasy, Sam Is Shaken When An Accidental Discovery Reveals John Might Not Be As Unattainable As He Once Thought But What Is Possible Is Not Always Likely, And Sam Finds Himself Trapped Between Keeping A Friend And Risking Everything For The Unlikely Hope Of Something John Is Terror Struck When His Drunken Mistake Threatens To Shatter The Double Life He Has Worked So Hard To Maintain His Terror Soon Turns To Hope When He Finds Himself Drawn To Sam, Who He Is Sure Does Not Share His Interest In Men But Subtle Things Cause Him To Second Guess, And Fear That His Hopes Are Making Him See What He Wants To SeeSam S Risks And John S Hopes Turn Futile, However, When Blights From Sam S Past Resurface To Threaten Them And Sam S Family Can Sam Choose Between The Love He Has Always Wanted And The Security Of His Family, Or Will Forces Outside His Control Hurt All The People He Holds Most Dear Loved this instalment Even though it took me almost a week, I had enjoyed going back to Sam and John s story every evening I ll miss the boys And I can t wait to have Jullian s book Please be in progress.
I was intrigued by several of the sub characters in One Indulgence, the first book in this series While I was hoping to get Julian s story in the second book, I was not disappointed in Sam s story here A brutal rejection as a young man has left Sam sure that no one will ever want him, or at least not want him for anything further than casual sex, and it s turned him into someone who puts on a mean outward appearance for the world What I liked best about Sam s character was that his hangups aren t just fantasies in his head or the result of one incident that he can t let go of It s not the usual gorgeous guy who just thinks he s homely Sam really is short and chubby and over emotional, etc.
, and he lives in a world where all those traits are sneered at As for new characters, John Darnish was mentioned briefly in the first book, so he really is a NEW character here I really lik The sequel to the sublime One Indulgence does not disappoint and I found much to love in this longer tale of Baronet Samuel Shaw who struggles to exorcise his childhood demons and takes a chance on love.
Samuel Shaw has built a crusty, aloof exterior to protect his innate good nature and tender heart Gentlemen of the ton are cruel to anyone they perceive as weak and Sam has experienced their harshness first hand A moment of weakness with a fellow classmate left him ridiculed by all of his peers during his school years and he has neither forgotten nor forgiven any of the culprits of that long past incident Nor has he forgiven himself for baring his heart to his childhood friend only to have it crushed Now that boy has become Sir Henry Courtland, lover of Lord Richard Avery Seeing his former friend s happiness reignites Sam s ire, and his anger and resentment th Yes, yes, FINALLY I have been waiting over a year for this and was NOT disappointed Sam is so cute and endearing while being frustrating as hell at the same time I could not put it down, which was a bad thing considering the almost 120K words count And I really felt bad for Darnish He s so scared of being caught that he isn t even out to other gay men He s completely alone until his run in with Sam But, oh No spoilers I ll stop now Now I ll wait for 3.

I m going to start with my only complaint, and it s a trivial one The cover art sucks And since I know a thing or two about publishing and how houses strong arm authors, I m gonna take a guess and say the author took what she was told to take, sono worries, I don t blame her To all the photographers making stock images for historic covers GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER Stop putting dudes in cheesy modern suit jackets with table linens wrapped around their necks and calling it historic clothing You re embarrassing yourselves Okay, enough of that, on to the book I love this new author, and dammit I wish she was prolific because waiting a year for this sequel almost killed me Still, it was worth it, and at almost 120 thousand words I can see why it took a friggin year Don t let the length scare you tho, cuz this thing moves fast I read the whole thing in like two 6 I Effing Loved This Book I loved the first and couldn t wait to read the second book in the series And I m a total snob with these so that was SUCH a yay moment for me, to find a new historical author I loved, because rare But this book I REALLY LOVED it Hell, she even managed to make me annoyed at a character I liked from the first book Lydia s setting just pulls you in But, I have to say, Sir Sam will go down as one of my fave MCs in Historical M M And I mean, top two characters Which is a big thing for me because I m an absolute whore for M M Historicals They were my gateway drug to M M and will always be my first love I adored John as well, bless him I loved how he took up for Sam when no one else had I just this story is so worth the read and I highly recommend it Part of a series, but is totally able to be read stand alone with no confusion or timeline wonkiness But why would you I had liked One Indulgence the first book in this series but I liked this one much much better I think Ms Gastrell has improved like wine It is a quiet book full of motion which is subtly written in so that there is no jarring and the plot and how it evolves show this smoothness as well.
I hope that Ms Gastrell will be writing in this series, I ll read them.
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