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À The Awakening è Download by ↠´ Kelley Armstrong I don t know how I feel about this one I mean the kids are out there trying to get way from the evil people that are trying to hurt them And we find out some reasons as to why they are the kind of supernaturals that they are but I was just sort of meh I will say that I loved to get time with Chloe and Derek I really love Derek s character And we learn about the families of the kids There is also action with the supernatural abilities of some of the adults and kids but I still couldn t get into it all the way Sometimes I wonder if it s the mood I m in or if I really did just like the book and not love it to death One will never know unless of course you read it again Chloe, Rae and Tori are in cells at The Edison Group after they tried to escape with Derek an The Awakening is even enticing and action packed than its prequel While the setting shifts, it is no less menacing as Chloe and the gang face a grim and tretcherous life on the streets Tension is heightened by the added appeal of a perfectly sinister and powerful enemy and the suspense of unknown supernatural powers Armstrong s teen characters are smart and resourceful, and each obstacle thrown their way requires them to use every bit of caution, wits, and intelligence they possess Armstrong focuses a little on the technical aspects of the teens powers and abilities, especially as Derek and Chloe explore their capabilities and restraints Their difficulties and the tension that they face help them grow as characters and make them appealing My crush As seen on The ReadventurerThe second book in Darkest Powers trilogy starts where the first one left off Chloe is at the research institute and contemplating escape What follows is pretty much Chloe s and her friends journey to get to the person who might be able to help them find Derek s and Simon s father which is I suppose is what this trilogy is about, but I am not sure at this point.
The first book in the trilogy was undoubtedly drawn out and artificially extended, but this second book sure beats that While The Summoning had at least some semblance of a story specifically, the discovery of the true nature of Lyle House , The Awakening is truly 400 pages of filler Almost nothing is added to the main story arc only 3 pages describing the purpose of the experiments on supernaturals and the idea that Derek s and Simon s father can At least it s better than the first BEWARE FOR SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES This whole review can probably contain spoilers for the entire series This review is mostly for me to remember the details.
Re read 04.
2018 I decided to continue with the re read with this series I m not overly fond with it, never have been, but the story plot has some real potential I just wished the characters where older 15 and 16 is so young, and blushing because someone holds your hand it s too immature for my taste This book should ve been a NA I m just saying Overall, it s better than the first book, that s for sure Something happened all the time and at least Derek s treatment was better in this one Derek is, without doubt, my favorite character in this series, and I don t like my favorite character being treated wrong Good thing Chloe was getting better with treating my boy better I remember finishing the The Summoning, the prequel to The Awakening, last summer and thinking, I doubt Kelley will be able to top this Though, apparently she can, as she has proven it with The Awakening In The Awakening action and intense drama occurs As well as major character development Since, Tori, Chloe, Derek, and Simon s powers began to involve steadily in the book Also, there was information told and found out about the Edison Group and werewolves which was fascinating in any case Derek and Chloe Yep, their relationship defiantly grew throughout The Awakening and made it one of my favorite parts I swear I will scream if they don t get together by the end of this series Since, they are so cute with their bickering and how they always protect each other Overall, The Awakening will have any fan of the Darke Alas, this is where Chloe Saunders and I must part ways As with the first book, I just couldn t stop myself from wanting to call it quits after about half of the book There s just something about the storyline and this little necromancer that doesn t seem to captivate me despite how much I love a great paranorm Now, I m actually apologizing upfront for my rant that is about to unfold, but it s only because my fellow group of trusted readers loved this book and I couldn t I just couldn t I tried but it didn t happen whimpers is shame There s quite a bit that fuels my annoyance with The Awakening and let me just start with demi demons Reeeaaalllllyyyy Okay, so I understand the whole concept of a demi gods when a god procreates with a human and vio la You get a demi god Okay, that I can handle and actually it s rather fascinating and Chloe Saunders Is Een Wandelend Wetenschappelijk Experiment, Ze Kan Niet Alleen Geesten Zien, Maar Ze Is Genetisch Veranderd Door De Sinistere Edison Groep Ze Is Een Tiener Maar Ook Een Dodenbezweerder Die Haar Gaven Niet Beheerst, Wat Betekent Dat Ze Onwillekeurig Doden Opwekt Nu Vlucht Chloe Voor Haar Leven Met Drie Van Haar Bovennatuurlijke Vrienden Een Charmante Tovenaar, Een Cynische Weerwolf En Een Ontevreden Heks En Moeten Ze Iemand Vinden Om Hen Te Helpen Voordat De Edison Groep Hen Vangt Probably not quite 4 stars but this is just one of those series where I want to read all three novels before I really give a solid opinion, but so far I like where it seems to be headed The pacing could be better meaning I wouldn t complain if things moved along somewhat and the relationships could be clearer but overall it s a pleasant experience and I m eager to read the final book.
Chloe Saunders is back in the second book of the Darkest Powers series If you haven t read The Summoning yet read it before reading this review SPOILERS.
At the end of the first book Chloe and Rae go to Chloe s Aunt Lauren for help, not knowing that she is working for the very group that they are trying to escape from As a result, Chloe and Rae end up locked in a high security warehouse that houses the Edison Groups many experiments Luckily, Derek and Simon are still on the run and on the lookout for Chloe and Rae.
After encountering ghosts of some of the former Lyle House occupants Chloe decides to take matters into her own hands and figure out a way to escape, this time for good With the help of Liz s ghost and a tra That was kind of underwhelming The Awakening definitely left me wanting I just feel like it was missing so much which is a shock to me because these book are huge.
Chloe was so annoying in this book I wanted to stab my eyes so I didn t have to see her trying to flirt with everyone and anyone that walked I honestly gave zero fucks about her until she found out she was apart of a experimental group thing Honestly, I only cared a little bit I mostly just wanted the book to be over or something to happen that would grab my attention.
Back to Chloe She constantly made terrible, silly, and super stupid decision throughout the whole book My eyes hurt from all the rolling I ve done today Derek was interesting because he called her out on her shit but then Simon was an annoying twat d

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