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✓ Read Ê Organizing the Chicano Movement by Humberto Garza Ý Humberto Garza Presents A Unique And Thought Provoking Point Of View On The Civil Rights Movement The CSO Community Service Organization Played A Significant Role As A Catalyst For The Emergence Of The Chicano Civil Rights Movement Leaders Such As C Sar Ch Vez, Gilbert Padilla, And Dolores Huerta Honed Their Organizing And Leadership Skills Through The CSO The First CSO, A Grass Roots, Non Profit Organization, Was Formed In Los Angeles In Within Five Years There Were CSO Chapters Throughout California And Three In Arizona The Author Documents How The CSO Created Other Community Leaders, Such As Tony R Os, Congressman Ed Roybal, Humberto Bert Corona, Judge Cruz Reynoza, Herman Gallegos, And Numerous Others A Few Years Later, These Same Individuals Created National Organizations Such As The National Council Of La Raza, The Southwest Voters Registration And Education Program SVREP , The Mexican American Political Association MAPA , The National Association Of Latino Elected And Appointed Officials NALEO , And The United Farm Workers Union UFW The Terms La Causa And La Huelga Are Inextricably Associated With The Chicano Civil Rights Movement

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