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☆ Read ☆ Otherlife: Compliation: The Selfless Hero Trilogy (Books 1-3) Kindle by William D. Arand ✓ This should be read firstI first read the super sale on syper hero series While I knew about these books I did not the were connected until the end of that series I glad I read this series becuase it gave a back story and answer alot of questions I cannot wait to read tge wastelands series which is the second group of books in the overall universe Then I cant wait to see what is next.
Good start Meh endingOkay I enjoyed the first book Very little in the sex or harem type.
Auto have stopped at the first book.
The start starts interesting with the hero runner Locked in a video game He remembers he is an IT officer in some version of our future He finds himself locked into a game He knows something is drastically wrong and has almost no memory.
However, he has a few advantages He has every skillful in the game Even ones hidden and only available to specific classes On the downside all his stats except charisma are 1 Oh, and if he dies he ll become brain dead.
Thus starting the journey.
That s the first book The next two are politely a hot mess He falls in love with 8 ladies and 3 goddesses Loving them all the same Here is where it goes Runner Has A Problem He And , Men And Women Are Trapped In A Game He Also Just Happens To Be The Only Person From IT Who Could Log Everyone Out Safely And He Doesn T Remember His Password He, Like Everyone Else In This Nightmare, Had Their Memories Scrambled Or Lost In The Process Of Being Loaded Into The Game A Single Garbled Message Is His Only Clue On How To Save Everyone The Problem Is That Whoever Loaded Them Into The Game, Loaded Their Minds Completely If They Die, Their Brain Gets Wiped Now It S Time For Runner To Flex His Skills As A Power Gaming Min Maxer And See What He Can Do Because Every Time He Levels, He Might Gain The Memory Of The Password Time To Go Hardcore Warning And Minor Spoiler This Novel Contains Graphic Violence, A Harem, Unconventional Opinions Beliefs, And A Hero Who Is As Tactful As A Dog At A Cat Show read At Your Own Risk This Is The Omnibus Edition Of The Otherlife Trilogy It Contains All Three books Only The Description Of The First Book Has Been Included To Prevent Spoilers From Occurring Book Product Link Book Product Link Book Product Link I feel in love with this book The pacing was right the MC was spot on This is just a damn good book Trilogy I would highly suggest this to anyone who is into LitRPG s So overall, this is about 2 stories wrapped into one And as the game progresses, there are some things that come up about what is life which are some pretty valid questions I enjoy the evolution of the characters in this story, and I can actually say that the death of certain characters had me completely understanding and even sympathetic of the main character I also liked the fact that the characters themselves were all fleshed out and had their own depth to them There is a LOT going on in the book, but there s never too much going on that you get over encumbered by information Seriously, One of the genre greatsI started this book expecting a simple Gary Stew type novel A fun, light, romp that would alleviate my daily stress I was not expecting to be so enraptured by the series that I finished all 3 books in 2 days, forsaking sleep and food alike I was blown away by the level of thought brought into the world building and characters growth But the climax It took me 2 hours, a trip to the gym, and a glass of jack Daniels to calm down.
If a story can throw your heart rate up to 131 while sitting in a chair, it s a damn good story 9 10 will recommend to everyone who stands still long enough.
Some interesting ideasNorwood as a character is initially very interesting, I enjoyed discovering with him the memories However his character there was a lack of growth for him, and I think I would have enjoyed interaction with the real world Also, the rules for the world were never clearly defined except when it was noted that the character was breaking them Basically the classic Superman problem, Norwood could have cut through to the end once he realized he had a way to modify the code A bit much of the wish fulfillment regarding how many females were close to him Finally, there were enough original plot devices that I wanted to know how the novels ended However I found myself skipping pages to get to the interesting parts Real potential here, I think with some editing you can make a interesting novel.
Good but not greatCharacter development was pretty wonky throughout the book, author seemed to skip a lot of important stuff and expect us to just roll with it both in character development and plot Example being his first visit to a town with hannah All we see of it is after the events go down Disappointing that Harem got too big, too ridiculous Author seemed to just be adding at one point to make the MC have one of every race, despite him not really having a strong connection to a few of them.
This set is excellent.
Well written, well paced, well executed and filled with believable and relatable characters and situation.
Protagonist is often presented with difficult moral questions regarding how much evil is acceptable for his greater good A question that he sometimes fails to answer correctly.
His progression is clever, smart and while not always successful approached in a believable manner Protagonist and the support cast grow and change with regards to their circumstances Buy this set, read this set It is worth your time and your money.

Wonderful book.
Truly enjoyed this book It leaves itself open to do many things that you can do Hope the author works it all to his likeing.
A fantastic read.
I first read another of this Author s books, Super Sales on Super Heroes also a highly recommended book , and couldn t put it down That was the first time in a while I had found an author who s works could grasp me that thoroughly Now, after having binge read this entire omnibus with an unknown before hand exclusive epilogue chapter that makes the omnibus and the series so much intriguing than it otherwise would be I can state confidently that the author s books will join the one previous author I had come across who s new books I have bought as soon as I discover their release There are some rough patches, to be honest the one that catches me the most is a very minor anecdotal instance from the last book where Runner goes into a shop in Eden, places an order for a set of unique figures and then they are never mentioned again Thought they would show up in an epilogue

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