☆ Ozu: His Life and Films º Download by ↠´ Donald Richie

☆ Ozu: His Life and Films º Download by ↠´ Donald Richie Donald Richie s Ozu 1977 is a seminal look at one of Japan s and the world s greatest directors Recently, the British film magazine Sight Sound ranked his masterpiece, Tokyo Story, as the greatest film of all time The book is divided into several sections and after the Preface in which Richie discusses Yasujiro Ozu s reputation as the most Japanese of their directors, he launches into the Introduction, which identifies the elements that comprise an Ozu film the low tatami view also known as dog s view camera angle and and the dissolution of the family as the main subject In the next section Richie discussed the importance of Ozu s script writing that was often done in tandem with a collaborator For Ozu the emphasis was on character rather than plot Surprisingly, Richie discusses Ozu script writing for a comedy, Good Morning, in whic Going through another Ozu phase and wanted to reread this thorough guide as I watched and rewatched the movies.
the best book on Japanese film I ve ever read Ozu s style and career lend themselves to Donald Richie s precise analysis Highly recommended for people who love OZU.

Donald Richie and Ozu A perfect combination A great book length study on the great Japanese filmmaker Richie did a remarkable job in nailing down what is great about Ozu s work Essential.
Substantially The Book That Devotees Of The Director Have Been Waiting For A Full Length Critical Work About Ozu S Life, Career And Working Methods, Buttressed With Reproductions Of Pages From His Notebooks And Shooting Scripts, Numerous Quotes From Co Workers And Japanese Critics, A Great Many Stills And An Unusually Detailed Filmography Sight And Sound Yasujiro Ozu, The Man Whom His Kinsmen Consider The Most Japanese For All Film Directors, Had But One Major Subject, The Japanese Family, And But One Major Theme, Its Dissolution The Japanese Family In Dissolution Figures In Every One Of His Fifty Three Films In His Later Pictures, The Whole World Exists In One Family, The Characters Are Family Members Rather Than Members Of A Society, And The Ends Of The Earth Seem No Distant Than The Outside Of The House

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