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Download Epub Format ✓ Pago Pago Tango PDF by ¶ John Enright Detective Sergeant Apelu Soifua Spent Seven Years In The San Francisco Police Department, Where The Job Was Just A Job And Solving Crimes Required Cool Detachment But Back Home On American Samoa, Life Is Personal Especially For A Cop Because On A Small Island Where No One Is A Stranger And Secrets Are Widely Known But Never Discussed, Solving Crimes Requires A Certain FinesseHere, Apelu Must Walk The Line Between Two Cultures Samoan Versus American, Native Versus New And That Gulf Never Yawns Wider Than When A White Family S Home In Pago Pago Is Burglarized And What Appears To Be A Simple, Open And Shut Case Turns Out To Anything But As The Evidence Piles Up, Apelu Follows A Tangled Trail Between Cultures, Dead Bodies, Hidden Codes, And A String Of Lies On His Hunt For The Ugly Truth Buried At The Heart Of ParadiseSet Against The Steamy Backdrop Of The Samoan Jungle, This Thoughtful Whodunit Introduces A Memorable New Gumshoe To The Ranks Of Detective Fiction Detective Sergeant Apelu Soifua is somthing of a Samoan Columbo, with his deceptive mannerisms disguising his keen mind I truly enjoyed this crime novel.
This was a pretty standard mystery set in American Samoa I ve never read anything set in this locale so the descriptions of island life and Samoan culture were really fascinating to me.
Detective Sargent Apelu Soifua has been working the island beat for the last ten years since he and his family returned to Samoa from San Francisco to care for his ailing father Dear old dad has since passed away and Pelu is now taking care of the family land and working at the local police station Things begin to go bad when he is asked to look into a burglary at a local palangi neighborhood The wife of corporate boss at the SeaKing tuna processing plant reports that her home has been broken into and some videotapes and a VCR have been stolen But something about the break in and

Detective Sergeant Apelu Soifua in Tafuna, American Samoa, makes distinctions between crimes involving Samoan natives and those involving palangi white people, pronounced puh LANG ee In the former cases, everyone knew what happened and why and usually the perpetrator would either be waiting for Apelu , already collared and ready to confess, or easily identified and apprehended Chapter 3 But with the palangi, the police rarely knew what had really happened When someone breaks into the upscale home of SeaKing Tuna executive Gordon Trurich and his vodka swilling trophy wife Karen, Apelu quickly realizes there are unknowns than usual First of all, the mode of entry differed from that of the recent string of robberies Secondly, why would burglars American Samoa is a place I am highly unlikely to ever get a chance to visit, so I ll probably have to settle for armchair tourism, and this debut mystery is my first visit The book is the first of what looks to be a projected series featuring Detective Sergeant Apelu, a Samoan who spent his childhood on the island and much of his adulthood in the US This included seven years with the San Francisco Police Department, which he was able to parlay into a job back in Samoa when he needed to come care for his dying father The story kicks off with a bit of a bang, in which Apelu is nearly killed while searching for a dead palangi Caucasian in a national park Thanks to that off the books investigation, he is reassigned to trivial duties, including a routine burglary call which entangles him in something much sinister.
What that ends up being is not particularly complicat

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