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[Kate Finch] ↠´ Pet Hotel #2 [young-adult PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ It was the best one of the four CATS ARE MY FAVORITE ANIMAL IN THE UNIVERSE AND NOTHING CAN EVER CHANGE THAT The Pet Hotel is up and running full tilt now Siblings Meg and Charlie are loving every minute of it There newest visitor is a chubby and grumpy cat named Matilda They do everything they can think of to cheer her up but nothing works Thank goodness Aunt Saffron knows what to do This cute series for beginning chapter book readers is simple and predictable which is great for this age group It is a good choice for boys or girls who love animals Pet Hotel is a cute animal related series for children, where 2 children move to their great great Aunt s hotel with their parents, and turn it into a pet hotel I would recommend it to animal lovers of all ages In this book, Carmen brings her cat, Matilda, to stay at Pet Hotel Matilda has been acting funny She doesn t want to be friendly with humans or the other animals, nor does she want to play with a catnip mouse or eat treats Myself, I thought they dragged out the reasoning a bit much in this volume, since it was very obvious that the cat was about to have kittens, as soon as they listed all the things she didn t want and said that she was clawing the suitcase up to build a nest Needless to say, she did have kittens And, luckily, her owner found local owners for all of the kittens Obviously, this one was the one I liked better of the 2 PH books I have read, since I BOOK DESCRIPTION A fun, funny new chapter book series full of adorable pets and silly adventures The next guest at the Pet Hotel is a tabby cat named Matilda But Meg and Charlie are worried, because she doesn t want to play all she wants to do is hide and nap What s wrong with Matilda In the meantime, Elvis the cockatiel is causing trouble during his stay He keeps stealing food from the kitchen, and he won t leave Matilda alone Is he just a mischief maker, or does he know something about the tabby cat that Meg and Charlie don t less MOON SHINE ART SPOT I was given this wonderful and exciting book1 2 in the Pet Hotel series to provide an honest review My son and I both love cats so, of course we were immediately interested in a book with a cat main We love the dog Paco in book 1 Calling all Pets , the quirky aunt is fun and funny The series is wonderful for children who lov A bit formulaic, but an entertaining enough story about a pair of twins and their pet hotel.

I think that this story is cute and surprising and nice for many kids that are animal lovers It talks about a kitten that was brought in and had a surprise There was a boy and a girl talking care of the cat The the Cat thing changed it was Mommy kitten She went in a box and had babys and the boy and girl were so happy So they keep the babys and the mom stayed too but they babys were the smallest but would make the biggest nosie.
cute may i have this book i need it for a presentation 3.
5 5 StarsThis review and many can be found on my blog Best Kids Reads.
My nine year old daughter is a big animal fan and she really loved these books They are great fun and also very cute They have lots of adorable illustrations, which was always a big draw for my daughter when she was a bit younger not to say that she doesn t still like them now, but she s willing to read books without them now that she s older I would say that these books would be perfect for the second and third grade crowd, but would also work for younger kids who have moved on to chapter books even though the books are 96 pages, a lot of that is illustrations, so it makes for a pretty easy read Plus, the themed rooms in the hotel are perfect to capture A Fun, Funny New Chapter Book Series Full Of Adorable Pets And Silly Adventures The Next Guest At The Pet Hotel Is A Tabby Cat Named Matilda But Meg And Charlie Are Worried, Because She Doesn T Want To Play All She Wants To Do Is Hide And Nap What S Wrong With Matilda In The Meantime, Elvis The Cockatiel Is Causing Trouble During His Stay He Keeps Stealing Food From The Kitchen, And He Won T Leave Matilda Alone Is He Just A Mischief Maker, Or Does He Know Something About The Tabby Cat That Meg And Charlie Don T

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