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[Darla Phelps] ï Pets [hungary PDF] Read Online æ Not what I expectedI got a recommendation for this off the dark erotica group on goodreads It s only got dark elements and barely erotica It s an interesting read definitely an interesting concept but as I was looking for, and hoping for, something else, I found myself disappointed There is sex, just not a lot of it and the dark elements are implied.
I really liked this series Humans as Pets for giant aliens Lots of naughtiness, story line worth following beyond the naughtiness

Best of the genre spoilers Aliens abduct humans to be Pets sex slaves and MC humans end up loving it Probably the best written I ve seen Nice balance between porn and plot Decent characterizations.
Loses a star for narrative holes It s unbelievable that the eureka moments which allow the good aliens to understand that humans are sentient beings with thousands of abductees would not have happened many times previously In fact, the explanation of why the aliens see humans as sentient doesn t hold together IMO it s a cheap rationalization to relieve the alien culture of actual guilt for actions Also, the immediate and almost universal willingness of the aliens to embrace humans as sentient is not believable A few other holes as w Available Only On Kindle, Darla Phelps The Pets SeriesBook Bach S StoryBach Never Gave Much Thought To Owning A Pet Until He Lost His Wife And Children He Goes To Exotics, Inc And Buys A Human, The Latest Fad In The Pet Trade Pani Is Everything He Ever Hoped For Smart, Mischievous, Both Looking And Acting So Much Like A Real Child That Bach Can Almost Forget She S Only A Pet At Least Until Her Actions Begin To Go Beyond The Limits Of The Subspecies Intelligence Scientifically Accredited To The Human Animal She Speaks, She Writes When She Draws A Picture Of Earth S Solar System, Bach Must Face The Realization That Perhaps Humans Are Than Just Small, Adorable, Child Like Animals They Might Actually Be A Race Of People In Their Own RightBook Pani S StoryThere Is No Panic Quite Like Waking Up In A Strange House With No Memory Of How You D Got There Unless That Strange House Is Also Located On A Planet Inhabited By Giants Who Look On Humans As Fascinating, Child Like Pets For Judy, A Successful, Liberated Woman, Being Forced Into Perpetual Infancy Is Intolerable But How To Go About Convincing Her New Papa That She Is Not A Cute And Clever Animal, But A Species Of Person In Her Own Right Stubborn And Willful And Absolutely Determined To Win Back Her Freedom At Any Cost And That Includes At The Cost Of Her Bottom Book Bebe S StoryWelcome To Bebe S World, Where For Centuries Human Beings Have Been The Focal Point Of The Exotic Pets Trade But Now, The Government Has Declared Humans An Endangered Species, Shutting Off The Supply From The Wilds Of Earth And Leaving Only Those Who Are Born Into Captivity Available As PetsMeet Bebe, Taken From Her Captive Mother At A Tender Age, She Is Now The Companion Of Monsters She Has Been Pampered, Loved And Cared For All Her Life She Has Never Seen Earth, Never Known The Hardships Of Life In The Wild Like The Humans Living In The Nature Preserves And Yet, Life Is Change, And For Bebe, There Is No Escaping This One Irrefutable, Universal Fact An Overprotective Parent Is A Good Pet S Worst NightmareAuthor S Note Of All The Ageplay Stories I Ve Done, This Has Been The Most Popular It Is Also Darker, With A Heavy Sci Fi Setting And The Discipline Is Severe In Regards To Spankings, Medical And Anal Play The Situation Is Forced Onto Pani At First, So If That Doesn T Appeal To You, Please Don T Buy This Book

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