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Download Epub Format Ö Photo Finish PDF by ¼ Ngaio Marsh MURDER IN HIGH C A Persistent Paparazzi Has Hounded Operatic Soprano Isabella Sommita Until Her Nerves Are At The Breaking Point Now Her Millionaire Boyfriend Has Whisked Her To A New Zealand Island To Recover There She Plans A Performance Of An Aria Written Just For Her By Her Secret Young Lover, Who, Along With A Bevy Of Envious Celebrities, Is Also On The Island It S The Perfect Set Up For Grand Opera Wild Passionsand Bloody Murder And When The Great Singer Is Found Dead, A Photo On Her Bosom, Superintendent Roderick Alleyn Must Find Out Who Did The Diva In originally published on my blog here in October 1999.
Right at the end of her career, Marsh took her detective Alleyn back to her beloved New Zealand, scene of some of his earlier successes It was almost forty years after her previous novel set outside Europe Photo Finish also features a flamboyant, larger than life stage personality, the soprano Isabella Sommita Emotionally exhausted after attacks on her by a photographer naming himself Strix, who pursued her across the world, surprising her in unflattering poses to destroy her image, she goes to the New Zealand home of her multimillionaire lover From there she summons both Alleyn and his wife Alleyn to investigate the identity of Strix, Troy to paint La Sommita Alleyn accepts because he is interested in suspicions that some of Sommita s entourage are Not one of Marsh s best Rather boring and with a very unoriginal solution.
Two stars because of mostly unlikeable characters, though perhaps balanced by the presence of Troy, albeit quite in the background And Dr Carmichael is a good sort.
Goodbye to Mr Alleyn and crew, since I mistakenly read the last one in the series out of order At least we have Inspector Lynley to carry on the tradition of the unflappable peer with innate graciousness.
It was a decent read, although an obvious trail of clues and a fairly forgone conclusion.
A decent mystery, quite well supplied with appropriate levels of fair clues and false trails, and some rather good descriptive passages capturing Westland in New Zealand, and some nice local flavour cameos I quite liked Bert, the chauffeur, with his unmistakeable and unending flow of kiwiisms right on the nose, and just the right side of caricature Also, the NZ detective inspector and his status quow.
But on the whole, I think for future silly holiday reading, I ll be going back to Georgette Heyer Silly throwawayness in romance is far satisfying than silly throwawayness in crime, at least for me Probably because romance is really just that silly Or alternatively, maybe crime novels would be just as awesome if there were cravats involved.
In 1980 s Photo Finish, Roderick and Agatha Troy Alleyn both get letters from a rich millionaire asking them to come to his island in New Zealand Troy, the greatest painter England has produced, is requested to paint the opera singer Isabella Sommita, known as La Sommita, and Roderick is requested to advise her on a paparazzo who has been tormenting La Sommita under the name of Stryx When they arrive, they discover that La Sommita is about to perform a world premiere of an opera about the biblical Ruth by a young man, Rupert Bartholomew, called Alien Corn Fifty or so dignitaries will be brought to the island for this premiere Unfortunately, La Sommita s voice teacher tells Troy that the opera is not any good, something that Rupert comes to realize himself When Rupert tries to back out of conducting the opera, La Sommita throws one of her famous temperaments, adding real pressure to Rupe I enjoyed this one much than I usually do because the peripheral characters and set up didn t drag on forever Alleyn was on the scene right from the beginning, which made the whole story interesting to me I also liked that Troy remained through the whole story this time, which was not because she wanted to be there but because they were stuck I understand that Marsh is using Troy to highlight the civilian POV when it comes to murder close at hand, in contrast to Rory s professional acceptance of his job, but I feel like she s overdone it in this story Troy comes across as squeamish and delicate rather than the strong, confident, sometimes tough woman we saw in her early stories It seemed unnecessary and a disservice to the character I d still recommend the story, even though I figured out who and why about halfway through It has some interes Marsh s penultimate book, set in her home country, New Zealand A persistent paparazzi, Strix, is annoying the diva, Sommitta highest She demands police protection they agree because they think there Are drugs involved in her entourage but they dont tell her then she invites Roderick Alleyn s wife to paint her at a remote retreat where a new opera by Sommita s lover will be performed Soeverybody s on a remote island, power is lost because of a storm and Guess what There s a murder It s a puzzle mystery and a good one I ve been saving reading the last couple of Alleyn books for a while now, because I don t want the series to be over, but I treated myself to this for the new year This is not as good as the best of them, but it s a lot of fun and because it s a closed house type situation, the long term reader doesn t notice remember think about how old Alleyn would be now given the implied setting Also lovely to have some Troy again they re not the most demonstrative of couples, but their relationship is so well written that you really do feel like you re reading about a couple who are truly comfortable with each other and still in love after all these years

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