à The Plains of Passage è Download by Ñ Jean M. Auel

à The Plains of Passage è Download by Ñ Jean M. Auel The compelling story continues to make the reader personally involved with the characters The characters seem alive and real It doesn t matter that the story is supposed to be setthan 10,000 years ago Modern readers relate perfectly to how they are portrayed They feel like people we should know in real life people we would WANT to knowWell written considering that the author can hold attention after such an exhaustive set of detailed descriptions and repetitions of sections in the previous books I would have preferredmaps and less topographical descriptions as it demands a lot of concentration to paint a mental picture This detracts somewhat from the enjoyment of the plot The ways and habits of the animals are masterfully described especially that of Wolf, who becomes a lovable character in his own right in this volume Most seem to agree that the romantic scenes are exceeding One talented cave girl.
Em Plan Cies De Passagem Continua A Hist Ria De Ayla, Hero Na Que Nos Foi Apresentada No Primeiro Volume Da Saga Dos Filhos Da Terra , O Cl Do Urso Das CavernasAyla E Jondalar Partem A Cavalo Pelas Pastagens Varridas Pelo Vento Da Europa Na Era Glaciar Para Os Ca Adores Que Encontram, Ayla E Jondalar S O Enigm Ticos E Assustadores O Mist Rio Que Envolve A Mulher, Que Tem Um Sotaque Estranho E Fala Com Os Animais, Acentuado Pelo Fant Stico Controlo Que Exerce Sobre Um Possante Lobo O Homem Alto, De Cabelo Loiro, Tamb M Encarado Com Temor Pela Sua Per Cia Como Art Fice De Instrumentos De Pedra, Pela Nova Arma Que Concebe, O Lan Ador De Lan AsAo Longo Da Sua Odisseia Transcontinental, Ayla E Jondalar Aprendem Que O Mundo Pode Ser Dif Cil E Trai Oeiro Mas Tamb M Maravilhoso Eagerly waited the release of this back when it first came out My husband lost me for days while I read it Love this series La premi re moiti est tr s r p titive et ennuyante Elle donne le go t d arr ter de lire la s rie au complet Cependant, la deuxi me moiti est plus int ressante et incite poursuivre.
I was pleasantly surprised by the adventures in this book I did get through this book pretty quickly since I skipped a lot of the detailed descriptions and the cave sex.
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Review The Plains of Passage by Jean M Auel.
This is the fourth book to Jean Auel s Earth s Children Series The reason I enjoy this series is because it was so long ago that I read it that I wanted to read the adventures of Ayla and Jondalar from a different viewpoint I love adventure, the Stone Age era, the characters, their culture, and the creative way things where made back then Jean Auel gives so much research information of that era that just fascinates me The writing is very descriptive and that has always been a highlight in her books Some of the environment descriptions are a bit too much at times but that s what kept me turning the pages This book starts out with Jondalar and Ayla taking a long journey acro Once again, I keep this book and series extremely high with my marks Though the repetition of information is finally getting tiresome to my high retention brain, I so thoroughly love and identify with the main character that there are times I feel that I m reading my own biography and, no I m not being facetious This fourth book in the series had a lotadventure and action because it was sent with the long journey home as the backdrop I liked the diverse situations we were able to experience along the way It would be interesting to read an abridged copy of this series since it is complete I think a lot of the repetition could be culled out to make this an evenriveting piece of work.
This story was boring until half way through it I almost decided not to read the rest when half way through it started to get really interesting and found I could not put it down Too bad the first half of the book was very predictable and boring This part maybe should have been summarized into 20 pages.

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