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¼ За правое дело ¾ Download by ↠´ Vasily Grossman En Febrero De Termina La Batalla De Stalingrado Vasili Grossman, Que Ha Estado En Primera L Nea Como Corresponsal, Emprende Su Fresco Novel Stico Sobre La Contienda, Por Una Causa Justa, Cuya Segunda Entrega Se Convertir En La Mundialmente Aclamada Vida Y Destino Cuando Escribe, Grossman Es Un Hombre Destruido Por La Guerra Su Hijo Ha Muerto En El Frente Y Su Madre Ha Sido Asesinada En El Gueto Los Personajes Principales Componen Un Mosaico De Lo Que Era La Sociedad Sovi Tica Del Momento El Fan Tico Abarchuk, El Comisario Kr Mov, El Viejo Marxista Mostovsk I, El Cient Fico Shtrum Y Aleksandra Sh Poshnikova, Cuya Vitalidad Triunfar Sobre El Mal Y La Muerte, Se Interrogan Acerca De La Viabilidad Del Comunismo Y El Porqu Del Fascismo Mientras Luchan Por Sobrevivir A Los Horrores De La Guerra Review in The Guardian I have long thought of reading, Life and Fate, but, somehow, knowing that there was a prequel, made me hold of As such, once this finally appeared in translation, I had to read it Before doing so, I read a biography, Vasily Grossman and the Soviet Century, and I am pleased that I did, as it gave me understanding of this, magnificent, sprawling, novel One thing it is essential to understand, was that Grossman was always aware of the censors not that it seemed to help , so there is much about how inspiring Stalin s speeches are and how the Russians are working together Still, you do feel that Grossman believes this to be true and that there is something both noble about the Russians, defending their homeland, and indeed of how the average Russian has benefited after the revolution particularly in terms of education.
In terms of With Life and Fate lingering on my tbr for far too long, this was an automatic must read when published in English for the first time It s a text with a complicated history and gestation so it s well worth reading the introduction and afterword to understand what it is, exactly, that we re reading here In some ways this is a magnificent failure as a novel self consciously locating itself against War and Peace, it offers a panorama of Soviet life leading up to and during the battle for Stalingrad Central is the extended Shaposhnikov family, their friends and lovers But we flit between multiple character PoVs, and pan in and out as Grossman sees fit sometimes we re deep inside someone s personal life, then we retreat and don t return to that character again The canvas and character list is vast and, as is the case in T Extraordinaria novela acerca de la invasion alemana a la URSS Una pintura de la vida y los ideales de la epoca, con imagenes fuertisimas que se ven como pinturas, y reflexiones de gran profundidad Si bien es una obra alineada al regimen nunca cae en el panfleto ni mucho manos, de hecho denuncia algunas cosas que uno pensaria imposibles en 1953 Es importante tener en cuenta que se trata de la primera parte de vida y destino Enorme Dolorosa Vital Un pueblo que sufre una invasi n injusta, que se enfrenta con todo su vigor a la violencia de la guerra, queda retratado de manera magistral inigualable, me atrever a a decir en este fresco pol cromo realizado con mano maestra por uno de los mejores narradores del siglo XX.
Adem s, su relaci n con Vida y Destino es clave para poder ubicar ambos textos, y la evoluci n entre uno y otro.
De verdad, IMPRESIONANTE Y no le pongo seis estrellas por que no puedo This is the first part of a dilogy, but the two books are VERY different The story is inseparable there is even no time interval between the ending of the first book and the beginning of the second one , so that it even does not feel right that the books have different titles However, the books have very different stories and were made as if by different writers.
This first part,,was unfortunately written in the last days of Stalin s life, and the writer who, as everyone else, was under impression that Stalin is for ever not only self censored his story, but also significantly mutilated his book under the pressure of the official censorship had almost completely rewritten it in three years, and thus the book was allowed to publication.
From s analysis40 , 40 , 80 3 1941 , 7 1942 We perfectly understand now wh It s around 5 years since I read Life and Fate, the characters have faded in my memory, but the impression that this was one of the greatest novels written remains So, now finding that Grossman wrote a prequel was a must read This actually is essentially the same story and same characters over similar timeline This book seems to me the acceptable Soviet version, it tells the battle of Stalingrad from the official viewpoint, how because of Soviet collective working everyone in the Union pulled together, from the coal miners to the tractor factory workers to the farmers All their stories are told and the Communist ideology forged them together to a greater power than their individual parts, they defeat Fascism because of their collective It s a fascinating read and still carries the pathos of the individuals, but it is not Life and Fate, which for me remains great because A fall from grace led to the arrest of Vasily Grossman s later novel Life and Fate, an act of gross miscalculation by Soviet authorities Instead of suppressing Grossman s rich, and richly subversive, voice blanket censorship ultimately paved the way for wider circulation of a piece now renowned for its intensity and critical force By comparison the fortunes of its predecessor Stalingrad, officially published, briefly acclaimed and then equally vilified, seem far worse for many years deemed unpatriotic, and so unread in the Soviet Union, yet considered unreadable beyond its sphere of influence where it was dismissed as a Cold War production, assumed of value as an example of propaganda than anything else When I compare Stalingrad to its later sequ What a ride this book has been, I am seriously thinking about reading it again but in Italian, so I can go direct to Vita e Destino that I already have, also in Italian This is one masterpiece that, even if it remembers in some ways a lot of War and Peace, has its own place among the classics, or it should.
Che libro.
sto seriamente pensando di comprarmelo e rileggerlo in italiano e poi di affrontare Vita e Destino che mi aspetta da un pezzo, ma di leggerli senza la pressione di doverli recensire entro un certo tempo Comunque secondo me questo volume pura letteratura e, anche se ricorda Guerra e Pace, dovrebbe avere comunque il suo posto nello scaffale dei classici.

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