☆ Promises of Forever à Download by ✓ Celya Bowers

☆ Promises of Forever à Download by ✓ Celya Bowers I really expected from this book I didn t feel the connection between Kayleigh and Finn.
Enjoyed the book but felt something was missing.
Kayleigh Hardy Can T Believe Her Bad Luck After A Few Life Changing Events, She Was Ready To Get Her Life Back Vowing To Finally Get Her College Degree, She Returns To College Unfortunately, The Stress Of Her Life Causes A Few Other Problems She Wasn T Prepared For Kayleigh Discovers She Has LupusPhineas Finn Callahan Took One Look At His Beautiful New Client And Cursed The Irish Gods For His Bad Luck He Was Taking A Vacation From Women Finn Knows That Vow Just Flew Out The Window With Every Instinct In His Body Telling Him To Kiss Her, Another Instinct Was Taking Over He Wanted To Take Care Of Her ForeverHe Just Has To Convince Kayleigh That He S Actually Good For Her I had a hard time connecting with the relationship here Finn was swearing off women until he sees the heroine who just seems so special exactly why is never explained or conveyed Kayleigh started off interesting as she found her grounding in how to move on after her parent s death and receiving a large inheritance to which her father advises to take Finn Callahan, financial advisor extraordinaire The moment Kayleigh meets Finn, she tries to keep herself guarded but mostly she seemed cold and calculating Although the couple becomes intimate after a few dates, it doesn t feel like they know each other or have anything there Granted, both characters say this themselves but still the chemistry or oomph that makes romances spark doesn t quite gel with this couple.
Finn wants to explore a relationship to see where things go with Kayl 3.
5 out of 5 Finn is a 45 year old Irish American financial advisor guru with his own company Kayleigh is a 35 year old African American working at a job she hates, full time college student whom just recently lost her father, and she finds out she has Lupus After taking her Godfather s advice she meets up with Finn to have him invest a portion of her inheritance After their initial meeting Finn has interest in Kayleigh than as a client only After a few dates Finn finds out about her condition Instead of backing away he s all in His reaction and support has Kayleigh falling in love.
This was the first book I read that dealt with not only an interracial relationship, but also the main character handling a major medical situation I must commend the author in handling both situations with ease.
When it came to the relationship, she didn t make it the stereotypical families in an uproar because these two decided to date As a matter of fact both Kayleigh and Finn had someone of another race in their families or in her case her godfather , so it was never made an issue or a concern Second, the author s handling of Kayleigh s battle with Lupus She didn t make Kayleigh out to be a victim, or give her that feel sorry for me, cry all the time type of attitude As a matter of fact I think I felt concern for Kayleigh and what she was faced with then the characters demonstrated in the book The characters were likable and normal The situation they were handling, did not I put this book in my favorite books of all time category I read it once or twice a year It s so sweet and I really connected with Finn and Kayleigh just thinking of this book makes me smile I LOVED it, I cried several times, and I LOVE Finn he was sooo sweet and he took care of his women like a man in love should I LOVE interracial romance novels like this 4 stars for Kayleigh and Finn s story Lovely.

Just finished Promises of Foreverand I HONESTLY don t know how I feelit s a pretty GOOD readFinn is DEFINITELY a charming, caring, protective, loving TAKE CHARGE kinda manI really enjoy the care and concern he shows Kayleigh throughoutbut at times I must say I find Kayleigh to be a bit annoyingI just CAN T wrap my mind around the whole idea that her doctor tells her to take it easytake better care of herselfcut back on her activitiesyet she BLATANTLY refuses to do soit s like HELLOIF you want to liveIF you want to possibly beat this illnessyou MUST take better care of yourselfit would be a no brainer for meon top of that she has this WONDERFULLY giving man who WILLINGLY wants to take care of her illness, hang ups, and all and she still REFUSES to slow downand the little murder mystery doesn t really make sense to me seems unnecessary that being said, I did This a love story between a wealthy financial planner and an older college student He is a warm, considerate man, but I didn t get a true sense of what he saw in her You don t get a strong sense of their backgrounds as individuals The heroine s characterization needed to be much better She s going to college at age 35, but we re never told why she didn t go to college earlier Her parents weren t poor Her dad was an educated man who loved her very much Her background before she meets the hero is completely unfilled If she s willing to go back to college when she has a newly diagnosed serious health condition which requires mandatory bed rest, the reader should be told why it took her so long to finish her degree What held her up before when she wasn t sick This story could have been so much It had so much potential to be a great interracial love story, but it was

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