Download Epub Format ñ REVOLUTION PDF by ñ Lisa Robertson

Download Epub Format ñ REVOLUTION PDF by ñ Lisa Robertson Organized By Life Stages, Beginning With Beginning Through Childhood, Education, Adulthood, And Finally Death, A Collection Of Pieces By Different Authors Around The Theme Of REVOLUTION The Selections Are Annotated The End Of The Introduction Is These Two Sentences This Book Is Pragmatic How Will I Recognize You

Every first Tuesday of the month a group meets to discuss this book I just joined and joined during our reading of the education section.
We just finished reading the Situationist International s text On the Poverty of Student Life which I agree with but in muted tones I mean, they essentialize everything and they re such dicks Actually, Omar Khayati is a dick Funny story about him he was at the Anarchist Fest a few years back and wouldn t sit at a panel table with Ben Morea of Black Mask Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker because Morea was offered honorary SI membership and he refused That s the type of dickishness I m referring to It was fucking 30 years ago We re all on the same side Who freaking cares Anyway, the article slams students but I can t imagine them slamming, say workers, or poor American Negroes in the

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