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[Sterling North] Ù Raccoons Are the Brightest People [traditional-regency PDF] Read Online ¿ Given the perennial, and inevitable, popularity of Rascal, it's odd that Raccoons Are the Brightest People now seems so little read.
Sure, it's not as great as Rascal (few books are), but it is still effectively a sequel to Rascal, and a retrospective on its themes of love, family, growth, loss, and joy.
I'd like to see a revival of appreciation for this book.
Perhaps a new edition, retitled Rascal Revisited? I felt like a missed a bit, not having read Rascal.

Still, this was cute and wellwritten, and I told anecdotes from it for days.

Also, it REALLY made me want a baby skunk again.
All Basic Facts About Raccoons The Spruce Raccoons Are Nuisance Animals That Can Become Aggressive And Spread Diseases To Humans And Pets They Are Active Year Round But Can Be Most Destructive In Late Winter And Early Spring As They Seek Nesting Or Denning Areas In Which To Birth Their Young Raccoon WikipediaAmazing Facts About Raccoons OneKindPlanet Raccoons Are Mischievous Mammals With A Characteristic White Face And Contrasting Black Fur Around The Eyes Their Grey Coats, Composed Mostly Of Thick Underfur, Provide Insulation Against The Cold North American Weather Known For Their Intelligence And Good Memory, Raccoons Are Able To Solve Puzzles Facts About Raccoons Raccoon Facts Havahart Raccoons Are Omnivores With An Opportunistic Diet Eating Almost Anything They Can Get Their Paws On In Urban Areas, Where Wildlife And Fresh Vegetation Are Limited, Raccoons Will Belikely To Eat Human Food And Invade Trashcans The Majority Of Their Diet Consists Of Sweet Foods Like Fruits And Invertebrates Raccoon Wildlife Illinois Raccoons Are Mesopredators And Help Control Insect And Rodent Populations They Also Are Important Seed Dispersers When Raccoon Populations Get Too Large, They Can Negatively Impact Bird Populations By Feeding On Eggs And Nestlings Raccoons Are Awesome Compilation YouTube Raccoons And Peanut Butter Sandwiches Duration James Blackwood Raccoon Whisperer ,, ViewsReasons Raccoons Are The Best Pets YouTube Shallow Cover Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Daddy Daughter Duet Mat And Savanna Shaw Duration Mat And Savanna Shaw Recommended For You Living In Harmony With Raccoons PETA Highly Independent And Somewhat Solitary Creatures, Raccoons Are Nocturnal They Hunt At Night Camouflaged By Their Distinctive Coats And Rest By Day In The Hollows Of High Trees Though Humans Have Occupied The Vast Majority Of Their Traditional Habitat, Raccoons Are Opportunistic And Curious Animals And Have Learned To Coexist With People Wildlife Safety Tips Raccoons The Spruce Raccoons Are A Common Sight In Many Areas Urban, Suburban, And Rural, But This Doesn T Mean That They Are Safe Or Friendly To Humans In Fact, Raccoons Can Be Quite Dangerous If They Get Too Close Following Are Some Tips From The Washington Department Of Fish And Wildlife On Safety Around Raccoons Keeping Raccoons From Coming Too Close Raccoon Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisSome Species, Such As The Raccoon, Are Easily Identified By Their Appearance Leur Apparence, Certaines Espces, Comme Le Raton Laveur, Sont Facilement Identifiables For The Philandering Raccoon That He Was Comme Tant Le Raton Laveur Drageur Qu Il Tait A simply wonderful collection of thoughts on wild animals he has known and wild animals others have known and/or raised.
Besides making a very strong case for the title, the book is loaded with photographs in every chapter, adding a lot of interest.
I also didn't realize just how connected he was to other wildlife writers and similar big names of the dayfor instance, he talks about how their last dog is a collie directly from the Albert Payson Terhune line, and references Harriet Weaver of Frosty .
We really enjoyed this follow up to Rascal.
Fun bedtime read aloud to my 5 & 9 year old animal lovers.
"Remember the Golden Rule" " Man is the great predator and ruthless killer, and he can infect dogs with the same virus".
A cute book, lots of anecdotes about raccoons and their behavior and preferences as wild animals and pets.
Written in the late 1960s, so it doesn't address "urban" raccoons to muchthe book treats raccoons as an animal that lives in the woods and goes fishing in the pond for crayfish.
Sadly, I think most of us now think of raccoons as the pests upsetting the garbage cans in the middle of the night.
Still, a cute book that I enjoyed reading.

If you can get past the author's constant preaching about nature and the environment, this is an enjoyable book.
He really doesn't go overboard with it, but he makes his position known.
I picked this book up for $1 at a used book store because I ran out of books to read and I haven't gotten my library card yet (just moved to a new town.
) This gave me something easy and entertaining to read, and helped me relax after a hard days' unpacking.
I learned a lot about raccoons, and honestly, if I could, I would get one as a pet after reading his stories.
I had never paid much attention to how intelligent raccoons are, and they are not only smart but also personable.
This is a sequel to the author's first book "Rascal" about his pet raccoon when he was a youth.
I haven't read it yet but that didn't make a dif This book is an interesting look at an environmentalist before that label was even made.
Sterling North is a gifted writer and his respect, adoration, and curiosity of wildlife is commendable.
While I highly recommend this book on the merits of the writing itself, I also find the idea that compassion for other living things isn't a new phenomenon.

Where this book falls short is the disconnection between wildlife/pets and meat.
It seems odd this man is so disheartened by how hunters, poachers, and random wildlife killers take the lives of innocent animals, he doesn't at all question where his chicken, beef, pork, and bacon come from.
I get it, farms were different back then (smaller and likely somewhat kinder), nonetheless I would have expected at least a defense on how some animals are to be equal with humans while others are not.

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