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[Charlaine Harris] é Real Murders [innumeracy PDF] Read Online ✓ Lawrenceton, Georgia, May Be A Growing Suburb Of Atlanta, But It S Still A Small Town At Heart Librarian Aurora Roe Teagarden Grew Up There And Knows Than Enough About Her Fellow Townsfolk, Including Which Ones Share Her Interest In The Darker Side Of Human NatureWith Those Fellow Crime Buffs, Roe Belongs To A Club Called Real Murders, Which Meets Once A Month To Analyze Famous Cases It S A Harmless Pastime Until The Night She Finds A Member Dead, Killed In A Manner That Eerily Resembles The Crime The Club Was About To Discuss And As Other Brutal Copycat Killings Follow, Roe Will Have To Uncover The Person Behind The Terrifying Game, One That Casts All The Members Of Real Murders, Herself Included, As Prime Suspects Potential Victims DNF Disappointed Within the first two chapters there were sexual innuendos and mentions of an unmarried couple having sex often and such along those lines God s name was also misused There s a really good reason I don t read secular fiction and even books that were turned into Hallmark movies with a Christian actress aren t even safe to read Never thought I d say I enjoyed the movie of a book better than the actual book.
I decided to read this on a plane trip because it seemed easy to read and get into without having to think too hard, which is good because I get sleepy on planes I don t often read mysteries but I m determined to read everything Harris writes I like her other two mystery protagonists, Lily Bard and Harper Connelly, but I have to say I like Aurora Teagarden the least Aurora is pretty plain and boring, even without her being a librarian She lives alone and doesn t even have a pet She s 28 and wears jean skirts, blouses with flowers on them, and heels with bows on the back Yikes Clothing choices aside, I didn t really connect with Aurora She has almost no personality and you never really get inside her head Pretty much the only thing she s good at is butting in wh Not a huge cozy fan, but I like Charlaine Harris and it was a decently clever mystery I had wondered about the murderer s but wasn t sure overall until the end.
I ll probably pick up the next one eventually.
2017 Summer Lovin Reading List3.
5 starsA typical Charlaine Harris setting for this mystery series, a small community in the South As per usual, Harris nails the small town details, the over entwined lives, the importance of reputation, and the somewhat rigid social roles that people get pigeon holed into Not an overwhelmingly wonderful mystery, but enough to keep me reading quickly right to the end and enough to encourage me to put a hold on the second volume at the library It also helps that the heroine, Aurora Teagarden, is a librarian, a career near and dear to my heart Like so many of Harris leading characters, Roe is used to being part of the background Just like Sookie Stackhouse and Lily Bard, Aurora is overshadowed by the women around her that are deemedatt I like reading Harris Southern Vampire series and I am a librarian so I thought I would give her Aurora Teagarden series a mystery Aurora is a librarian At first I was a little overwhelmed with the cast of characters introduced off the bat 12 characters, some significant, some not so much I did like that the murder was discovered within the first chapter or two It is a drag when the murder happens 1 3 of the way through the bookOverall I enjoyed this book I was hoping that Aurora would employ her super librarian skills to solve the crime, not so The only librarian thing is that she is a librarian who longs for an exciting life as much as librarians are stereotyped, this is yet another stereotype and finds herself in the middle of a spate of murders in a see 4.
5 stars I don t often read mysteries nowadays, but I loved the narrator s voice so much, it sucked me right in I love librarian Aurora Teagarden, her intelligence, her sense of humor, and her deeply grounded, common sense attitude combined with her barely hidden desire for adventure I love her mom and her community, and for once, I m actually really enjoying the love triangle Aurora is in Normally, I really dislike love triangles and just have to shrug and cope with them when they appear in books I love for other reasons Of course that s purely a personal quirk of my own as a reader, not any criticism of fictional love triangles in general but I wanted to get that attitude of mine out into the open so that it would be clear just HOW MUCH it says about this love triangle that even I, a love triangle hater, actually enjoyed it There were parts of this novel that were so I really enjoyed the Lily Bard series but it took me awhile to start listening to another of Charlaine Harris s series This one is quite a different situation than Lily Bard A murder club Yikes Reminds me of the murder club in Gillian Flynn s Dark Places A murder club is definitely a dark thing And seem to attract a wide array of people I loooove that Aurora is a librarian My dream job I was guessing whodunnit the whole book I watched the Hallmark movie after reading the book, quite a difference And there was a bit of a spoiler in the movie that doesn t happen until the second book The movie was okay and I really enjoyed the book.
After reading all the Sookie books, and then starting this series out of curiosity, I ve realized that Charlaine Harris needs to quit preaching through her characters.
Both female characters, Sookie and Aurora not sure about the other two , have mentionedthan once about not having a boyfriend and being lonely and envying people who do date, both want babies, neither one feels comfortable sleeping around, both feel they should bereligious than they are, and it gets old really fast Both characters also own a white dress with yellow flowers, which amuses methan it should Does Lily Bard own one I ll read one of those books and find out There s nothing wrong with any of those things, but it s a big world And personally, Aurora is boring enough that I feel she needs to sleep around, just so there s something int Small town Librarian is a member of a club that examines true crime tales When somebody murders a member of said club in the fashion of the crime they are examining, members of the club are natural suspects The librarian starts nosing around to clear her name, and save her life.
A little bittension than most cozies.

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