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☆ Safe Harbor ✓ Download by ô Christine Feehan Hannah Es Una De Las Siete Hermanas Drake, Una Saga De Mujeres Extraordinarias Poseedoras De Poderes Especiales, Y Jonas Harrington, El Arisco Sheriff De La Zona, Ha Estado Enamorado De Ella Desde Que Tiene Uso De Raz N Jonas Desear A Que La Hermosa Supermodelo Pensara En Algo M S Aparte De Su Carrera Profesional, Pero Hannah Es Una Mujer Responsable, Que Cumple Con Sus Numerosos CompromisosSin Embargo, Jonas No Es El Nico Que Piensa En Hannah A Escondidas Desde Las Sombras, Una Figura Misteriosa Aparece Para Despojar A La Modelo De Lo Que La Hace Especial Y Destruirla S Lo Una Persona Es La Elegida Por El Destino Para Protegerla Jon S Deber Enfrentarse A Un Peligro Que No Se Muestra A Cara Descubierta, Y Que Amenaza Con Encerrar En Las Tinieblas No S Lo A La Mujer Que Ama, Sino A Todas Las Hermanas Drake plot spoilers I thought this book sounded really interesting and cool I thought it was going to be a very enjoyable book, because I d never come across anything like this But that I was before I read it.
We start off where Jonas is on a dangerous mission where he s been shot, despite his promising Hannah he wouldn t do any He s with Jackson and their lives are in danger he thinks he won t make it out alive so he s looking at a picture of the woman he loves, despairing that he hasn t said the words to her before In the pic he s staring up at her with longing as she stands on the balcony, and for anyone to look at it they d clearly see he s in love with her.
He contacts Hannah telepathically and says he doesn t think he ll make it home She of course reacts to this statement and stands out on the crosswalk where she s at her home far away, s I loved the first 3 books in this series, enjoyed book 4 but with this book, book 5, it took me three tries to finish it Overall I enjoyed it but I felt like i really had to push through the first half I think its partly because of the pairing It was obviously from book 1 that Hannah and Jonas are going together so this came as no surprise so think it was partly that i found some of the journey there during the book a little tedious That being said as it progresses and we get to know Hannah, and as Hannah gets to know herself better, the story improved and I finished up the book quite enjoying it in the end There was some good moments in this book, its just a shame that the storyline seemed a little flimsier in this book than the previous ones in the series.
Over all I enjoyed it enough to give it 4 stars Paranormal romantic suspense with some disturbingly violent knifing scenes 4.
5 stars Gripping, suspenseful, bittersweet and beautiful I had almost given up on The Drake Sisters series, but since Freehan is such a popular author I decided to try one book I felt books 1 and 2 were enjoyable and sweet, but nothing special.
Based on this book, I can see why Feehan is beloved.
Hannah was violently knifed, and Jonas showed that he loved her regardless of her scars That s basically the story, along with Jonas trying to figure out who done it, and trying to prevent another attack.
Jonas and Hannah s six sisters who are all witches, just as Hannah is helped Hannah recover and carry on, even better than before Hannah came out of the darkness with a far greater sense of her self, deciding to stop living to please others Jonas listened to her and loved her and showed her that she was s I won t even try to deny my love for this type of relationship Jonas and Hannah have been fighting from the start It never quite got to the truly hate each other stage but it definitely supplied me with my favourite trope and I could not wait for this book I ll start by saying this was not what I expected I was expecting a book where they continued to fight and we saw a slow move to something but it goes a completely different direction which in retrospect makes a lot sense.
It s only really in this book that I ve started to realise something We already have a good idea of who is going to end up with each of the remaining sisters in book 4 There isn t going to be any surprise relationships because the men already appear in their lives, so in a way it makes perfect sense that each of the romances when focused on won t Hannah Drake s been in love with Jonas Harrington sinceforever But since the tall, dark and handsome sheriff can t seem to lay off the insults and his overbearing attitude, she prefers to keep her mouth shut and continue loving him from afar.
Jonas Harrington s been a part of the Drake family since he was little And that s how long he s known Hannah Drake was the one But first her elusiveness and then his dangerous lifestyle kept him awayUntil now.
After barely escaping the Grim Reaper for the second time in weeks, Jonas can no longer keep his heart shut off, he s decided to leave the moonlighting crime fighting job behind and win Hannah s heart forever And she doesn t seem to object to the plan.
But both their lives are shattered by a brutal attack that leaves Hannah at death s door She slowly starts gluing the pieces of her life and he It s been a while since I read the first books in this series, I actually thought I had only read two but once I started the third one I realised I had already read it and jumped for the next one I had I know I jumped book n 4 but oh well and I really enjoyed it.
This is Hannah Drake s story, the supermodel, and the man who has loved her since childhood Unfortunately they never revealed their feelings to each other because Jonas feels his profession is too dangerous and he doesn t want to put Hannah in danger and Hannah never thought he could love her But things have gone for long enough and after Jonas almost dies and Hannah is the one who saves him with her paranormal abilities he feels it is time to stop putting himself in danger and finally speak to her about his feelings.
The problem is that they both have a strong personality and they spend half the time yelling with each othe This by far has been my favorite book by Christine Feehan in the series so farI mean I still have like five books to finish, but, for the first time I really felt connected to the character of Hannah and loved Jonas despite his controling nature and cocky banter here and thereI could honestly feel that this man loved Hannah with every single fiber of his being, you know, mind, body, and soul And that to me is the one of a kind love that I think most of us as humans aspire to have at least once in our liftimesI thoroughly enjoyed watching and reading their beautiful love story unfoldI also appreciate the elements of self esteem trying to be perfect in the entertainment industry despite what it cost you mentally and physically, as well as, taboos put on women who are models and singers aka Hannah and Joley I love that despite all of the outer beauty Hannah Safe Harbor is book 5 in Christine Feehan s Drake Sisters series The story revolves around beautiful Hannah Drake and Jonas Harrington.
Hannah Drake is an internationally known supermodel Born the fifth daughter in the magical Drake family, Hannah can command the winds and is a very powerful spell caster Despite being forced into the limelight by her impressive career, Hannah has been harboring an enormous secret her whole life long she is painfully shy can have crippling panic attacks It is only with the help of her six sisters that Hannah is able to function in the real world, but they are not her only strength Sheriff Jonas Harrington has always been like a brother to the Drake sisters They all grew up together, and Jonas has unceasingly been a protective figure in the lives of the extraordinary women, but his This book is very VERY lucky to get 4 stars I say this because I have enjoyed this series thus far, but I wanted to throw this book across the room so many fucking times it isn t funny Going into this series I was anxious to read Hannah s story I was so anxious I put Until I Die by Amy Plum down to read this book, and for what, complete and total disappointment A heatbreak The thing I hated was the fact that Hannah was almost killed Sure every other Drake sister was almost killed in the other books, but their situation was a lot better compared to Hannah s Honestly, I wanted to cry after Hannah s near death experience What I did like, which is than the dislikes, was the fact that Jonas was there the whole time I liked that he stood up for Hannah when she couldn t stand up for herself I also liked the fact

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