↠´ Reparations (Foundations!verse, #1) ↠´ Download by õ Sara's Girl

↠´ Reparations (Foundations!verse, #1) ↠´ Download by õ Sara's Girl Harry Is About To Discover That The Steepest Learning Curve Comes After Healer Training, And That Second Chances Can Be Found In Unexpected Places

HPDM Preslashslash Words: Complete I really like this author.
In a sea of Harry/Draco fanfic she manages to give us very interesting and original plots.

Her obsession with love for Draco always ensures a fantastic, detailed characterisation on his part.
I love how she gives us a further glimpse in the MCs lives.
So far, judging from the stories I've read by her, she always manages to lend Draco, but Harry too, a unique voice, sometimes adds character traits which often present them as tortured heroes/souls in one way or another, while simultaneously staying true to character.

Reparations certainly didn't disappoint.
It's like (most of) her other stories, pastDH and therefore she has a certain leeway when it comes to the MCs characterisation.
She beautifully adds to their past stories.
Both Harry and Draco have grown up, a bit at least, but in another way they'
The first time I heard about Harry Potter was the night before the publication of the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
My friend and I were at Powell's books so she could check on her preorder.
I was the only person left in the world who had no idea why there was a line of kids and their parents down the street at 8 pm at night.
Shouldn't the little bastards be in bed already? My friend told me the books were about a baby who could do magic.
(Or something like that.
I might not have been listening.
) I thought, "why the f I just read my first Drarry.
I am still kind of getting the image worked out in my head.


I don’t know if I will ever really ship Harry and Draco, way too much deeply ingrained history there, plus, ya know, Harry Potter.
Just hard to read about him doing that.
But man, regardless, this story was excellent.

This story wasn’t just well written, it was also thought provoking.
There is just something about fanfiction.
How it can take your most favorite thing and give you more when there isn’t any more left.
Taking a world, in this case, one you know like the back of your hand and saying hey, what if this is wha Harry is finishing up his Healer training, and his next rotation is working under none other than Draco Malfoy himself.
At first all those old feelings of hate and anger are all these two men feel, but eventually, (thanks to some well meaning patients locking them in a closet together) they talk it out and then find themselves growing closer together.

This story also has lots of wonderful secondary characters, Draco's patients and Harry's coworkers, Ron and Hermione are their usual wonderful selves.
Setting the story at St Mungo's hospital means its nicely separate from JKR's verse while still keeping familiar touches.
The characters have grown up and are moving on with their lives, though some prejudices are slow to break.
The world of the hospital is colourfully drawn and interesting to explore.

Draco is a fascinating character and as Harry realises never boring.
There's a vulnerability to him and strength at overcoming his past, but he's never a tragic figure as he retains all of his outward disdain and sheer Syltheriness, which just makes his genuine smiles so much more.

Harry, I liked that he's become a healer and that it's Ron whose joined the ministry.
His growing appreciation for Draco and his embracing his strategies is a joy to read.

There may have been some squeeing when I found this story and first started reading it.

And it was nice.
Harry's reasons for how he's ended up a Healer are clear and logical.
And the lovely, lovely antagonism between him and Draco is alive and well at the start.

The mystery, the case that Ron is working on that just happens to tie in to Harry and Draco's work at the hospital is nicelypaced and well set up.

The original characters are delightful, and the whole atmosphere of the Chem.
department was so welldescribed, that I found myself wishing I could actually spend time there.

The only two things I didn It's official.
I have a Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy fetish.
Great story! 4.

This is marvelously wellwritten.
Honestly it's hard to put my finger on it exactly, but there is something so effortlessly graceful about the prose and characterizations here.
This is my first "Drarry" or (Potter anything) fanfiction, and I really had no idea what to expect: I did not expect that I would be eased into a universe in which the connection between these two former enemies would come to seem the truest, most authentic, most inevitable thing in the world.

Perhaps the effect was especially strong because this is my first read in this fandom, but SarasGirl showed me a new dimension of what the best fanfiction This isn't my first Drarry or experience with Potter fanfiction all.
I've been reading fanfic for 12 years 98% of it Potter and a great deal of it Drarry.
It's not a casual or occasional pastime I've read obsessively through many sleepless nights, car rides and family movie nights.
Foundations!verse is, without a doubt a quality story.
Having read thousands of Harry/Draco fics (and even more in the general Potter fandom) there aren't many truly new ideas.
Healer!Harry is hardly uncommon nor is reuniting with Draco in St Mungos, however I have never read Draco as a rehab counselor or truly as an adult who clearly has his life far more put together than Harry.
This isn't just Harry and Draco with Ron Hermione and Ginny as background.
Narcissa plays a vital role where she knows her mistakes, has been changed by the war and yet without shame holds on to an

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