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[Mike Befeler] é Retirement Homes Are Murder [soccer PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Remembering Nothing From The Day Before, Crotchety Octogenarian Paul Jacobson Must Become An Amateur Sleuth To Clear Himself As A Murder Suspect When He Finds A Dead Body In The Trash Chute Of A Retirement Home As Paul S Snooping And Short Term Memory Loss Get Him In Trouble With The Local Police, His New Friends And Granddaughter Jennifer Help Him Solve An Expanding List Of Crimes Paul Finds Romance As He Struggles To Escape A Murderer Intent On A Repeat Performance Paul Jacobsen is 80 years old and recently incarcerated by his son in an assisted senior living center Everything functions the way one would hope when you re 80 years old even if they do need a little chemical assistance , except for one thing every morning, he wakes up having forgotten everything that has happened in the last 5 years, including everything that happened yesterday or even earlier the same day, if he takes a nap Now that he s the number one suspect in a murder, that could pose a problem I didn t love this book The premise is clever, and the author definitely highlights the downside of living long enough to see yourself fall apart, one way or another I didn t like and never do that the police investigator was so single minded in his approach I like to think that cops recognize there are multiple possible solutions to any crime, and investiga Every day is a brand new adventure for Paul Jacobson He has a condition that causes him to lose his short term memory every time he sleeps So each day he wakes only to find that he can t recall the day before not any of it not the people he met, what he did, or the fact that he has just moved into a retirement home And he certainly can t recall killing anyone, yet he learns he is the main suspect in the murder of another resident With the help of a friend or two, he sets out to clear his name and bring the real killer to justice This cozy mystery with its unique setting and original amateur detective was a fun, fast read I wasn t sure about Paul in the beginning, I found his rough language unnecessary, but it was a

I loved this geezer mystery It was laugh out loud funny and sad at the same time Paul becomes the main suspect in a murder case and has to clear his name This is quite difficult since his memory leaves him with a blank page every morning he wakes up The last thing that he can remember is at least 5 years ago To keep track of what is going on and trying to find the real killer he has to keep a journal that he needs to read every morning when he wakes up.
if he sees the note that tells him to do just that.
I absolutely adored this story and will read of Paul s adventures I love this grumpy old hoot.
Not really a 4 star book, but close It was a quick, light murder mystery, but the characters tickled me The main character is an 80 year old man who can t remember anything for the past 5 years once he falls asleep view spoiler unless he s had sex, in which case he can remember for a couple of days hide spoiler

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