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[Debra Anastasia] ß Return to Poughkeepsie [medieval PDF] Ebook Epub Download ß 5 I L VE Beckett stars I feel like I ve been waiting forever to read Return to Poughkeepsie After reading book one last year, I was blown away I fell hard for Blake, Cole, but most of all, a killer named Beckett I am happy to report that Beckett s book lived up to my expectations It was fantastic Return to Poughkeepsie was intense, steamy, suspenseful, funny and just an all around amazing read Although the focus of the book is on Beckett and Eve, all six of these main characters have a large part of the story BECKETT AND EVE After all thats been said and done, Beckett is on a mission A mission to be a better man For his brothers, himself, but most importantly, for Eve He needs to be the kind of man she deserves And he won t stop trying until that happens After being on the run and facing some crazy times SQUEEEEEEEEEEE Omigish it s BECKETT s story happy dance Beckett Taylor is a murderer Destruction and intimidation are his calling, his craft whether he wants it that way now or not He left Poughkeepsie to keep his brothers safe, to keep Eve safe Set up with happy lives to live, they re better off without him, right But all his willpower crumbles when he hears his brother Blake s frantic voice on the phone Mob forces have moved in on his old territory, and Livia s been taken In an instant, Beckett knows it will take an attack only he and Eve can execute to bring her back safely All his self imposed embargoes are torn to shreds, along with the new man he s struggled to becomeBrother, call Eve I ll be there soon In this emotional and action packed sequel to Poughk

4ish starsWhile I enjoyed catching up with the brothers, one brother was MIA for way too long Once he showed up at 50% things started moving a much better pace Add in Debra s unique humor and this book was a solid read My favorite parts Trish Ryan s jaded ex, I would not want to be on the receiving end of her fury lol Beckett and all his little rescue missions, especially Gandhi Blake playing daddy Cole and Kyle Their struggle broke my heart Ryan I really like him Return to Poughkeepsie didn t really read as simply Beckett and Eve s story, you get a ton of different POVs It lagged a bit at times, but overall, I enjoyed itI love you, Eve You re the only heart I have Well, we Return to Poughkeepsie to see what the brothers are up to We heard this is supposed to be a Beckett and Eve book butit s so much Likes Beckett and Eve Wow, just wow They were everything you thought they would beand Explosive describes them in ways than one And badass shesshh, they take the cake on that I know, I know, this is suppose to be a Beckett and Eve book and at first, I was sort of mad that there was so much time invested in the other characters but it really is sooo wonderful Blake and LiviaI didn t think I could love Blake any than I already did but what he did for Livia was amazing And then the bath and the penguin pajamasLucky and Sin sigh And to not be outdone, we have Cole and Kyle and their own personal demons I never really warmed up to Cole before but the letterOMG and then hearing his historyhow could you not fall for him I hope things work out for themit 3.
5 stars Return to Poughkeepsie picks up right were Poughkeepsie left off This time the focus of the story is on Eve and Beckett, two badass, tough unflinching individuals who ve built almost impenetrable walls around their harts and who ve perfected their skills at fighting and killing people Although the main focus is on Eve and Beckett, the story is divided over the three main couples Eve and Beckett, Blake and Livia, Cole and Kyle This review contains minor SPOILERS for those who haven t read book 1 yet Violence is and has always been a huge part of Beckett s life It s how he s ruled Poughkeepsie all those years and how he was able to gain respect from everyone around him For Eve though, he s willing to become a better man He hates seeing what she s become and that he was ultimately responsible for itHis heart overflowed with good intention Expected publication December 2013WHAT BIG FUCKING SIGH AHHH BECKETT, BLAKE, COLE, EVE, WHITEBREAD AND FAIRY PRINCESS OWN ME Review to come this is anything like number 1 I ll just give it 5 stars now LOL seriously though DECEMBER 2013 In the words of the self proclaimed Princess of Poughkeepsie Because of my review Debra sent me a small sneek peek into number 2 IT WAS AWESOME I still can t believe it doesnt come out for 13 fucking months PLEASE WRITE FAST Say something, I m giving up on youI ll be the one, if you want me toAnywhere, I would ve followed youSay something, I m giving up on youAnd I am feeling so smallIt was over my headI know nothing at allAnd I will stumble and fallI m still learning to loveJust starting to crawlSay something, I m giving up on youI m sorry that I couldn t get to youAnywhere, I would ve followed youSay something, I m giving up on youAnd I will swallow my prideYou re the one that I loveAnd I m saying goodbye Say Something Christina Aguilera Feat A Great Big Worldfasten your seatbelt cause its gonna be one hell of a ride.
I don t know what to say I m on the edge of my seat all throughout the story Its a scary feeling yet I don t want to stop reading till the en Beckett Taylor Is A Murderer His Calling, His Craft Are Destruction And Intimidation Whether He Wants It That Way Now Or Not He Left Poughkeepsie To Keep His Brothers Safe, To Keep Eve Safe Set Up With Happy Lives To Live, They Re Better Off Without Him, Right But All His Willpower Crumbles When He Hears His Brother Blake S Frantic Voice On The Phone An Unknown Enemy Has Moved In On His Old Territory, And Livia S Been Taken In An Instant, Beckett Knows It Will Take An Attack Only He And Eve Can Execute To Bring Her Back All His Self Imposed Embargoes Are Torn To Shreds, Perhaps Along With The New Man He S Struggled To Become Brother, Call Eve I Ll Be There Soon In This Emotional And Action Packed Sequel To Poughkeepsie, Debra Anastasia Conjures A Tale Of Love At Its Most Raw And Ragged With Beckett And Eve, How Could We Expect Anything Less But Even When It S Messy, Not Magical, True Love Perseveres Real Love Finds A Way For Better Or Worse Until Death Does Part FULL REVIEW POSTED Release date December 303 stars For the most part, I liked it And with a 200% certainty, I can say I liked this book than the first So why is it that book 1 got a 3.
5 star rating and book 2 only gets a rounded up 3 star one view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler I did NOT like the timeframe of this book I mean, seriously 5 years apart While I truly think this author s writing style is emotionally evocative and overall really awesome, I have to say here that she did not do a good job with her transitions I would ve been accepting of the 5 year gap if she had maybe hinted or built up to that point, but she didn t It was thrown in so casually like I was supposed to somehow know that s where the story was going Just no Sorry To say I was b

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