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Download Epub Format ☆ Rich People Problems PDF by Ð Kevin Kwan Kevin Kwan, Bestselling Author Of Crazy Rich Asians And China Rich Girlfriend, Is Back With An Uproarious New Novel Featuring A Family Driven By Fortune, An Ex Wife Driven Psychotic With Jealousy, A Battle Royal Fought Through Couture Gown Sabotage, And The Heir To One Of Asia S Greatest Fortunes Locked Out Of His InheritanceWhen Nicholas Young Hears That His Grandmother, Su Yi, Is On Her Deathbed, He Rushes To Be By Her Bedside But He S Not Alone The Entire Shang Young Clan Has Convened From All Corners Of The Globe To Stake Claim To Their Matriarch S Massive Fortune With Each Family Member Vying To Inherit Tyersall Park A Trophy Estate On Sixty Four Prime Acres In The Heart Of Singapore Nicholas Childhood Home Turns Into A Hotbed Of Backbiting And Intrigue As Su Yi S Relatives Fight Over Heirlooms, Astrid Leong Is At The Center Of Her Own Storm, Desperately In Love With Her Old Sweetheart Charlie Wu But Tormented By Her Ex Husband A Man Hell Bent On Destroying Astrid S Reputation And Relationship Meanwhile, Kitty Pong, Married To China S Second Richest Man, Jack Bing, Still Feels Upstaged By Her New Stepdaughter, Famous Fashionista Colette BingIn This Sweeping Tale That Takes Us From The Elegantly Appointed Mansions Of Manila To The Secluded Private Islands In The Sulu Sea, From A Kidnapping At Hong Kong S Most Elite Private School To A Surprise Marriage Proposal At An Indian Palace That Is Caught On Camera By The Telephoto Lenses Of Paparazzi, Kevin Kwan Hilariously Reveals The Long Buried Secrets Of Asia S Most Privileged Families And Their Rich People Problems This was really the perfect ending to this series After China Rich Girlfriend I didn t think it could get any better Boy was I mistaken Intriguing, mysterious, hilarious, and addictive I am sad to let go of these beloved characters and their crazy family drama When Nick s grandmother, Su Yi, falls ill and it is apparent that she has not much time left, all her children and their children and their children descend on Singapore It s been five years since Nick or Rachel have been in Singapore since the events in Crazy Rich Asians Nick hasn t spoken to Su Yi in all that time But Rachel convinces Nick to visit her and to make things right with his grandmother before she dies In this book we learn about Su Yi s younger days Wow it was so interesting to learn about her and Singapore during WWII I listened to the audiobook of These are so consistently fun Overall, the morbidish topic of inheritance gave me the creeps All the vulturing relatives, blechworthy I couldn t help laughing at the scene with Eddie and his toilet cubicle shoe adoration thingy Signing Eddie, crying Eddie, prostrating Eddie he overdid himself The death scene too sad, even for all the pathetic relatives and antics of most of them Astrid and Charlie finally so sweet Even for all the drama.
The ob gyn performance left me in hiccups Q Eddie fondled the slick plastic badge as if it were a jewel encrusted amulet, personally bestowed on him by the God of Davos This badge distinguished him from all the pee ons at the conference He wasn t some PR hack, journalist, or one of the common attendees This white plastic badge with the blue line at the bottom meant that he was an I received an ARC of Kevin Kwan s Rich People Problems from Netgalley and Doubleday in exchange for an honest review.
In this third installation, Kevin Kwan brings back the magic I felt China Rich Girlfriend was missing Although to be honest, I could still do without Kitty I did not like her in the second book, and still felt like she was mostly unneeded mainly because there are so many great characters in the book who could have used the time given to her Back to the great parts of this book I continue to love the relationships between Rachel and Nick and Astrid and Charlie, and I loved that Kevin brought back Rachel s best friend too I also thoroughly loved getting the glimpses into Su Yi s history There is a whole lot of great drama, and definitely some laugh out loud moments mostly around Eddie and his ridiculousness And of course, there is the luxury these characters are afforded T Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestGather round, friends Come sit at my table because I ve just put the tea on and I m about to spill it all over the damn place It took me two months to finish this series, and I have some major thoughts on how it ended and what Kwan did with some of the characters Each book in the series is a very different sort of story CRAZY RICH ASIANS, the best one by far, islike an underdog love story of the kind that was so popular in the mid 2000s, in which the plain read beautiful ordinary girl hooks up with the major hottie because he sees through her plainness to all the beauty that lies within read hot sex It ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger so reading CHINA RICH GIRLFRIEND is necessary for closure, even though it isn t really a romance any at this point but one of those gossip Rich People Problems is the third installment in Kevin Kwan s humorous series titled Crazy Rich Asians This one was less funny andemotional but it was still an amazing read just in a different way Lots of resolution, some things coming full circle, plenty of surprises for both the reader and certainly for the characters It was an excellent addition and ending, I think to the series Note This series must absolutely be read in order Check it out My favorite quoteScientists talk about how we inherit health issues from our parents through our genes, but we also inherit this entire lineage of fear and pain generations of it i thiiiiink this is my FAVORITE of the series and that s saying something since this series itself is already one of my favorites Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan is a 2017 Doubleday publication.
Hilarity and intrigue merge to create yet another wildly entertaining installment in this fabulous series As with the previous installments, a little time has elapsed, meaning there have been a few changes since we last touched base with all these zany characters Rachel and Nicholas receive word that his grandmother is suffering from congestive heart failure As the family begins to gather around her, Nicholas feels pressured from all sides to return home He finally agrees, but in the meantime Eddie is working hard hoping he will be the one to inherit from his grandmother s will, and Astrid is going through a contentious divorce as is her lover, Charlie Wu Kitty is still playing all angles, working An amazing end to a really wonderfully charming and hilarious trilogy.

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