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[Troy Blackford] · Robbed of Sleep, Vol. 1: Stories to Stay Up For [genderqueer PDF] Read Online ß This is the first time I ve read a book because it started following me on Twitter or rather the agents responsible for its existence started following me on Twitter It s a veritable mix in quality and in types of horror It has a homespun feel which may or may not be off putting for some.
Highly entertaining and disturbing collection of stories highly recommend If You Re The Type Of Person Who Takes The Phone Off The Hook When Sanity Calls, Then You Simply Can T Do Without These Eighteen Short Stories From Some Of The Strangest Dark Fiction Authors Out There From The Deepest Jungle To An Endless Loop, From A Cracked Boss To A Dying Man, The Places And People You Will Meet Between These Pages Strain Credulity, Inflame The Imagination, And Stealthily Swipe Those Precious Moments That Make Up Your Nightly Rest Take A Dip Into The Furthest Reaches Of Reason With Some Of Today S Best Authors With These Strange And Unruly STORIES TO STAY UP FOR, And We Ll Make Sure You Re ROBBED OF SLEEP Fun reading I enjoyed some storiesthan others but well worth the time I loved M.
C O Neill s inclusions especially One Evening with the Midnight Company great to find a new author that mirrors the sort of writing I prefer and of course Troy s make you think insanity.
Impressive collection Mercedes Yardley s story was my favorite.
I enjoyed almost every story in this crazy anthology Look forward to a Volume 2 First let me explain why it took me so long to finish read this book, I was busy multi tasking.
just completed the book and let me tell you I loved it the combination of bad ass authors that collided together and the stories I loves , yes scary I was already planning the scenarios in my head.
I also learned a not new words.
like the succubus is like some sort of sex demon there as a bit humor and that is what I loved.
I can not really explain but all the stories collided with each other so i never once with each story got side track from the other, the writings skills on point from now these authors fall on my list of the A team.
I really enjoyed the short stories and No i was not paid for this review

I spent half of this collection believing it was nice, but then I realized I didn t care for most of its stories I mean, it s okay There are one or two really good stories here most are meh, and at least one was really, really bad My favorite definitely was The Other Land Express, by Todd Keisling, which reminded me a lot of Neil Gaiman loved it even considered upping my rating a bit because of it, but that would be unfair.
Where were you on the night you were at home, cutting that head out of your toilet with the shards of mirror Robbed of Sleep is eighteen doses of caffeine and narcotics A miscellany of kaleidoscope dreamscapes, vivid theta waves set to print leaving you, the reader, with an enjoyable collection of lingering nightmares, whimsical fancies, future premonitions, and mind % acid trips or at least it s how I would imagine acid trips playing out Pound for pound, a fantastic anthology of Stories to Stay Up For I was familiar with a few of the authors represented here, who have continued to not disappoint, but I was also introduced to a fewauthors that I am eager to readfrom.
The tales I stayed awake thinking about are The Otherland Express by Todd Keisling Zonkey Christm Nine chefs invite you to an 18 course meal of the special kind On the menu card are among other things rotted head of cabbage and addled meat of the heart, Birdshirt, Zonkey, Succubus and Dryad, lemon cake surprise and snake eyes as dessert A delicacy for gourmets and lovers of fine literary haute fiction you don t want to miss Those guys surely know how to carve and cook their pufferfish.
The party will be come as you are and bring an appetite for the strange and dark, twisted and stark Anthony Rapino, Dave Eccles, John Boden, M.
C O Neill, Mercedes Yardley, Todd Keisling, Tom Bordonaro, Troy Blackford also ma tre d , Val Tenterhosen This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial Shar

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