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[Chelsey Furedi] ¼ Rock and Riot [financial-management PDF] Read Online ↠´ Amazing and adorable.
This comic is filled with 50 s feel good vibes, milkshakes, leather jackets, inclusive girl gangs, boy gangs, gender non conforming gangs The story is fun, the characters are cute, and the romance is wonderful.
Everything about it is perfection.
read it here or here This is an adorable comic full of diverse queer representation It is set in the 50s so it has things like milkshake dates, leather jackets, and GANGS It s really fast paced and the art is so so pretty I just binged it all it s not that long but shhh.
Here s an illustration with all characters but it contains spoilers so check on your own responsibility view spoiler hide spoiler With All The Fashion And Quirks Of TheS Comes The Vintage Queer Love Story That You Ve Never Heard Before Rock and Riot Follows The Tales Of Teenage Delinquents Learning About Gender And Sexual Orientations While Still Maintaining Their Fabulous Hair I smiled like an idiot the entire time I read this.
this webcomic was so good started it and never stopped so good This comic is super sweet, and it manages to talk about important things in a light and sometimes funny way All the characters are super diverse we have good representation e.
g gender, sexuality, race without the usual stereotypes It is adorable, I would recommend it for a light read full of AWESOME characters ommmggggg I mean, just the absolute cutest.

What a charming and spectacularly and diversely queer comic I couldn t put it down it s not very long so binging it is super easy and now I m feeling great and empowered and I can t think of a better start to my day It s basically Grease teenage gangs the 50s but better and everyone is queer no, I really mean e v e r y o n e , and I don t just mean that there are gay and lesbian characters it has those too but it basically has one character for every type of romantic and sexual orientation, as well as pretty much every gender identity So you definitely need to read it and you can do that here On the page you can also find out how to support the author and you definitely should HERE IS THE LINK TO read THIS WORK OF ART ONLINE DO IT DO IT DO IT my humble opinion, everyone should read this And, for your convenience, here s a list of reasons why 1 So much diversity Okay look guys, I don t think I have read anything that has much diversity as this has ever before Like, it has race representation It has representations of a bunch of different sexualities and gender identities Here s a character list made by the author that lists the different sexualities and gender identities of all the characters, but it is a bit spoiler y so proceed at your own risk It has people coming from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life Like honestly all the representation in this comic is amazing Also it has asexual rep and panromantic rep so that made me so happy

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