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Trailer Ø Rolling in the Deep PDF by Þ Mira Grant A very nice short story about what happened on the Atargatis, a ship dispatched by a TV station in order to find proof for the existance of mermaids It is revealed right off the bat that nobody made it back, everyone died How, that is the fun part lol What happens here is also what prompts the events in the novel that I will be starting to read tomorrow.
The characters range from desperate scientists that would do anything to get money for their stiudies and gritty seafaring crew to colourful female performers with neoprene fins None of them are particularly interesting but that is also because they are fish fodder Yes, this is like a B level horror movie but honestly, it was so much fun This Better Be as Deliciously Horrific as it Sounds MacHaloistic Buddy read TBBaDHaiSMBD With the MacHalos Duh This novella in a nutshell No suspense No horror PG 13 gore Total boredomWhat joy.
Nothing as in absolutely NOTHING happens before the 50% mark 70% of this story revolves around the many as in too bloody MANY uninteresting characters and their job descriptions but hey, at least now I know what a phycologist is 5% of this story is about the mermaids that don t horrify they might have, had they gottenpage time, but they didn t, so they didn t The rest of the story Uneventful, unemotional, soporific stuff So instead of this You get this Such a painful loss for the fishy community Can t say I m surprised, though Being boring to death tends to have the deathliest, deadliest consequences.
Let me tell you, as nefarious breeder of murderous crustaceans and ruthless When The Imagine Network Commissioned A Documentary On Mermaids, To Be Filmed From The Cruise Ship Atargatis, They Expected What They Had Always Received Before An Assortment Of Eyewitness Reports That Proved Nothing, Some Footage That Proved Even Less, And The Kind Of Ratings That Only Came From Peddling Imaginary Creatures To The MassesThey Didn T Expect Actual Mermaids They Certainly Didn T Expect Those Mermaids To Have TeethThis Is The Story Of The Atargatis, Lost At Sea With All Hands Some Have Called It A Hoax Others Have Called It A Maritime Tragedy Whatever The Truth May Be, It Will Only Be Found Below The Bathypelagic Zone In The Mariana Trench And The Depths Are Very Good At Keeping Secrets Okay, let s just go ahead and get it over with You know, that thing that popped into your head as soon as you saw this title That thing that won t get out of your head until you give in to it Don t play coy with me You know exactly what I m talking about And you know what you have to do belts Got that out of your system Good, me too Now, onto the reviewWe may never know how much of the footage from the SS Atargatis was faked, or how much of it was real What we do know is that none of the scientists, crewmen, or actors who set sail with the Atargatis were aboard when the ship was found, adrift, some six weeks later, and none of them have resurfaced sinceWelcome to the tale of the SS Atargatis and her doomed crew This novella chronicles their voyage to the Marianna Trench, where you guessed it they re searching for the source of the mermai Inside of a day, the Atargatis disrupted the local ecosystem with vibrations, minor but unavoidable pollutants, scientific testing and sampling, and human bodies, bringing with them the chemical taint of modern life.
If there was anything at all in those waters, it was inevitable that it would be found.
Rolling in the Deep was like seeing Mermaids The Body Found The story begins with an excerpt from a documentary made by the TV channel Imagine Network about the mysterious disappearance of all those aboard the cruise ship Atargatis The TV channel that specialized in B horror movies had previously employed all those on the ship for a documentary regarding mermaids What they didn t expect was a ghost ship and footage of a carnage The book alternates between excerpts and what actually happened Alien eyes watched the strange metal object as it float A lot of people are talking about the live action version of The Little Mermaid, but I think we should all get behind this version instead freaky killer mermaids While not particularly gruesome by Karin Slaughter standards anyways , this little novella seriously gave me nightmares primarily because I listened to the audiobook late at night before going to bed Let s just say when the mermaids finally talk, it s not the same warm and fuzzy feeling as you get listening to the catchy tune of Under the Sea.
Good clean fun.
It s horror in all the grand traditions Want B Movie sensibilities Check Want monstrous mermaids Check Want a Sy Fi film crew staging a mermaid expedition to get torn apart by the real thing Check.
Did I say Sy Fi I mean Imagine Network Sorry I didn t mean to make any disparagements We re NOT trying to make a statement about anything Truly This is just a good clean horror, all fun, no message Really We certainly don t want to ruin our chances to get a made for tv movie based on this novella by the Sy Fi network It s perfect for it.
Who survives this tale The lawyers It s pretty classic Of COURSE the lawyers survive I mean, out of anyone to come out of the Mariana Trench, the greatest predators are NOT the mermaids or t

What a treat Rating, 4.
5If there was anything at all in those waters, it was inevitable that it would be foundThe TV channel Imagine Network specialized in B horror movies, commissions for theirdocumentary blocka feature about mermaids No money is spared for this big project The goal of the expedition to find a definite proof are mermaids real or just a myth The preparations are hush hush, and in the end, it is arranged for the cruise ship Atargatis to transport to the Mariana Trench, scientists from various fields, a large group of interns, the numerous crew of Imagine Network with their star reporter and a performing troupe of professional mermaids to appear in the documentary , should they not find the real thing which of course nobody on the ship expects Me If this was a hoax, it was one of the largest in living memoryI know multiple reviews have started off with this quote, but it s only because it is simply the perfect segue into what might be my favorite novella of 2017 That said, can we just fangirl over every aspect of this book real quick The cover AHHHH Mermaids that aren t overtly sexualized or used as a plot device solely for male pleasure YES PLEASE Mermaids used in a horror storyline where they are the predators and no one is left alive by the final page Ok, I think I have your attention by now if you re the type who would be interested in this read Also, that s not a spoiler as you know in the prologue that everyone is eviscerated in the short time span at sea, but it does set the scene for a severely unnerving and disturbing take on what is a childhood fan My success with Into the Drowning Deep led me to this novella and nominal prequel Sadly, this feelslike the Seanan McGuire I am familiar with the one with the uneven tone, nominal characterization and tendency towards over telling With the Incryptid series, Grant did a number of related short stories and novellas that ranged both in time and in tone from the relative frivolity of the full length books, and I can see the similarities here This was most likely created before Into the Drowning Deep was a glimmer in someone s eye, so the good news it that this would be an easy one to miss.
In this novella, photojournalist Anne is a willing participant on Imagine Entertainment Network mockumentary expedition to discover mermaids Styled along the lines of the finding Bigfoot reality tv shows, Imagine has a host of non scientific people aboard ready for filming, a

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