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» Rowdy in Paris ☆ Download by » Tim Sandlin I picked this up because of a recommendation on Neil Gaiman s blog I found it really funny I tried to explain the plot to a friend when I was half way through, and we both ended up giggling A bull rider visiting Paris could be funny on its own, but with his mission of getting his newly won belt buckle back and being mis identified as a CIA operative, the weirdness ensues It was lots of fun.
With the amount of sex mentioned, I won t be suggesting it to the older readers at the library, but I will be looking for of Tim Sandlin s books for me.
It s hard not to love Rowdy Talbot, especially if you re a guy A mediocre cowboy and even less than mediocre bullrider, he nevertheless embraces a cowboy code to which he is unwavering When he finally wins first prize at the Crockett County rodeo in Colorado, Rowdy gets drunk and winds spending the night with a pair of nubile young French girls The next morning they are gone, and with them his championship belt buckle, so Rowdy buys a ticket to Paris and sets out to reclaim his prize.
At first glance, it may seem that very little is at stake, but there is to Rowdy than spurs and a ten gallon hat Rowdy is a divorcee, estranged from his ex wife and his son, and the buckle to him is validation that he is not a complete failure Once in Paris, however, the quest becomes about than a belt buckle as Rowdy gets caught up with a group of French revo A Rollicking Comic Romp By The Author Of Skipped Parts And Jimi Hendrix Turns Eighty Rowdy Talbot Isn T The World S Greatest Bull Rider Not Even Close But He Lives By The Cowboy Code, And He Never Forgets To Take Off His Cowboy Hat During The National Anthem When Rowdy Wins The Rodeo In Crockett County, Colorado, He Celebrates His Triumph With Two Young Frenchwomen He Meets In A Local Bar The Next Morning, When He Discovers That The Two Have Left For Paris With The Championship Belt Buckle He Won, Rowdy Does What Any True Cowboy Would He Hops On A Plane To The City Of Light To Retrieve It What Follows Is A Comic Collision Of Cultures And Personalities In Rowdy in Paris, Tim Sandlin Has Concocted An Unlikely But Engaging M Lange Of Characters Disaffected French Revolutionaries, A Turquoise Peddling CIA Operative, And A Middle Aged Courtesan, All Caught In A Plot To Destroy An American Fast Food Chain At The Center Of The Chaos Is Rowdy Himself, Who Finds As He Searches For The Belt Buckle That There S Another World Beyond The Back Of A Bull By Turns Smart And Satirical, Biting And Engaging, Rowdy in Paris Is A Surprisingly Moving Story About What It Means To Broaden One S Horizons By Opening One S Heart I love Tim Sandlin I love his awkward and reprehensible but endearing characters I love his hilariousness And I love that I can get his books for free now I first found him after a weird sexcapade, waiting for coffee to percolate, I thumbed through a book called Western Swing by him and suddenly all dark questionable behaviors were made light and unimportant by a story beginning with a writer out on a vision quest or something in the Rockies who suddenly thinks he s being shot at and is scrambling for his life thinking about things like maybe he should try to make up with his ex wife Ok, it s been awhile I ll re read it after I order them all But anyway it s sitcomy or at best indie dark comedy stuff made by Wes Anderson but not really and less hip maybe Noah Baumback but less hip or the guy who wrote Juno but less hip I do I just finished Rowdy in Paris and repercussions were about what you d expect I laughed my hind end off For longtime Sandlin fans, this novel is sure to be a joy as the author returns to the first person voice that marks his most beloved work Rowdy Talbot speaks in pretty much the same voice as Sandlin s most famous creations, Kelly Palomino and Sam Callahan and this gaurantees that the book is going to be a joyous comic romp True, the plot is a little much to believe and the geo political stuff and Rowdy s fish out of water critiques of French culture are a little forced, but that s not the point The real fun here is in Rowdy s musings on the cowboy code and life in general and the way Sandlin mixes humor with moments of real tenderne Chapter 16 In France, the ground floor is ground floor The story above that is number one I counted in my head So, the fourth floor is the third floor The boy said, that is so This explanation had been part of my German class a few days earlier Explained in Barron s Learn German Deutsch The Fast and Fun Way Third Edition 2 Ankunft Unterkunft finden Note that Germans designate flooors in a building differently than Americans In Germany, the street level floor is called das Erdgeschoss, not the first floor The German first floor is above das Erdegeschoss and is the same as the American second floor Thus, when the German hotel clerk speaks of the third floor dritten Stock , he is referring to what is known as the fourth floor in America.
Rowdy wonders Why would an entire nation call the second floor the first Anyone would have made the same mistake, only it wa I m not one who usually laughs while I read I tend to take things to literally and what most find funny, I find like stupid humor.
However, Sandlin did a terrific job keeping my interest and actually made me laugh so hard in several places I had to stop reading to finish laughing.
Rowdy is a cowboy from Wyoming and he goes to great lengths to pursue his prize There were several times I was shocked at Rowdy s behavior and it also made him endearing to me as a character.
Sandlin uses real places and facts about Wyoming and Paris.
One of my favorite scenes from the book is when Rowdy is in the bathroom and a Colorado politician type man comes in to do his business on page 10 and Rowdy says, I finished leaking, zipped it up, and headed for

Somewhat amusing Wouldn t recommend it.
I liked Sandlin s Gro Vont Trilogy, especially Skipped Parts Honey, Don t didn t do a thing for me, but I decided to give Sandlin another chance Am bored with Jimi Hendrix Turns Eighty , even though the premise sounded entertaining Struggled through Rowdy in Paris and finally finished it That s the thing you normally say about a 1000 page epic or a multiple volume work, not a comic novel of under 300 pages.
Rowdy s first person narrative is funny at times, especially his fish out of water observations about French culture as compared to the cowboy code , but it s not enough to overcome a weak, contrived plot that didn t keep me engaged.
Thought an endorsement from Christopher Moore meant I was in for a good read His credibility took a hit with this one.
The greatest strength of this novel is the voice and point of view of its narrator and protagonist Rowdy Sandlin has done a wonderful job of creating a persona whose dry wit and pigheadedness creates much of the humor in this text Rowdy s logic can be ridiculously close minded one minute and amazingly tolerant and wise the next It is this character s contradictory nature and his uncomplicated view on life that gives this novel its innate charm.
Tim Sandlin is a gifted storyteller, and his writing has moments of sheer brilliance You might be reading a chapter with a ridiculous plot element and all of a sudden stumble upon a line that stops you cold with its depth and singular power This happened to me numerous times while reading this book, and I for one appreciate a te So far, much better than his last book Still not as good as the Skipped Parts trilogy, though.

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