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é Runaway ↠´ Download by ó Lucy Irvine This Remarkable Book Is Both The Compulsive Story Of A Young Girl S Stormy Passage To Maturity And A Desperate Search For Sexual Identity After Violation It Is An Unflinching Record Of Courage, Honesty, Rebellion And Survival And The Price That Can Be Paid For True Independence I learned that it is very possible to masterfully describe what it is like to grow up an attractive but confused young girl in 1970 s England Irvine perfectly describes what it feel like to wrestle with odd feelings and an incomplete undestanding about divorce and your own body s power to attract people.
She does very well at describing some of her scrapes and adventures and tragedies on the way to maturity.
Really good Profound in a different way than Castaway.
An interesting book if and only if you read Castaway, Irvine s book about her year on an uninhabited island in the Torres Straits, and wondered What the would possess a woman to up and take off with a man she d never met before to an island she d never seenand marry him Well, a woman like Lucy Irvine might She left school in her early teens exactly when depends on how you define school and batted about for the next few years She hitchiked around Europe, with only minimal funding for which read none it was on this trip that she was raped in Greece on her way to Israel to work on a kibbutz, and carried the mental scarring for many years afterwards.
Unfortunately, while I m sympathetic to someone with wanderlust such as Irvine s there s precious little space in this world for a woman who wants to bum about like this in this book, she comes acro Ok book read Castaway years ago and saw the film Her story in this book not as dramatic as I imagined, butbelievable than other books read of same ilk.
read this book over this weekendEnjoyed it, having read Castaway many years ago, I was intrigued about her earlier life.
Seemed to pack a lot on.
Full of young woman angst , self discovery a search for that romantic love something Will probably read her other books later to complete the journey Well written, but a strange, meandering story.
this was a sad book This is the follow up book from Lucy Irvine after the success of CASTAWAY Unlike her first book about life on a desert island, this isof a prequel, describing her attempts to find herself as a rebellious young adult Funny, no matter what book she writes, she s always attempting to find herself.
Unlike her first andsuccessful book, this one doesn t quite take off She come across as self entitled and a bit cruel, and I lost any sympathy when she had an incident with an innocent animal While I bought into her trials and tribulations in CASTAWAY, it left me cold in this book There s only so much soul searching one can do before you say enough Stick with the first book.
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