Download Epub Format Î 美少女戦士セーラームーン 15 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon 15] PDF by ç Naoko Takeuchi

Download Epub Format Î 美少女戦士セーラームーン 15 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon 15] PDF by ç Naoko Takeuchi LOOK AT THIS COVER It s probably my favorite cover of the entire series Just wonderful 3 So this final volume in the SuperS series begins with the cliffhanger from volume, Darrien and Bunny being blasted from the sky It ends up just being a nightmare Now that the gang is all together the chalice is working and Sailor Moon can use it to transformexcept this timeshe becomes ETERNAL SAILOR MOON She was gorgeous, and that was just paneling well done However, the fight scenes looked like a sloppy messthis beautiful transformation however than makes up for it Sailor Saturn works her magic and reveals the ess Quartet are actually Sailor Mini Moon s future Scouts It was a cool twist but I feel it wasn t given enough time to appreciate Once again, this volume holds the frills and fun the series is known for at this time It was a good clean way to tie up this particular arc This And Super S has concluded An awesome ending to this arc with all sorts of action, love and romance Our favorite Princess finally gets a chance to give her I ll punish you speech a perfect moment , Tuxedo Mask steps up and shows his own power, team work and of course Chibi Moon and Helios have their moment 3Good ending, lots of fun It s been a joy to re read a book I used to adore when I was a younger Sailor Moon is just one classic I don t think I ll ever kid tired of 3 Es uno de los mejores tomos de toda la saga Erios, las princesas, las cuatro peque as guardianas, Luna, Artemis y Diana humanos, Neherenia, Sailor Moon Eterna Todo es perfecto

Genial Eternal Sailor Moon aparece mucho m s antes, las Sailor Scouts son princesas de sus propios planetas, Artemis, Luna y Diana aparecen como humanos, y Rini descubre quienes seran sus compa eras en el futuro Realmente es una l stima que en el anime quedaran olvidados todos estos detalles grandes como el cristal dorado que en el realidad era el de Darien y no de Rini Y me tomo 18 a os darme cuenta que Eliot y Rini son como una especie de segunda versi n de Darien y Serena.
I know that this manga is far from the best the story can be cliche in places, and the art is horrible in spots But it has a special place in my heart it was one of my very first introductions to anime and manga, and there s something empowering about Sailor Moon and the sailor scouts I don t think it matters how old I get I ll always find my way back to this manga.
After three lacklustre editions, things pick back up again as the scattered story threads come together well enough I m still disappointed by the lack of a connection to the series overall continuity, but there were some intriguing villains, and a few good moments I ll read the remaining three volumes eventually, but I hope they provide a fitting conclusion to the series, and not another repetitive installment.
The manga handled the story better, and almost literally kept me at the edge of my seat One thing I really liked is that in here, the ess Quartet will eventually become the Asteroid Senshi, whereas in the anime they just go away disappear.
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Y yo que cre a que 18 tomos era mucho y me acabo de terminar el tomo 15 lo empec hace tres d as atr s osea estoy as WHAT Es que estoy s per obsessed Me encanta, es como demasiado tierno

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