Trailer Æ Santa Claus Doesn't Mop Floors (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, #3) PDF by ↠´ Debbie Dadey

Trailer Æ Santa Claus Doesn't Mop Floors (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, #3) PDF by ↠´ Debbie Dadey A Classic Bailey School Kids Adventure Is Back With A New Cover Art Just In Time For The Holidays The Fresh Look Of This Long Time Favorite Makes It The Perfect Gift This SeasonThere Have Always Been Some Pretty Weird Grown Ups In Bailey City, But The New Custodian At The Bailey School Is One Of A Kind When He Appears Out Of Nowhere Just Before Christmas To Help Out At The School, Mr Jolly S White Hair And Beard And Longing For Cold Temperatures Bring The Fabled St Nick To Everyone S Mind Could This Man Really Be Santa Claus The Bailey School Kids Are Going To Find Out The new janitor couldn t really be Santa Claus just because he keeps it so cold in the school and seems to know who is naughty and who is nice, could he This is the 3rd book in The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series by Debbie Dadey, Marcia Thornton Jones and John Steven Gurney This story centers on a new school janitor who looks a lot like Santa Claus It also discusses the topic of believing and not believing in Santa and Christmas, so I would warn parents that if they don t want to bring up the fact that many schoolchildren at this age doubt the existence of Santa, this book may not be for you Our girls have been questioning the jolly old elf s existence, at least between the two of them This book doesn t really answer any questions definitively, but it celebrates the magic of the season and it also validates their ponderings We ve read several books in this series and our girls like them We are skipping around the series, but it doesn t seem to matter much We will certainly read as we come acros Another fun addition to the series Mr Jolly is the new janitor, and his Santa esque appearance, fondness of cold weather, and seemingly magical ability to clean up Eddie s over the top messes raise suspicions about him being Santa Claus He also seems to be making notes about the kids behavior Fun, interesting, not scary at all.
Eddie keeps making messes and causing trouble in school When he finally goes too far, his actions result in the janitor quitting and because it s so close to Christmas, it s going to be hard to fill the position The principal knows that the damages were caused by someone in Eddie s class so he punishes them by taking away their recess to make them clean instead As if by a miracle though, the school does get a new janitor named Mr Jolly He came dressed in bright clothing, had a long white beard and was round in the middle, he sort of resembled Santa Claus Well, Eddie was determined to make Mr Jolly quit too so he made even bigger messes that should take hours to clean but were somehow, cleaned in minutes When the students noticed that Mr Jolly s friend looked like an elf, called him by the name of S.
C and saw him writing in a notebook all of the time, they started to wonder I liked reading this during the Christmas season, thesd series were so good I could not put this book down.
For reviews, check out my blog Craft CycleGrowing up, I loved the Bailey School Kids series It was a fun way to mix mystical elements into reality In this one, the school gets a new janitor who may or not be Santa Claus.
Fun story with interesting events I ll admit the kids are kind of jerks in this one playing tricks on the janitor, making fun of fat and short people , but overall it is entertaining There are definitely some cringe y moments, but to be fair this was published in 1991, before the mainstream fat acceptance movement There are definitely some flaws, but overall it is still a fun book A nice book that isn t too Christmas y.
I have always enjoyed books with Christmas cheer, miracles, and all that stuff I mean, it was pretty sad to learn that Eddie s mother passed away and his dad didn t want to celebrate Christmas any That could be why he s being such a rotten kid.
But to take on Santa Clause, that kids got some nerve.
But Again, Eddie goes on with his usual, I m gonna prove to you monsters don t exist or I m gonna prove to you this person isn t that type of thing again, and again he fails.
But still, I wish Santa had stuck around to hear Eddie say thank you.
I wish that we were able to witness the dad saying he was going to stay at home for Christmas, and that they needed Christmas joy.
That s the only thing that was missing.
I loved these books as a kid still think they re some of the best beginner chapter books It was fun to revisit this story.

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