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ã Read ✓ Scat, Cat! by Alyssa Satin Capucilli ¿ This story is about one cats adventure around the town Everyone he encounters tells him to scat Until night rolls around and he finds his home This book has short words, short sentences, and plenty of repetition.
A story about a cat trying to find his way home.
A Small Striped Cat Finds His Way HomeNo One Wants The Small Striped Cat Who Is Lost Scat, Cat Says The Dog, The Bird, The Barber, The Baker, The Bus Driver, The Duck, The Frog, The Goose, The Owl, The Bat, And Even The SkunkSo The Cat Walks And Walks Until He Finds A Little House Where There Is A Little Boy That Does Not Say, Scat, Cat In An Ending Twist, The Cat Discovers He Is Home Young Readers Will Learn The Names Of Animals And Occupations As Well As Useful Vocabulary In This Sweet And Simple TextThis My First I Can read Book Is Perfect For Shared Reading With Toddlers And Very Young Children Basic Language, Word Repetition, And Whimsical Illustrations Make This Book Just Right For The Emergent Reader This book is very cute I think that it would be hard for me to recommend it to anyone because I don t like sad things The majority of the book is sad Being true to YA, it has a happy ending Scat is a good vocab word and rhyming word for cat.
This book is about a small, striped cat that accidentally adventures away from home He walks and he walks meeting many other animals and people, as well as visiting many different places Every single time the animals or people yell Scat, Cat and the cat continues to walk He wanders around until he finds a little house, where he decides to cuddle up and is greeted the next morning from a little boy This time was different.
As this book had no rhyming like most other young kids book, it was still intriguing for this age group From beginning to end, the use of repetition was major The cat would walk, then meet someone new, they would say Scat, Cat , and then he would walk again, with the process starting over and over again This is great for kids because they become familiar with the story and can make the Title Scat, Cat Author Alyssa Satin CapucilliIllustrator Paul MeiselGenre Predictable BookTheme s Rhyming, Home, FamilyOpening line sentence There was a cat.
It was a small cat.
It was a striped cat.
Brief Book Summary The cat in the book is lost and cannot find his home He looks around, and all of the animals he finds tell him to scat, cat In the end, he finds his home and is happy again.
Professional Recommendation Review 1 Horn books 32 pp HarperCollins Harper 2010 3 K 3 Illustrated by Paul Meisel I Can read Book series The protagonist is told Scat, cat by all the other animals he encounters he walks and walks until he comes to a house, where he curls up on the porch and goes to sleep In a satisfying twist, it turns out that he has returned home Simple vocabulary and lots of repetition combine with warm, expressive illust My son loved this book that was full of repetitive words that he could pick up and learn The art work was cute and was excellent for toddlers As always Alyssa has left my son wanting of her fabulous work I am truly grateful to writers who can write a great picture book with a good message The message of how comforting it is to come home and be loved was so powerful in this short book My son gives it two thumbs way up I hope she writes about the cat.
Scat, Cat is about a lost cat who is unwelcome in place after place before finally finding his way home again.
This book, part of the I Can read Shared Reading series, is a great book for beginning readers The words and sentence structures are repetitive, the illutrations provide visual clues for unknown words, and the ending is satisfying I would recommend this for primary students learning to read.

borrowed from the LibrarySCAT, CAT by Alyssa Capucilli of BISCUIT fame is at the beginning First Grade reading level The text consists 226 words Here s some text from two pages There was a cat.
It was a small cat.
It was a striped cat.
It was a lost cat.
The cat walked and walked.
The rest of the book consists of of dogs, cats, bakers, barbers, and other critters and people telling kitty to SCAT The small cat ends up sitting on a chair and being greeted by a boy with food in hand in the morning The artwork in this book is cute and appealing The story will probably appeal to young children, but personally it got me down It probably doesn t pay to over analyze a children s primer lol but that s a lot of rejection.
This book would actually be a good one to share with little ones There are quite a few animals to point ou The book Scat, Cat is a basic, and beginning reading level book for children This book is based on a cat trying to find its way home A long the way, the cat encounters numerous people and animals that tell the cat to go home The cat eventually finds its way home to his owner The story is good, because it uses repetitive words that allow the child to repeat, and memorize the words in the story.

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