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Download Epub Format ½ Second Chances PDF by Ô H.M. Ward A Novel By New York Times Bestselling Author HM Ward And Stacey MostellerSex Betrayal Forbidden Love Lawn BoyI M Not A Catch, I M Not Even Certain I M What They D Call Mentally Stable, Not Any Too Much Has Happened Too Fast And It Ripped My Soul In Half I M Alone, With A Plastic Stick In My Hand That Says The One Word We D Been So Eager To See Pregnant Lucky In Love Once Is A Miracle, But I Lost Him, And This Baby Is All I Have Left My Life Turned To Ash In A Blink And There S Nothing I Can Do About It Years Pass And I M Still Here, But It Doesn T Feel Like It, Not Until The Lawn Guy, Daniel Clemment, Checks Me Out Me A Yoga Panting, Pony Tailing, Frumpy Butt, Frizzy Mommy Who S Covered In Whatever The Baby Tossed On Me At Lunch Daniel S Dark Eyes Linger Too Long, As If He Likes What He Sees I M Shocked And Flattered, But He S Too Young The Age Gap Between Us Is Over A Decade, But That Doesn T Stop Him If I Sleep With Him Everyone Will Think I Ve Lost My Mind Maybe I Have, Because Everyday That I See Dan S Sexy, Toned Body Glistening In The Sunlight, I Consider Feeling Him Pressed Against Me, Naked The Few Times His Fingers Grazed My Skin Were Heaven, But Once The Clothes Come Off He S A God And I M MeI Ve Been Alone For So Long Surely One Kiss Won T Hurt Anything, One Taste Of His Mouth Should Be Harmless Things Don T Have To Go That Far, But I M Wrong Love Only Comes Around Once In A Lifetime Only Fools Think Otherwise, And I M The Biggest Fool Of Them AllGenre New Adult RomanceType Stand Alone Novel I received an advanced reader s copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest review.
What a sweet love story I was crying by page 11 Thankfully the sadness didn t last much longer At first I wasn t sure if I would like this book due to the age difference Yet as I read the book, that worry fell away I was then able to enjoy the story of a young war widow trying just to make it through every day It was very touching and makes you really think about what so many of our young military families are going through I would recommend that the words Betrayal and sex be removed from the book synopsis I wouldn t consider what happened to be betrayal at all Lack of trust, yes, but not betrayal And this isn t a sex filled book by any means The amount of sex in this book doesn t justify the word being used This book is so different from Ms Ward s other wor 3.
5 stars Not even a few pages in and I had to get the tissues Ward wasn t kidding when she said this one will pull at your heart strings Genevieve aka Gen has been though a lot after that dreadful knock on the door by two men in uniform Even though it got better, it got worse at the time Although Daniel aka dan has been a huge help too Getting hired by Cade, Gen s husband, before he died years earlier to help around the house while he was deployed Dan has been there for her After she kept getting pushed by her mother and friends to find a new man not even 2 years later she finds reason to open back up and to an unexpected person at that Must read this You won t be disappointed A heart touch romantic novel.
Second Chances reviewI cried, I laughed and I cried again I am a huge Holly fan And just became an even bigger one Didn t think it was possible This book is amazing And It was REAL It s not some handsome billionaire that gets you a makeover and buys you a car house and can make you have an orgasm by looking at you, or pinching your nipples I mean really who does that Either I have faulty nipples or they just haven t been pinched properly although I may need to look into getting a lawn boy now wink,wink Once I started reading, I couldn t put it downI had to know what happened Probably shouldn t have started it so lateI was up till 4am Holy book hangover Eek So FYI, start reading early It s about real life Yes I know it s a book and not real.
but the story wasn t so far fetched It was believable It s about hardships,struggles, I really liked this book I was crying at the end of the first chapter and again at the end of the second chapter.
so emotional Genevieve is a 32 year old widow she is trying to put her life back together with her son, but really has no interest in any romantic relationships Daniel, her lawn boy , had been taking care of her landscaping and minor jobs around the house after the death of her husband However, he had been cutting their lawn since he was young.
Let me tell you the buildup between these two was intense The age difference put Genevieve on edge, but the chemistry between them.
just wow And Daniel s connection and interaction with her son, CJ, just made me grin like crazy Daniel is just such a sweetheart caring and tender that is, until you piss him off and don t stick up for him when you should dammit Gen But of course, Gen s crazy m I was trusted with this ARC, in exchange for an honest review.
I give this book 5 stars.
M Ward did it again She never seems to amaze me With all the personal trials she is always facing she still seems to write amazing novels, stealing our hearts And this one was no different.
I abso fricken lutely LOVED this book Even with all the tears that were shed, the story that consumed the book made up for it all You would have to be crazy to not fall in love with Daniel Dan He was amazing through and through, and she was one lucky ass woman I loved the way he was hired by Cade, and I would have loved Cade as well, just from the things that were said about him Because he was another great guy But Daniel took such great care of her and CJ Not to many men you will find that will do that, when it s another mans baby But considering what he went through as a child, I think is w Warning You will need a box of tissues to read this book Oh, where to startwell Holly did it again This novel is stand alone and different from her other stories But don t worry, it s different in a good way This book is very real, in fact, some people have probably experienced part, if not of this story Holly and Stacey really drive the ball home, hitting every emotional pit stop on the way You ll laugh and cryand really just FEEL You ll feel everything, from being overjoyed to devastated and every other point on the emotional spectrum These ladies did a good job with character development as you always do Holly and it s almost as if you re standing there, holding the main characters hand and can t help but feel for herthere s that word again If only you could reach into this reality and hold on to her, believe me FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED I read this forbidden romance in one sitting the other night It was one of those surprise reads where I tried out the first chapter to see if I would like the book and then just never put it down The story starts out with heart break Genevieve learned that her husband, best friend, and long time love would never return from his deployment right after finding out that she was pregnant with their first child Two years later, his loss still weighed heavily on her He might be physically gone, but she still felt married to him in her heart She d had her first love and lost him, and now her only focus was on their little boyCade is a hard act to follow He loved me It s hard to describe, but I feel like we re still together, that he s still mine and I m still his even though he s goneShe was Change of heart I have to say I have never liked co authored books Many that I have read feel like there is a constant pull and disconnect, so I made it an effort never to read them until now Luckily is got the chance to receive the arc copy of this book Because I love HM Ward I gave it a chanceFor the first time I found, not only captivated by a story so heart felt and real, but how two different people composed a book that not only captures the essence of what true loss feels like, but stay succinct with one another This story was heart breaking and felt so real There wasn t any over the top He s gone I m moving on feel This book was a struggle from beginning to end Such as is life Great job ladies, amazing job

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