Á Secrets Bound By Sand (Dragon Ridden Chronicles, #4) ☆ Download by ✓ T.A. White

Á Secrets Bound By Sand (Dragon Ridden Chronicles, #4) ☆ Download by ✓ T.A. White Am I gushing too much With most series, I find myself bored after the third book, but White is an author that never disappoints After four books I m still excited for the next part of the story The characters are rich with personality the story full of excitement and mystery The character development both individually and in relationships has been incredible The story that is being weaved has everything you could want adventure, mystery, romance, supernatural, and comedy Ilith is an absolute delight and I love her each book The secondary characters were, as always, fantastic Every book peels back another layer of Tate s mysterious past and I can t get enough I could rave for hours about every book in this seri I am loving this series and sad that I have to wait for the next one Now to check out the other series by this author When The Past Forms The Future, How Does A Woman With Few Memories Survive No Longer Nameless Or Alone, Tate Has Put Down Roots In The City Of Aurelia She S Found A Home, Friends And A Misfit Family When An Assassination Attempt Leads To A Dangerous Loss Of Control Over Her Dragon, Tate Is Sent To The Farthest Reaches Of The Empire On A Mission She Can T Refuse It Isn T Long Before Tate Stumbles Into Her Usual Brand Of Trouble Kidnapped And Separated From Her Closest Allies, Tate Will Have To Find A Way To Survive Old Enemies And New Acquaintances Piecing Together The Tattered Remnants Of Her Past Might Be The Only Thing Separating Her From Death Enemies Long Thought Dead Are Returning And They Won T Be Satisfied Until They Have Tate S Head 3.
5 stars Overview of whole series This book the pacing was great I felt like we FINALLY got answers to so many questions that have been bugging me the whole series I really enjoyed the slow burn to the romance and how there was believable, but little angst associated with it I m still a little put off with Tate s stubbornness how the situation dealing with her memory loss is written As a reader it got frustrating to the point I was seriously annoyed when for the 1000th time Tate choose to ignore not look at something from her past I get the character motivations behind it, but as a reader it was becoming too much This book was a lot stronger than the previous ones but I m hoping that the scale of the series gets epic in the closing books There were a few editing errors 3 5 , but nothing major I m excited to read the next book It s been awhile since I Received this as my first arc copy and I loved it T.
A White is one of my favorite authors I look forward to everything she puts out If you have not read her work you are missing out and I highly recommend you get started because her worlds are some of the best to get lost in.
I raced through this book I was sooooo good My poor husband had trouble pulling me away to cook dinner I love these characters I love their relationships with each other There s one point in the book that s a huge long conversation between several characters and I got to the end of their conversation and thought how refreshing they talked out their problems and solved them together as a team I love that most of these books are about problem solving and communication There are adventure scenes and fighting, but the core cast looks for crafty solutions, not flashy ones I will say, this book isn t as satisfying as the third book in Dragon Ridden There are a few misdirects into angst, I did not love I actually think T A White didn t like the angst either because she sets it up and then doesn t go anywhere with it which was a relie

Great author Best writer I have read in a long time.
World building and plots are unique Both male and female characters are sympathetic, rational and strong A lot of humor amidst plenty of action Confident and strong writing in several different genres.
I loved all five books I have devoured in the last few days since I found this author She made me realize how many mediocre books I have been reading lately Even though I have enjoyed many of these books, they just are not in the same class as this writer.
I bought all five Redemption and her 4 Dragon Ridden books after reading them on Kindle Unlimited I expect and hope that her other two series will be just as good.
After that I will probably slow down and reread them again to savor the stories and anxiously wait for new installments.
Thanks T.
A White for enhancing my l I had a hard one finishing this book While there is finally some revelation regarding Tate s past, I find it all a bit underwhelming Like, that s it after four books Plus the heroine is kidnapped Again Twice And poisoned Again I m just getting bored Plus there s still a strange disconnect between me and the author s writing style Ah well Better later than never to realize my feelings about the series.
Loved ItThis thing made my original review disappear Suffice to say I m still loving the series, loving Tate and Ryu with his fierce loyalty, loving Tate s family of choice and loving all of the secrets being revealed I really wonder how much longer Tate s secrets will stay secret with crazy Christopher and Nathan running around Not to mention that someone else is always around when some but of Tate s past is revealed How will the empire s population react to who Tate really is I just can t wait for.

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