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[Ali McNamara] ¼ Secrets and Seashells at Rainbow Bay [church PDF] Read Online ¶ I love a good Ali McNamara book and this one was a great read This book is really lovely The characters in the book are all absolutely fabulous The setting of the book is stunning Who wouldn t like to wake up one day and realise they had inherited a castle.
It was a funny, feel good good, with part mystery, lots of secrets, plenty of love in all sense of the terms, friendship, family and fun Loved it.
Yet another case of cover love from Ali McNamara, they have a sort of whimsical feel due to the beautiful sketches used and of course the colours I am a sucker for all things relating to castles so once I read the synopsis for this story down on her luck single mum Amelia inherits a castle Chesterford Castle , as you do I knew I wanted to read it She moves to the Northumberland coast to live in as a stipulation of the inheritance is that the castle cannot be sold.
Chesterford is lacking visitors and Amelia comes up with some sure fire ways to get the castle earning some income and as a frequent visitor to historic homes I loved reading about the ideas she had and castle life Amelia is also doing some digging into the castle history and I definitely enjoyed this aspect, I love finding outabout the history of either the buildings or people who lived there previously so this was a The Sun Is Shining On The Golden Castle On Rainbow Bay And Change Is In The Air Amelia Is A Single Mother, Doing Her Very Best To Look After Her Young Son, Charlie But Money Is Tight And Times Are Tough When She First Hears That She Is The Last Descendent Of The Chesterford Family And That She Has Inherited A Real Life Castle By The Sea, Amelia Can T Quite Believe Her Ears But It S True She Soon Finds That Owning A Castle Isn T Quite The Ticket To Sorting Out Her Money Problems That She D First Hoped She Can T Sell, Because The Terms Of The Ancient Bequest State That Any Chesterford Who Inherits The Castle, Must Live There And Work Towards The Upkeep And Maintenance Of The Family Home So Ever Practical Amelia Decides To Uproot Her Little Family And Move To This Magnificent Castle By The SeaLiving In A Castle On The Beautiful Northumberland Coast Is Fun At First, But Organising The Day To Day Running Is A Lot Complicated Than Amelia First Imagined Luckily She Has Help From The Small Band Of Eccentric And Unconventional Staff That Are Already Employed There And A Mysterious Unseen Hand That Often Gives Her A Push In The Right Direction Just When She Needs It Most It S Only When She Meets Tom, A Furniture Restorer Who Comes To The Castle To Help Repair Some Antique Furniture, That Amelia Realises She Might Get The Fairy Tale Ending That She And Charlie Truly Deserve As with the other books I ve read by this author this one was a joy to read It started off exciting and kept that pace throughout It was fantastic Well written and easy to read It flowed well Lovely cover on the book too Oh I do love an Ali McNamara book and this is no exception I went into this blind, possibly never having read the blurb and was curious to see what sort of unexplainable happenings may occur this time.
Was shocked to discover for my second in the past 3 books I ve read, that there was a hint of the otherworldly, of potentially ghosts Not a huge believer in them but having read both this and Rowan Coleman s latest, I may be mega scared next time someone tries to get me into a haunted house Amelia was down on her luck, struggling financially to bring up her son Charlie, when a piece of post start a chain or events that led to her getting an inheritance from a distant relative she had never heard of And wow Chesterford Castle is some inheritance, given its huge, was already open to the public Mystical intrigue Oh what a FANTASTIC book having read all of Ali s books it comes as no surprise that she has surpassed herself once again Intriguing from the beginning a mystical castle love twists and turns I can highly recommend this OUTSTANDING book.
There s always something extra magical about Ali McNamara s novels and this one is no different The last novel I had read of hers was brilliantly written and captivating and I knew that this one would be the same Immediately, I was drawn in with it s pretty cover I love the colourful flowers used, the cute car in the middle, the huge imposing castle in the background and of course the glistening sea on the right hand side Everything looks beautiful and makes for a really spellbinding cover.
Onto the story itself, I immediately warmed towards main character Amelia You could see from the start that she was doing all she could to help make Charlie s life the best it could be on such a low amount of money When I read the part where Amelia looks in the fridge for din Down on her luck, single mum Amelia struggles everyday to bring up her son and keep their heads above water It wasn t always like that, she was happily married, that is until one day her husband simply left her and everything changed in this moment One day she is contacted by a genealogist telling her that, through a very distant relative, she is the heir to Chesterford Castle in the Northumberland sure, at first she thinks it s a joke, because who in those times simply inherit a castle, right However, it turns out that it s true, so Amelia and Charlie move to the castle It s lacking visitors and this final touch, and so Amelia comes up with some ideas to get the castle earn some income But when she fells in love with the place, and it starts to run smoothly, it turns out that perhaps there is another heir to it The cover of this book is simply stunning, I love the

I couldn t put it down, easy to read in one sitting The Story is about a single mum called Amelia who has a son named Charlie They are living in a sky rise flat tower Until she inherits a castle in Northumberland well she believes that she s the earl orlikely to be Charlie with how rules were written I love Amelia I did from the first page she has excellent morals and is a strong female character I do like it when she accepts a little help from people who love her not people who look down at her Even in charge she doesn t want looked up to and I admire her for that.
Tom is brought into her life along with other characters including Dorothy, Arthur, Benji, Graham Toby the ex , Tiffany and Joey before you mention the ghosts The sexist ghost is really what Amelia needed However Tom is the knight in shining armour The castle and ghosts remind me so much of Hogwarts My word Ali has surpassed herself again with this book absolutely brilliant from the first page full of mystery and struggles and fantasy and romance and starting a new life The front cover was so attractive and made you want to read it and didn t let me down Characters are brilliant and the story plot is fantastic Amelia is a single mum and struggling so much bless her with bringing up Charlie her son money is so tight and she receives a letter saying she has inherited something she things it s a joke but when then she learns it isn t and in fact she has inherited a real life castle by the sea and she s the last descendant she can t believe it She moves Charlie and her to the castle and it at a beautiful setting but she soon learns that running it day to day iscomplicated than she thought People who already work there aren t to keen on some of her ideas yet some are but the sta

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