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[Claire Middleton] Ú Secrets of Small-House Living [young-adult-fantasy PDF] Read Online ¿ The McMansion Era Is Over Today S Home Buyers Are Snapping Up Small Houses While McMansions Linger On The Market People Are Tired Of Caring For And Paying For Far Space Than They Really Need, And They Re Learning That A Small House Is The Answer To A Financial Reversal, An Empty Nest Or Simply A Desire To Live Sustainably In Secrets Of Small House Living, Claire Middleton Author Of Downsizing Your Life For Freedom, Flexibility And Financial Peace Shows You How To Take Advantage Of The Small House Trend So You Can Have Free Time To Do What You Enjoy And Money Left Over At The End Of Each Month Even If You Ve Lived In Large Homes For Years, You Ll Love The Ease And Convenience Of Having Just Enough Space To Be Comfortable, Once You Learn A Few New Habits In Secrets Of Small House Living, You Ll Discover The Advantages Of Living In A Small House How To Find The Right Small House For Your Needs How To Choose Which Furnishings To Take With You Decorating Tips To Make Any Small House Feel Comfy Yet Roomy Strategies For Living Well In A Small House If You Re Tired Of The Work And Expense Involved In Living Large, Let Secrets Of Small House Living Encourage You Click The Buy Button At The Top Of This Page Pretty basic, common sense advice for moving from a larger to smaller house, not a Tiny House specifically Probably better for someone who is brand new to the idea of downsizing I m glad this e book wasn t very expensive.

Nothing new to seeThe book had a few good ideas but nothing profound It seemed to repeat itself a lot on some topics.
Can t wait to read the nextI ve already put another book by this author on my wishlist The writing was easy and personable, and the subject was well covered I m looking at a move soon, so I m obsessed with purging some of the things I ve accumulated in my last decade in this house I ve been hunting for another four bedroom with a utility room and a large dining room like I have now, but after finding this book I find myself questioning whether I really need all that space Maybe a guest room, while nice, isn t a necessity Maybe a utility closet would serve as well or better than a whole room I m glad I read this now and not after the move, and I ll be keeping it close for inspiration while I house hunt

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