Trailer ✓ Seduced by the Enemy (Billionaires and Babies Book 1) PDF by Î Alyssa J. Montgomery

Trailer ✓ Seduced by the Enemy (Billionaires and Babies Book 1) PDF by Î Alyssa J. Montgomery Luca S Father And Brother Tore Olivia S Family Apart, And She Can Never, Never Forgive Them But For The Sake Of A Motherless Child, They Will Have To Put Aside Their Animosity And Work Together To Give Her The Life She Deserves But When Olivia Isn T Focused On Her Hatred, She Is Able To See The Care And Love That Luca Can Give Suddenly, Her Enemy Doesn T Seem So Horrible, But To Fall For Him Would Betray Everyone That She Loves Sometimes your heart will take your every rationale thought and throw it out the window Losing everything and focusing on the man who slowly made her life a living hell provided her with the driving force to make a difference What happens when everything you knew is not what it seems You begin to fall slowly and helplessly for the one who holds your heart captive and life is no longer the place you had envisioned for so long It is never reasonable when you are faced with an enemy your family continues to fight with and your helpless as every beat of your heart is for your enemy Luca will capitivate your soul as he looks for answers and let s be honest Olivia never stood a chance in his wake.
I tried with this book, I really did but I just found the plot to be kind of all over the place I felt like the idea was original and the story was unique, definitely not something you find in a lot of romance novels, but it just felt too convoluted to me The first scene was too he said she said without anyone listening to each other and then the surrogate stuff was also a bit odd The writing felt mature and intelligent but I just couldn t get into the story and I just found myself irritated by the characters I did like the mystery and suspense that the plot held but I still ended up DNFing around 50%.
This book grew on me as I read and of it At first I really wasn t taken by Luca, the hero of the story, who comes across as an opinionated, self righteous bully in his first scene Turns out there are reasons for his behaviour but it took me a while to forgive him By that point I was into the story and curious to see how it would go.
Seduced By The Enemy is, obviously, an enemies to lovers story, but it s also about trust, patience and the extremes people will go to for those they love I liked Olivia, the heroine of the story, who really had to put up with a lot, including upending her peaceful life in Sydney to fly to Rome with her mother Marjorie, another lovely character, to meet and try to save the life of her niece Christiana, whose existence comes as a huge surprise to both the women.
With a web o This is the first book I ve read by this author and while Luca and Olivia s journey to be together was good, I struggled to connect with these characters for some reason It wasn t a long book, but I felt that the plot dragged at times too many misunderstandings I did love Luca s character and I would have enjoyed interaction with little Christiana since the entire premise really revolved around her This was a 3.
5 star read for me I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC for NetGalley.
Arc made available by NetGalley I read Seduced by the Enemy and was not really blown away I enjoyed the struggle that Olivia went through, but it almost got a little too fantastical I realize people have bad days but it just seemed like Olivia s life was just a little bit too much I struggled to really click with her as a character However, I will say I really liked Luca He was overall a great character and turned into an upstanding guy I will confess that I only got 65% into the book before I finally decided it just wasn t my cup of tea.
Seduced by the Enemy by Alyssa J Montgomery is the first book in the Billionaires and Babies Series This is the story of Olivia and Luca Olivia and Luca have hate at first site but that really is due to some misunderstandings and other who interfere with what they know But they are trying to work together after each loss their sibling and working out what relationship they did have.
there is also a young innocent they want to protect This was a slow start for me but overall I enjoyed their story.
Both Luca and Olivia have lost their sibling s and are trying to piece together the truth behind their relationship They may hate each other in the beginning but as they spend time together, sparks begin to fly Will they find out the truth Fast paced read with an intriguing story and plenty of drama and emotion An entertaining read.
This story starts off with a bang when the hero Luca arrives from Italy to the heroine Olivia s door here in Sydney demanding a lot, Oliva stands up to him and there is a lot of misunderstanding and mistaken identity to be sorted out, so hang onto your seat for a bumpy ride to a HEA that left me smiling.
Luca has flown to Australia with one thing on his mind and that is his niece Christiana and there will be no stopping him from getting what he wants, but when he comes to see Jane and gets her sister Olivia, there is much confusion and after working though the problems he now has to prove to Olivia that he is not his father and convince Olivia to come to Italy and try and understand the feelings he seems to have for her.
Olivia has struggled with a lot since the death of her sister, niece and father and the cancellation of her w I ve read two books by Alyssa J Montgomery before, which I enjoyed So when I saw Seduced by the Enemy on Netgalley I just couldn t resist and requested to read it Especially when I saw the Billionaires and Babies part It definitely sounded interesting and I was excited to start reading In Seduced by the Enemy we meet Olivia and Luca Olivia s life has been pretty damn hard the last view years The sister she loved deeply dies soon after her baby died in childbirth And after Olivia s father heard the news he died of a heart attack This can all be blamed to Luca s father Luca is a Italian billionaire and represents everything Olivia hates But they both have misunderstandings about each other that need to be s

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