↠´ Seven Days in New Crete ↠´ Download by ↠´ Robert Graves

↠´ Seven Days in New Crete ↠´ Download by ↠´ Robert Graves I really tried to read this, but it was just too much of a loose wander And it was boring, which is never good in something you expect to entertain you.
Alice in Wonderland gone wrong.
In Una Lettera A James Reeves Del Maggio Graves Chiaro Sul Senso Di Sette Giorni Fra Mille Anni Riguarda Il Problema Del Male Quanto Male Necessario Per Una Buona Vita Nel Mondo Di Nuova Creta, Che Capitolo Dopo Capitolo Diventa Per Graves Sempre Meno Accettabile, Il Problema Che C Sempre Una Nostalgia Del Male , Come Scrive, In Un Altra Lettera, Quand A Un Terzo Della Stesura Se L Utopia Scientifica Il Bersaglio Di Huxley Nel Mondo Nuovo E Quella Comunista L Obiettivo Di Orwell In , Forse Non C Un Bersaglio Di Questa Distopia Che Non Sia Proprio L Utopia Il Vero Male Sta Nell Immaginare Che I Problemi Si Risolvano Solo Il Passato Elargisce Futuro Solo Il Dolore Crea A E Solo La Sventura Regala Saggezza Senza Il Male Non C Poesia Lo Scrittore Un Seme Di Dolore, Che Dona Al Lettore Un Raccolto Di Dolore, Facendogli Coltivare Cos Saggezza E A Yeah, this one sucks.
So I read this because it s a friend of mine s favourite book and I honestly cannot comprehend how or why This is the kind of book that would never, ever get published if it had been written nowadays It s basically just a fuckfest of symbolism, metaphors, and social criticisms all mixed in with a bunch of misogyny, borderline pedophilia, homophobia, transphobia, and obnoxiously bad writing.
I have to admit that I was interested at first because it starts off with a bunch of worldbuilding as our main character, Edward a poet from the past Venn Thomas is introduced to New Crete and the people that take him there through some weird evocation explain how the society works and how it came to be That was slightly interesting, although kinda boring and unnecessary But the The plot, insofar as it matters A 20th century poet is whisked into the future which values poets and learns about their society.
Apparently a rule of thumb is that one ought to read 50 pages before abandoning a book and the equivalent of your age, I m told, if you re older than 50 And I certainly read 50 pages before returning this to the library, even after being a bit put out at the rather casual condemnation of homosexuals this society puts them to death and the comparison with two headed calves I m a big boy, I can handle these things, especially from a 1949 book where perhaps the protagonist doesn t agree with this this utopia s new norms and will launch a save the homosexuals campaign on page 110 he probably won t, but I don t know, I gave up around page 80.
For almost all of the first third of this book it s a description in dialogue of the dullest exposition imaginable, about th This is a profoundly stupid book The problem, that is, the thing that makes it so stupid, is that Robert Graves, as will be well known to anyone who has ploughed their way through The White Goddess or any of his other extraordinary Goddess influenced works, was a man of strong convictions, who had no use for any form of reason, doubt or introspection And so, in this book, which purports to be yet another in the series of literary anti utopians, what strikes one most is not the reflected critique of contemporary society, or of the ideals of some in contemporary society, but Graves extraordinary assumptions, which are unapologetically on display for all to see.
Thus we learn that it is natural that the common herd of humanity are inferior beings, unfitted to governing themselves or anything else Indeed, it is clear that Graves sees t Se il male venisse bandito dalla nostra societ , esisterebbe il bene attorno a questa domanda che ruota il romanzo di Graves, che per rispondere invia un suo alter ego in un futuro lontano, nella pacifica e amena societ di Nuova Creta La lettura piacevole, intrisa di simbolismo e rimandi a La Dea Bianca, saggio di pochi anni anteriore, ma anche di momenti divertenti, quasi comici Per molti versi mi ha ricordato Uno yankee alla corte di Re Art stesso intento dissacratorio, sia nei confronti della societ contemporanea agli autori, sia rispetto a vagheggiate utopie di decrescita o pacifiste.
I am enjoying reading this However, it s a little tto dense in the physical writing a longer book with larger print would be nicer I will pick it up again in a while, but I have other things to read right now

Judging from other Graves works, I expected this book to be too dreamy and serious for its own good I was astonished to see that I was wrong The story flows without the reader even noticing it, and the writing is playful I read it in one sitting and was thirsty for.
With this book, Graves is coming back to the his favourite theme of the Goddess and dreams of a Utopia without wars, money and crime An attractive perspective, but, like every other Utopia, it s too good to be true, and the protagonist knows it.
I don t often read the blurb on the back of a book before reading because, if I trust a recommendation to read a book in the first place, then I prefer to know as little as possible about it in advance However, I didn t pick this up on a recommendation rather I stumbled upon it in a library Too often the blurb on the back can throw spoilers at you that I would rather avoid but that was not the case this time, quite the opposite It lead me to expect something rather different from what I got Quite misleading in fact While reading a book with inappropriate expectations is not as annoying as accidentally encountering spoilers, in this case it proved rather annoying as the story was far less interesting that the blurb on the back led me to believe it would be And I m not sure if I can discuss here exactly why that was the case without committing

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