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Trailer ¶ Seven Wishes PDF by ¶ Serena Akeroyd Yeah, ok Slow, but good Lemme make this short and sweet.
Things that this book is A paranormal reverse harem academy story with some very small bits of romance and veeeeery mild bullying in very few instances It s so mild that I was even wondering why it is mentioned in the blurb in the first place The bullying isn t, in fact, like it is in the usual academy high school bully stories, and thus it isn t the main focus of the story at all So if you dislike bully romances, you can still totally enjoy this one If you re worried, here s a spoilery list of what type of bullying there is in this book view spoiler Eve, aka the FMC, is called out by a boy named Samuel for having three boys as friends, and he hints at her being a slut He doesn t call her a slut, though She hits him for it twice, as revenge Then, Eve is disliked by Alexandre aka Dre, who is friends with the three aboveme I really enjoyed this book I was absolutely hooked from the beginning I thought that Eve s na vet would irritate me but there was something so endearing about her She went through some messed up things at the compound, only to be thrown in a completely different way of life I can t wait to see how her relationships grow Not sure which of the guys I m going to end up liking the most, I always pick favorites, but I m currently leaning towards Frazer and Reed Can we talk about that cliffhanger I saw it coming but Dre being there Oh boy So glad I can jump right into the next book.
Ignore the blurb This isn t a bully romance although there is a little subtle bullying going on, though not with the guys Eve is rescued from a cult and taken to a school where everyone has schizophrenia in human terms but otherwise it s seven different creature souls This one reminds me of stained egos and quintessence Multiple POVsI m gonna say seven guysBondingUsually I d say Dre was a breath of fresh air, the only one not in insta love but he came across as an a hole Favourite of the guys was Frazer Ends on a cliffhanger but not an unexpected one Looking forward to the next one.

Seven Wishes is everything you d want an academy story to be Fabulous heroine, great guys, powerful creatures, and a mysterious school that is the answer to every desire with untold dangers lurking.
Eve is an innocent Raised in an unforgiving environment that has kept her ignorant of the world and ignorant of who she is, what she is But despite being an innocent, Eve is also a survivor and has a hidden core of steel in her As she learns her way around this new school she s been taken to, she makes friends, forms bonds, and learns at a breakneck speed There s no mistaking her intelligence, her instincts, and her desire to know about this new world she s thrust into I love Eve She s exactly the kind of heroine I adore The guys are terrific From Stefan s initial kindness, to Eren and Nestor s acceptance and care, Reed and Frazer s begruding friendliness Eve This trilogy starts so strong and ends in a trainwreck Two main complaints here 1 The premise is that our heroine Eve grows up in a religious cult that s completely cut off from the outside world She s saved from marriage to a 70 something polygamist cult leader when she s whisked away to an academy for supernatural creatures Of course she s Extra Special, which raises alarm bells at this academy, and in between trying to figure out whether or not the faculty are going to execute her for being different she provides a lot of comedic relief by not understanding the modern world or contemporary idioms Her harem coalesces around her, ramping up to that RH sweet spot where a crowd of guys are anxiously fussing over her every move.
At first, it seems like the Great read This is definitely a slower burn but worth it I enjoyed the fact that Eve gets to know the guys and doesn t just jump in to a sexual relationship.
Worth the slow burn I absolutely loved this book I literally just read an Academy book right before this one where the female lead was a dark and twisted witch and then I flipped to this where the female lead is so sheltered and innocent that wasn t really necessary for this review but made me chuckle nonetheless I loved Eve Her ignorance of modern terminology and technology was extremely enjoyable to read and laugh out loud funny at times Her determination is admirable She is rolling with the punches fairly well considering all the life changing information that is being dumped on her daily The whole storyline with the 7 souls and the academy is super creative and intriguing I always enjoy a good book where there is a mashup hodgepodge of different paranormal creatures working together I am really curious about this 8th soul that Eve claims she has but do A Bully Romance Like No OtherCaelum An Academy Built To Protect People Like EveWho They Can T Protect Her From Its Own Student BodyThe Threat Of Death Isn T New To Eve, But When She S Given The Chance To Escape Her Past, She Prays Her Future Will Be Brighter How Wrong She Is Raised In A Cult, Eve Has No Understanding Of The Modern World Targeted As A Freak, A Pack Of Boys Take Her Under Their Wing But One Among Them Recognizes Eve For What She Is Trouble And A Threat At Caelum, Threats Need Eliminating Eve Survived Her Past, But What Of Her Future Find Out If She Makes It Out Alive In Book ONE Of The Complete Caelum Academy Trilogy A Why Choose Romance This book does not come off as a bully read In fact, I d say the only real bullying comes in the form of Dre, but he s really just a selfish dick And Eve takes it without retaliating So, false advertising though I don t mind, as I am new to the bullyverse and not terribly interested in reading about guys ganging up on a girl.
As for the story definitely well written and the relationships build as a slow burn I love how Eve was developed but I wish that she got a bit of a backbone earlier on It was only just starting to emerge at the end of the book and I want to see how she develops I like my heroines with a healthy side of snark so there s only so much blushing i can take before i get annoyed.
Speaking ofIt got a bit tiring to Seven Wishes didn t start off strong but does gain some traction once the boys get involved It doesn t have a strong heroine or unique harem members but it does have a PNR concept that is fresh and something that makes me want to read on further to see it explored First of all, that synopsis is just misleading Bully romance A stereotypical harem asshole doesn t make up bully romance The vibe is very different and I wished the synopsis matched that since the whole multiple souls thing is the USP of this book, IMO Reading through Eve s POV was rather bland I understand it fits well with the whole cult past but damn sometimes it was monotonous and repetitive that made me want to skim Even the guys POV except Dre s sprinkled through the book was about going gag

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