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Õ Shadows Over Wongan Creek (Wongan Creek, #3) ↠´ Download by Ò Juanita Kees I loved being back in Wongan Creek, this town and the people who live there have so much love and caring they have been through some tough times but are always there to help and support, this time we meet Fenella and Kieran, can two troubled teenagers who moved to the town together years before finally get their HEA Make yourself comfortable for this fabulous story.
Fenella Waterman is running the Cranky Lizard winery with the woman that she calls Mum, Fen has been through a lot in her life, she was a very troubled teenager when she arrived in Wongan Creek and was taken in by Liv and Muzz all those years ago, now settled and doing well, that was until a bad relationship ends badly and with danger and the need to finally get the repressed memories out in the open When her best friend Kieran returns to town emotions are running high.
Kieran Murphy has returned to Wongan Creek a widow As Australian rural romantic suspense stories go, this one is a corker and had me on the edge of my seat from the start It s the third in author Juanita Kees Wongan Creek series but the first one of this series that I ve read That didn t make it difficult to follow the story though The other two books would certainly help set the scene, however and having read and enjoyed this story I ll be adding them to my reading pile.
This story builds the suspense on several levels Externally there is the increasing threat to heroine Fenella and her adopted mum Liv as members of the Beyond Hell s Reach motorcycle gang punish her for reporting her ex boyfriend s criminal activities Internally both Fenella and her teenage best friend Kieren, who is newly returned to Wongan Creek, have to face ghosts from their past while trying to help Kie

I ve read all the Wongan Creek stories and I think this is my favourite so far I loved Fenella and Kieran as the main characters, but the supporting cast including a gorgeous bearded dragon are what really made the book for me.
It s about a second chance at romance, but it is also about these two characters from such troubled backgrounds as children, making a second chance at living life right.
As usual, Juanita Kees writes with huge empathy and insight into modern issues, and the suspense line flows through this story, keeping everyone you ve come to care for on their toes.
Another great episode in a lovely rural romantic suspense series.
This is the newest book in the Wongan Creek series by Juanita Kees and I have to say it was fabulous, this is definitely my favourite of the series, and I ve enjoyed them all.
Back in Wongan Creek we meet Fenella, or Fen as she s better known Fen was such a great character, flawed but an amazingly strong person with a huge heart despite the trauma she s endured in her past Fen is definitely my favourite female character from this series After an error in judgement about a guy she let into her life and her families business, Fen is being threatened and told to keep quiet Showing her strength, Fen works with the police to try to catch the bad guys.
Kieran was Fen s best friend, with a soul connection between them that has never been broken, only stretched Arriving back in Wongan Creek and taking a job at Fen s v Ehanother book that was just okay I struggled understanding the past that Fenella and Kieran had At some points I thought they were raised as foster siblings, then other parts I thought they just became friends and had a similar background but then still at other parts I was under the impression they knew each other I think Kieran s background was developed enough I think I eventually understood that he was taken in by his wife s family But if that were the case, they were raised as siblings so when did their relationship change Once I got passed that part, the rest of the book was just okay for me ARC received from netgalley Shadows Over Wongan Creek is book 3 in a series but I read it as a stand alone I don t feel I was missing much by reading it on own.
This is a romance set in rural Australia There are quite a few Australian words or phrases throughout so if you aren t familiar, you might very well learn something Shadows Over Wongan Creek has some dark themes in it and really pulls on your heart at times The sweetness and authenticity of the characters does offset the darkness The characters were very likable You really do want to just give them all a hug for all that they must go through By the end of the book, you feel as though you were a part of their journey and can breath a sigh of relief right along with them.
Everything I have read by Juanita Kees is beautifully written with strong characters under a heavy emotional load Shadows over Wongan Creek, book 3 in the Wongan Creek, Australian Series certainly fits that bill Survivors of the child care foster system, Fenella and Kieran are reunited after 10 years Close friends years ago, this is a story of past unrequited love now a second chances at happiness.
Both main characters have had a difficult time, but it is Fenella s difficulty that becomes very dangerous too The author does a marvelous job with the character development I was pulled into the story, understanding how a childhood trauma causes such great problems for the person as they grow up Hope is given as Fenella overcomes so much thanks to the love o This is the third book in this wonderful series and although it can be read separately I do think that you will get a far better read if you read the entire series in orderThis is the story of Fenella Rose Waterman and Kieran Murphy both have chequered pasts that revolve around Wongan Creek Both of these characters have pasts that should have damaged them but they have both managed to strive above them and in the process become great members of their community She runs a local winery and he left after getting married but has now returned a widower ith a young son There sre many secrets in Wongan Creek and Fenella is getting drawn into it and risks losing the winery Will Kieren be able to protect the woman he is growing to love This is a When The Shadows Ride In Wongan CreekFenella Rose Waterman Is Happy Running The Cranky Lizard Winery Until A Broken Relationship Lifts The Lid On The Pandora S Box Of Her Past After Years Of Repressed Memories Haunting Her Dreams, She Is Forced To Face The Truth To Find Justice But With Truth Comes A Danger That Puts Everyone She Loves At RiskKieran Murphy Left Wongan Creek A Newly Wed And Returned A Widower He Believes He And His Young Son Will Find Healing In The Town That Healed Him Once Before Instead, He Finds The Woman He Loved Running Scared, Her Life In Turmoil And Her Business Under ThreatAs The Shadows Of The Past Gather On The Horizon, Will They Lose Their Chance Of Happiness Or Will They Find Healing Together This is my first read by this author and I ve become a new fan I was so engrossed in this story that I was glued to the couch all afternoon A second chance romance for two tortured souls meeting again years later A broken relationship, a tragic end to a marriage, a child that needs healing and a big mystery made for a very entertaining read.
I didn t read the blurb, I just thought it was an outback romance and I got so much I have Netgalley to thank for introducing me to this author, I ve bought now.
I m a city girl in Australia and I just love reading about our countryside Great story, I highly recommend it.

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