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✓ Read ✓ shit happens so does love by Bimlesh Yadav ✓ What Would You Do If Cops Caught You At Brothel What Would You Do If Your Best Friend Back Stabbed You What Would You Do If Your Love Slept With Your Best Friend Would You Stand Strong Or Seek Support Of Drugs To Allay Your Grief shit happens so does love Is A Story Of Friendship Relationship And Emotions Life Of Bhavin Revolves Around Friends, Love, Betrayal, Hatred But It Twists Peril When His BFF, Nirmay Betrays Him He Gets So Afraid Of Love That He Starts To Hate Girls What Has Destiny Stored For Him Anshika, Good Looking,smart And Boys Swooning Over Her, Happens To Fall In Love With Him But When Disaster Consumes Their Relationship, Would Their Love Prove Strong Enough To Hold Them Together Or Fall Apart Hold The Book And Experience College Life, Friendship, Love, Betrayal, Hatred, Drugs A cute story about friends, love and college life 3 5 Full review Ingredients love, friendship and betrayal A lot of drama and entertainment it throws at you Bhavin s life was as ordinary as anyone until kismetdecided to intervene his plans and rules He fights with his friend over a girl He has various exams to take He has to stand on the expectations of his family and to that, he has to take care of his broken heart And believe it or not, that is a big deal So much on the shoulder s of a young man, isn t it Adventurous and Entertaining this is how one can define Bhavin s life The catchy title and attractive cover pays it all off Anyone would be turning his her head to read and contemplate over this The author s way of describing a situation is commendable He has pin pointedly presented all the funny things he came across.
I would suggest that a proper editing should be done so that it unravels potentials for the next editions.
As a debut author, Biml

An enjoyable read marred by grammatical fallacies.
Bhavin s life is taking twists and turns A lot of dramatic events take place and he can t do anything about them.
It was an entertaining and light read about friendship and love.
shit happens so does love by Bimlesh Yadav is atouching love story of Bhavin and Anshika shit happens so does love can be divided into two parts the year of 12th standard and 4 years engineering.
The language is simple and engaging.
The story becomes interesting and appealing as thecollege life starts.
One can find instances of assignment load, bunkinglectures, watching porn, making sex in the train, visitingbrothel and little and lovely fights between room mates.
In a nutshell, shit happens so does love is a completepackage for reminiscing one s college life.
The protagonist Bhavin called fondly by friends as Bee isa shy guy who finds it difficult to talk with girls.
His friends at school are Mahrus, Ishaan and Nirmay.
Bhavin falls in love with Richa until later he discovers thatit was a ploy by Richa to tak

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