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[ Pdf Silver Fruit Upon Silver Trees Ö 14th-century PDF ] by Anne Mather Ö I couldn t resist I m a sucker for plot settings in the caribbean The Hero and heroine were both likable and the nasty friend got her comeuppance.
It Would Be Easy, Eve Told SophieAll She Had To Do Was To Go To Trinidad And Pretend To Be The Granddaughter Of The Wealthy Brandt St Vincente For Four Weeks And The Money She Needed Would Be HersBut When Sophie Met The Disturbing Edge St Vincente, Who Thought She Was His Niece, And Fell In Love With Him, She Realized That Perhaps It Wasn T Going To Be That Simple After All Surprisingly a decent read Though the ending was rather abrupt, and we never got a scene where Brandt and Sophie spoke after the truth about her identity was revealed So that was rather a let down.
Me gust much simo el personaje de Sophie, de verdad que s El personaje de Edge me gust tambi n pero no tanto como Brandt, l fue un amor de persona Estoy muy contenta con la pareja de Sophie y Edge y tambi n estoy segura de que ser n muy felices juntos Estoy algo decepcionada de Eve, yo no cre que fuera tan descarada y deshonesta, no cre que le fuera a hacer cosas tan p simas a Sophie, le minti much simo y a su familia tambi n Mi nica inc gnita no resulta es que nunca me enter el como es que Edge describi que Sophie no era Eve, m s aparte le di una raz n del porque no dijo su identidad pero l dej en claro que hab an much simas m s, me qued con ambas dudas y no me deja del todo conforme.
I enjoyed the story that this book was based around but really there wasn t much romance between the h and H It sort of reminded me of Jake Howard s wife what a louse hero btw 3.
5 stars BoringThis book was just all over the place There was to little romance and a lot of thinking What if What is going to happen The ending came too fast and I felt there was no romance to it.

The heroine goes to claim and inheritance cheque for a friend only to meet a man there that she desperately falls in love with However when her friend sees the man and what is going on, she backstabs the heroine but the hero doesn t care, he wants the heroine for himself.
Just can t resist these older classic HP gems A devious plot of switched identity leaves Sophie posing as Eve on the island of Trindad Exotic location and a wonderful tropical beat have her wanting to relax But the watchful sexy uncle Edge leaves her on alert The name Edge says it all.
one sexy handsome dangerous man that you can t help but want.
Sophie comes to realize that there are so many things Eve didn t tell her about her family and what Eve really wants Sophie is so sweet that tricking these people is starting to make her emotional mess plus she is trying to hide her attraction to the very sexy Edge Poor girl.
The handsome Edge grabs her, kissing the life out of her and leaves her a trembling mess Finding out Edge knew along pushes her over that cliff and leaves her hanging by her fingertips.
when who should appear but Eve Sophie Sophie confronts her B A light, quick read that, truth be told, is the only thing I ve read in months that had me interested past the first sitting.

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